Holy Forest Academy Yearbook:  BLACK AND WHITE PICTURES

Some special moments that happened throughout the school year (manga version):

Section first created on: April 21, 2004.
This particular section was last updated on:  April 22, 2004.

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Note:  This section will have be better organized and have more pictures as time progresses.  Hover your cursor over the picture for additional captions/comments if available (or working).  ALSO PLEASE ALLOW AMPLE TIME FOR THE PICTURES TO LOAD!!!    PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO DIRECT LINK TO THEM!!!

**The first seven pictures were derived from Volume 18 of the manga.  They are pictures of GTO characters, but were not drawn by Tohru Fujisawa.  They were drawn by some of his various staff members.  When I took a look at them, somehow I just knew they had to be included in the yearbook section, even though they are not depicting any actual moment in the manga.

One of the coolest looking pictures ever... Fujiyoshi looks great here!
Left:  Saeko Iijima and Chikako Shirai
Center:  Suguru Teshigawara
Right:  Koji Fujiyoshi

Makoto almost looks like one of those cat-girls... man those eyes!
Left:  The Fuyutsukis... Azusa and Makoto
Right:  Characters we wish we'd see more of... Naoko Moritaka and Julia Murai

Left:  One of the more interesting couples in GTO, Noboru Yoshikawa and Anko Uehara
Right:  Um... Eikichi Onizuka and Urumi Kanzaki


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