Class 3-4

If you look, you can find at least 10 of the main Class 3-4 Characters

Note:  This is picture was constructed by combining 3 smaller pictures into 1 large one.  Can you find all/some the main Class 3-4 students in this picture?

You've reached the home of the previous, infamous, and dangerous 'Class 2-4.' Now that it's a new school year, they've moved up a year (into Grade 10)... but they can be still be dangerous... depending on the situation of course!

"Onizuka-ism" is the term I've created to refer to a student who is on Onizuka's side.  You could think of it as a 'group'/'organization'/'elite club.'  Onizuka himself would be the 'captain'/'leader'/'president.'
"Miyabi-ism" is the term I've created to refer to a student who is NOT on Onizuka's side, but rather siding with Miyabi Aizawa to try to get rid of their homeroom teachers.

Listed below are the fine students (major and very minor) in this homeroom, and some information (BASIC AND SLIGHT SPOILER!)  Please proceed with caution! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

The information is based on the North American anime and manga versions, so this page will be updated accordingly as they become available (any hints of future events/occurances were done based on advanced research)!  I've tried to include the absolute basic facts, plus some interesting ones as much possible.  Some of my personal opinions have been included at no extra charge!


Section first created on: December 24, 2002.
This particular section was last updated on:  July 20, 2005. 

DISCLAIMER:Great Teacher Onizuka/GTO belongs to the original creator Tohru Fujisawa, and all related companies involved with GTO(like Tokyopop, etc).  I do not own any of this!  This page was created for entertainment/informative purposes only/ as part of a GTO fansite.  If there is a problem with this, or any other part of the GTO part of my website, please do not hesistate to contact me here and I will promptly remedy the situation.  No harm is intended by the creation, maintenance, and existence of this page.

>>Subsequently, I don't own any of the OTHER anime characters mentioned/referenced to/ or shown below.


Class 3-4 Manifest :

(information compiled from all of the Anime and Manga Volumes)
- Aizawa, Miyabi
- Asakura, Megumi
- Asano, Miyako
- Fujiyoshi, Koji
- Hitika, Ruruka
- Hitomi***
- Iijima, Saeko
- Izumi, Naoko
- Kamioka***
- Kanzaki, Urumi
- Katsuyama***
- Kikuchi, Yoshito
- Kusano, Tadaaki
- Madoka***
- Mishima, Gunji
- Miko***
- Miyamori, Yuuki 
- Murai, Kunio
- Nakamura***
- Nomura, Tomoko
- Shibuya, Sho 
- Shiozaki***
- Shirai, Chikako
- Shirai, Mokuba
- Takanaski***
- Tokida, Haruo
- Tokiwa, Ai
- Uehara, Anko
- Yoshikawa, Noburu
- Wakui, Mayu

**Note listings below ARE NOT in alphabetical order.  Plus the class manifest can change at any time!!! 
***=FIRST names that were never revealed in the manga>>remember that most of the characters refer to each other by their family/last names


Noburu Yoshikawa
First appearance:  Manga>Volume 2-Lesson 13, Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 3
Conversion to "Onizuka-ism":  1st person to convert; Manga>Volume 2-Lesson 13, Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 3  Though he didn't side with Aizawa, Onizuka did help him out when the help was needed the most.  Yoshikawa gained a good friend he could always count on and look up to.
-A member of the literary committee (Anime Lesson 40)
-Shoe size:  Anime: 8 1/2, Manga: 10 1/2 (US Measurement standards)
-Has a little friend group/clique of his own once Yuuki Miyamori comes/returns to Holy Forest Academy in Manga Volume 20.

Can be considered the class geek.  Despite the fact that the class was 'together' in attempting to oust Onizuka, the class still had their individual differences and conflicts.  Bullied around by Anko Uehara, Yoshikawa tried to take the punishment and abuse, but almost couldn't hold on.  Onizuka prevented him from comitted suicide twice when it became too much to take.  He did though come up enough courage and smarts to save Onizuka from getting fired (also enlisting Kikuchi's help as well required some confidence/courage).  This allowed Yoshikawa to get some friends (also to stop being so alone), particularly Kikuchi.
He is an anime fan (ex: Evangelion) and a very avid videogame player.  Onizuka had always looked to him for help in games... especially RPGs (ex: Wild ARMs)... well maybe not when it was Yoshikawa gaining wins over Onizuka in a Tekken 3 type game in an arcade.

What will the series (anime & manga) hold for this quiet, small, and semi-weak student?  Time will tell...  perhaps a trip to Okinawa might help things?

Although he's on Onizuka's side, he often doesn't get the chance to help out.  When the chances do come to help out, Yoshikawa shows his kind, and selfless side when trying to help out.

>>Potential love interest:  Refer to the Trip to Okinawa to start...

On occasion, he does things for Onizuka.  He's an 'ensign' for his efforts...

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Yoshito Kikuchi

He is in this class... but he's not around at the moment.  Go over to the computer lab to learn about him!

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Kunio Murai

Murai's first and last name>in one of the many forms of Japanese
First appearance:  Manga>Volume 3-Lesson 16(@ Kikuchi's house), Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 4
Conversion to "Onizuka-ism":  (tied as)3rd person to convert; Manga>Volume 4-Lesson 28, Anime>Volume 2, Lesson 8
-Student #18
-"Prince of Kichijoji Gaming"
-'Leader' of one of the 'groups' of the class (Murai, Kusano, and Fujiyoshi).

When Kikuchi converted to "Onizuka-ism," "Miyabi-ism" took a blow... losing a valuable ally.  Murai took up the cause, trying to get rid of Onizuka (more serious and forceful in the manga version).  It became a tad more personal when Onizuka started noticing and hanging out with his mother.  Oedipus Complex aside, Murai tries to protect his mom Julia  whenever and however he could... believing that all men are sleazy and can't be trusted.  Growing up without a father figure helped to attribute to this problem.  He once believed that teachers can't be trusted, and because of their frustration/faults in life, the teachers take it out on the students (manga).  However, he went over to Onizuka's side ("Onizuka-ism") after an incident at a bridge.  Of course despite that, Murai won't let Onizuka near his mom... 

Murai tries his best to help out Onizuka whenever possible... though the stuff done is almost as risky and dangerous as some of the stuff Kikuchi pulls.  One such case was during the Togaku Test sequence of events.  Kikuchi saved Murai, Kusano, and Fujiyoshi from getting busted-despite Kikuchi's warning.  A little hot-headed at times, Murai can rush head on into a situation without understanding everything, sometimes dragging along Fujiyoshi and Kusano along with him.

Murai also provides cigarettes, lights, and even money when Onizuka needs it-though he does get annoyed though.  Also at times, Murai can double as  Onizuka's personal assistant... er slave... running errands for him (more true in the anime).

Speaking of love interests... Murai can't seem to figure things out... making that aspect a bit complicated!

Kunio is one of the more active and vocal Onizuka supporters.  His 'rank' would be 'Lieutenant Commander.' 

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Koji Fujiyoshi

Fujiyoshi's first and last name>in one of the many forms of Japanese
First appearance:  Manga>Volume 3-Lesson 16(@Kikuchi's house), Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 4
Conversion to "Onizuka-ism":  (tied as) 3rd person to convert; Manga>Volume 4-Lesson 28, Anime>Volume 2, Lesson 8

One of Murai's good friends.  Usually just followed Murai around.  In the manga, he actually tried doing something to get rid of Onizuka (involving a cockroach... thinking 'bout Fear Factor).  Although his role may seem small at the moment, an event in Manga Volume 9 (Anime Volume 7) occurs involving him.  This will enable us to see a little more of his character in action.

Most of the (main) characters in GTO have had a part of the 'story' reserved for him/her, and Fujiyoshi is NO exception.  Because of his (eventual) association with Onizuka, and of a certain someone's plan to rid the school of Onizuka, Fujiyoshi gets used in a horrible way...

Fujiyoshi comes from a rather large, but poor family (of at least 4 siblings).  It can be assumed that paying for Holy's Forest tuition takes up a significant portion of the earned income (his mom works to make buttons if you couldn't tell), not to mention food and apartment rent.

>>Potential love interest:  Miyabi Aizawa.  See Volume 17 for first hinting... and then subsequent volumes for more

Since Fujiyoshi does help out (mostly going along with Murai), his rank would be 'Ensign.' 

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Tadaaki Kusano

(This is a picture of Kusano's mother.) 
Kusano's first and last name>in one of the many forms of Japanese
First apperance:  Manga>Volume 3-Lesson 16(@Kikuchi's house), Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 4
Conversion to "Onizuka-ism":  (tied as) 3rd person to convert; Manga>Volume 4-Lesson 28, Anime>Volume 2,-Lesson 8

Not much is known about Kusano.  He's friends with Murai and Fujiyoshi... and again usually just followed and offer help whenever it was needed.  He has a fat mother (manga reference only), and it embarassed when his own friends makes fun of that.  Has his moments in the late volumes of the manga.

>>Potential Love Interest:  Ai Tokiwa (manga only). 

Also since Kusano does contribute to the Onizuka cause (in some fashion), his rank would be 'Ensign.' 

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Tomoko Nomura

Name written in one of the many forms of Japanese
First appearance:  Manga>Volume 4-Lesson 29, Anime>Volume 2-Lesson 8 (first episode where she speaks: 9)
Conversion to "Onizuka-ism":  4th person to convert/the 1st female convert; Manga>Volume 5-Lesson 33, Anime>Volume 3-Lesson 10
(Again, it's how you interpret this!)
Born:  September 25, 1985.
Age:  14 or 16 (depending on the moment in time in the manga)
-Student # 27
Nickname (most often used in the manga/Japanese version of the anime):  Toroko
Height:  5'5" (157 centimeters)
Measurements:  B38" W22" H33">> F CUP

Tomoko is a really nice person... once you get to know her.  It isn't her fault for the way life intended it to be.  She ended up with a F cup bra size at age 14, but she's a bit slow.  (Note no offense meant at all!)  Sometimes it takes her a while to realize just what is going on.  Also while a bit clutzy, she tries her best though.  Tomoko means well, and probably never intentionally tries ruin things or to make people unhappy.  Aizawa used her to try to oust Onizuka, but it backfired because of the wrong locker.  In the manga version, the trap was much more dangerous and sexual in nature, while it was a bit more tame (but still somewhat serious) in the anime.  Aizawa couldn't put up with Tomoko's slowness despite being friends for a very long time (the anime version revealed this fact .  Onizuka helped out... making her a big TV star.  In fact, parts of the manga have been done (miniseries style) where we get to see what she does, and some of the adventures that happens.

Remember the old rule that 'apperances can be deceiving.'  Tomoko really is a sweet and kind girl, despite the intentional/unintentional mess ups.

A small contributer to the Onizuka cause.  It's the thought that counts... and it's every little bit that counts.  'Ensign.'

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Urumi Kanzaki
When she's smiling... either it's really GOOD or really BAD.
Kanzaki's first and last name>written in one of the many forms of Japanese
First appearance:  Manga>Volume 7-Lesson 52, Anime>Volume 4-Lesson 16
Conversion to "Onizuka-ism":  5th person to convert; Manga>Volume 8-Lesson 66, Anime>Volume 4-Lesson 19
Student #24
Age:  She said she was 19-but only to fool Onizuka-in Volume 7-Lesson 54 of the manga {Anime Volume 4-Lesson 16}. IF this was true, it would make her the oldest student in the class-but it's not.  She is around  14 years of age-the average age of everyone else in the class in the early part of the series anyway.  [In Volume 9-Lesson 63 of the manga, Onizuka mentions that she's 16.  Either the GTO characters got the ages all messed up, someone @ Tokyopop messed up with translation, or the writers/author have consistency problems.]

Urumi Kanzaki is someone you never want to mess with!  Anyway... Aizawa convinced Kanzaki to come back to school... because Kanzaki is a master of getting rid of the teachers.  With a IQ of over 200, she is mad smart... and more so than the teachers.  She made them (partcularly Fuyutsuki, Kochitani, Sakurai(Sakurada))feel bad for what they DIDN'T KNOW.  Kanzaki is this way because a teacher she trusted in betrayed her... by blabbing the darkest secret.  After a unique after school session with Onizuka, she sees the 'light.'  Of course Aizawa ain't too pleased... sitting up a potential mega b**ch fight/confrontation later on in the manga.  The manga also reveals more about Kanzaki greatly later on!  Of course her contributions in helping Onizuka can't go unnotices as well.  Some of them are as extreme as her pranks...

In all due honestly, she and Kikuchi would make a very deadly team.  In fact, take the morals away from him, and you'd have a male version of Kanzaki.  Although it may seem like Kanzaki has no morals... she does... you just have to look hard to see that she does.

In any case... do not piss off Kanzaki.  The wrath that can be unleashed...

Although Kanzaki can be nice too.  She's a close friend to one Tomoko Nomura, since elementary school.

Really now... what she tries doing for 'Onizuka-ism' can often be a little too extreme.  Although the intentions are fine, the means to get there may not be.  Regardless, she's definitely a 'commander.'  Only one other person is on her level.

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Note about Kanzaki's secret: In the anime... it was made to the viewers immediately due to the limited length of the series(if you were able to follow the dialogue and pick up on it that is)... while in the manga it will be touched upon in Volumes 16 & 17.  If you know French, then you might be able to pick up on it based on Kanzaki's French spoken in Volume 8-Lesson 62. (Anime Volume 4-Lesson 18).  The 'clues' provided by Kikuchi can help slightly (manga Volume 8).  The last resort is to consult the Cultural Notes that were included with the 4th GTO DVD (US release).  Careful if you don't want to know right away... or if you want to find/figure it out for yourself.


Anko Uehara
First appearance:  Manga>Volume 3-Lesson 21, Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 4
Conversion to "Onizuka-ism":   the 6th person (tied) to convert; Anime>Volume 9-Lesson 41; -Manga>Volume 13-Lesson 105
Family (ones mentioned with an actual name/appearance):  Mrs. Uehara>P.T.A. President, Older Brother Yuiichi

-'Leader' of one of the 'groups' of the class (Uehara, Asano, and Izumi).

While on Aizawa's side for a while, she wasn't that active in trying to get rid of Onizuka. For a brief time, she was more focused on bullying.  Onizuka took revenge for Yoshikawa at a local karaoke bar.  She tried to use her mom... also the president of the PTA, but it didn't quite work out.  Although Onizuka did put some sense into her at the assembly, Uehara still didn't like Onizuka.  Uehara was seen chatting with Aizawa, and even helping her out when Aizawa took matters into her own hands.  This is way I didn't list her on Onizuka's side at the end of the PTA incident.  It'll be a while until MAYBE she converts...

In the anime, Anko was able to confront her mother about some of the problems (i.e. you think more about your job) during the assembly.  There was no such scene in the manga.  While the story focuses on her for a while , it shifts away like the waves... only to come back later... 

Later on-just before the trip to Okinawa,  Uehara shows that isn't all that bad of a person-to a certain extent.  We get to see some of 'Onizuka's magic' rub off on her at around Lesson 30 (Anime)/Lesson 80 (Manga).  Her actions start to lead her away from the 'spoiled mother's daugther' role that she 'held' at the beginning of the series... but is it enough?  And like the others, there is a past leading to the present.

But alas, some people never change-at least not for a while.  At Okinawa, an old saying can be applied to her:  'You can take the tiger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the tiger.'

As with most of the characters in the series, what happens in the past has a direct impact on what happens today...

>>Potential Love Interest:  Refer to the Trip to Okinawa to start...

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Mayako Asano and Naoko Izumi
First appearances:  Manga>Volume 3-Lesson 21, Anime>Volume 1-(Asano~Lesson 3)(Izumi~Lesson 5)
Conversion to "Onizuka-ism":   the 6th person(s) (tied) to convert; Anime>Volume 9-Lesson 41; -Manga>Volume 13-Lesson 105

Friends of Uehara... they assist with whatever she wants done-and that involved bullying up on one Yoshikawa.  Of course their actions or assistance wouldn't go 'unrewarded' as well.  Asano and Uehara did smoke, over at the karaoke bar. When Uehara jumped over to Onizuka's side, they soon followed-if not gradually.

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Miyabi Aizawa
First appearance:  Manga>Volume 3-Lesson 17, Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 4.
-'Leader' of one of the 'groups' of the class (Aizawa, Shirai, and Iijima) until certain events take place...  The other group (Aizawa, Kanzaki, and Nomura) is pretty much defunct-existing when the three were a lot younger. 
-Got good grades (manga version)
-Was a member of Holy Forest's Track Team... and was good at it (manga version)
-Member of MANY CLUBS (manga version)
-Is 16 by the time Volume 17 comes around in the manga.
-Hair color was black at the start of the anime/manga (and returns that way in the manga given certain events in Volume 23).  In the manga, it turned into 'Rei Ayanami' blue in Volume 14-Lesson 110.  It turned blonde in Volume 22-Lesson 180.  Wow.

She really hates teachers and her parents.  I think she was content in sitting back and watching Kikuchi (doing his things with the computer) and Kanzaki (for the time that she actually WENT to school) do her dirty work.  If you think about it, there has to be SOME reason why she endorses the hating of teachers/started in the first place.  In the anime, it's what happened to her best friend that set her off-along with actions from teacher Saito that were supposed to have happened but never did (Volume 10).  In the manga, it's what happened involving a teacher (Volume 23) and a student formerly in Class 4 (Volume 23).  I mean it's unusual to just do this stuff for the fun of it.  I'm sure we'll learn about it soon enough!    Although she's evil... it's not at the level of Kikuchi or Kanzaki (maybe even combined?).  She was forced to take matter into her own hands to keep the 'pact' going when everyone started to go over to Onizuka's side  (the first time was when she used Tomoko).  'Pact' is it?  I sometimes thought Aizawa as a virus... spreading out... infecting others... but eventually to die out...  Some would say that, but some would say that the concept of friendship and loyalty was there (everyone acting like jerks to the teachers due to the fact that they WERE all that close to each other)... though misdirected and misguided. 

After the event at the pagaent, Miyabi really started to get pissed off at Onizuka, because of the things he did for Tomoko-which led Aizawa to feel some humilation in front of everyone.

After a good portion of the class has 'converted,' (which included 'last chance' Kanzaki), Aizawa was forced to take matters in her own hands again (esp. not after getting 'picked on' by Kanzaki)... and of course she wasn't alone in doing so. 

Now Miyabi attempts to do things-her own way again.  But you must keep in mind that she did most of the observing (for the most part, but there was at least one exception)... and that most of the work was done by the others (i.e. Kikuchi, Kanzaki, Murai).  Do you honestly think that she, Shirai, and Iijima are that good to START with (remember that their plan to get Onizuka using Tomoko backfired)?  It is said that you get better with experience... generally. 

To her credit, Aizawa is persistent... and she will pull out many stops to try to rid Holy Forest of Onizuka.  This is more apparent when the story picks up in the manga (after Okinawa)... with the return of a Mayu Wakui...

Did I mention that her problems aren't just limited to Holy Forest?  Aizawa has some issues at home as well... (though never resolved by the end of the anime version).  Some hints/information about that can be found with the information about her parents at the cafeteria.

Kinda makes you wonder how and when Onizuka finally gets the message to her...  The message taught (and the means) is different (for the most part) in three versions of GTO (the anime, manga, and live action drama).

>>>>>Aizawa's Conversion to 'Onizuka-ism' in the anime doesn't occur until the very last episode (Lesson 43).  Manga-wise, you could probably say that Aizawa 'joined' Onizuka's cause/side in the very last moments of Volume 23, or the opening events of 24.  By then, he finally gets through to her.

>>Potential Love Interest:  Refer to the Trip to Okinawa to start...

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Chikako Shirai and Saeko Iijima
First appearances:  Manga>Volume 3-Lesson 17, Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 9
Conversion to "Onizuka-ism":   With Saeko Ijima, Kikuchi 'made an offer' back in Manga Volume 13-Lesson 103/Anime Volume 10-Lesson 41.  She honestly considered jumping ship.  If Iijima were to go, Shirai wouldn't be too far behind.  See below for more...

They are the lackees/followers of Aizawa... almost willing to do anything for her.  Will that be their downfall?  Or maybe they do have the ability to think to themselves...  Shirai was the one who entered Miyabi in the pageant, along with herself... doing it was a friend.  Shirai didn't make onto the stage for the event, but even if she did... it was doubtful she could have beaten Aizawa (without facing some potental scorn).

But even lackees have their limits.  Where does the real loyalty lie?  Take a trip to Okinawa for example...

In Volume 14 of the Manga, Aizawa returns to 'shock and awe' everyone in Class 3-4, and boy did she deliver.  Aizawa casts away Shirai and Iijima because of what they did during the Okinawa trip (or in other terms what they WEREN'T suppose to do).  Because of this, they can be considered part of Onizuka's group as of Lesson 110... the both of them tied as the 7th person to convert.  Despite being castaway from Aizawa, they still do care about her.

In Volume 10-Lesson 42 of the Anime, Iijima and Shirai hung out with the Kikuchi and the others (after the Okinawa trip and after Saito was stabbed).  There would be no confrontation between them and Aizawa about their 'betrayal.'  Even though they don't contribute anything at all to the Onizuka cause at/after this point, they are considered converts (taking Kikuchi's advice)... again tied for 7th.

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Ruruka Hikita, Madoka, and Miko

Picture:  (From left to right)>Madoka, Ruruka, and Miko 

Appearances:  Manga>Volume 8-Lesson 68 up to Volume 9-Lesson 69.
-Madoka is 'Leader' of one of 'groups' of the class (Madoka, Hikita, and Miko).

A break from the serious action that has been going on lately, but never a let up of the funny and bizarre.  Hikita, Madoka, and Miko make their appearance after Onizuka 'tamed' Kanzaki, but before Fuyutsuki gets attacked by girls from her class.  Anyway these three girls believe and practice the dark arts... magic.  Believing in every little superstition and mystical fact, they can do things that can be pretty scary (though on a different level than one Urumi Kanzaki).  Ruruka has this crush on a guy named Ito, on Holy Forest's soccer team.  Believing in the tale of a friendship bracelet, she sets out to literally bump into him... but things don't always go a certain way here at Holy Forest...

**Madoka and Miko's last names were never revealed during the time they were in the manga.

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Gunji Mishima, Haruo Tokida, Mokuba Shirai

Pictures of these 3-not in costume: (From left to right)>  Mishima, Tokida, and Shirai

Kanzaki being accompanied by the cosplaying boys.

First appearance:  Manga Volume 12-Lesson 95, Anime Volume 9-Lesson 37

Gunji Mishima: (not listed in the credits of Anime Lesson 37)
Handle (Screenname):  "Ranbaral"  (the more familiar name should be Ramba Ral >an enemy character from 'Mobile Suit Gundam')
Hobbies:  Gundam's Sha Aznaple  (the more familiar name should be Char Aznable >THE enemy character from 'Mobile Suit Gundam')
Cosplay:  RX-78-2 Gundam (from "Mobile Suit Gundam")

Haruo Tokida: (not listed in the credits of Anime Lesson 37)
Handle:  "Hello"
Hobbies:  Watching Gundam on TV
Cosplay:  Turn A Gundam (from "Turn A Gundam")  Volume 13 of the manga mistakingly lists it as "Tarn A."

Mokuba Shirai: (NO RELATION to Chikako Shirai)
Handle:  "White Base" (the spaceship predominately mentioned in 'Mobile Suit Gundam')
Hobbies: Talking about Gundam
Cosplay:  Zeta Gundam (from "Zeta Gundam")

If you haven't guessed already, these three students of Class 3-4 love anything and everything Gundam.  While there isn't anything wrong with having an interest in an anime series (or Gundam in general), these three just shows how far some crazed/obsessed fans can be.  We meet them while the 3rd Year students are at Okinawa.  The hotel rooms hold 4 students each.  Knowing that... and the fact that the homeroom teachers assign rooms to their students, you could imagine the chaos that might happen if you stuck someone with these three boys.  Unfortunately for Onizuka, he poorly chooses the person... and will end up paying for it in cruel and unusual ways...  The three Gundam nuts are interested in their fourth roommate-mostly because of her resemble to a blonde character from 'Mobile Suit Gundam' named Sayla Mass.

In Case You Care:  Some of the Gundam References found in GTO:

-is a favorite of one Tomoko Nomura.  Check out the picture of her room in Manga Volume 12-look carefully and you could see Gundams/mobile suits...
-"0080"  (the hotel room number):  Refers to 'Mobile Suit Gundam 0080:  War in the Pocket', a 6 episode series taking place in the universe of the original 'Mobile Suit Gundam'>>was aired on the Cartoon Network here in the US; series available on DVD (2 volumes) from Bandai
-"G Gundam":  a Gundam series not related to the original-rather a stand alone series  >>was aired on the Cartoon Network; coincidentally Tokyopop released the 3 Volume G-Gundam graphic novels in 2003; series available on DVD (12 volumes) from Bandai
-"Flash of Hasaway" (should be 'Flash of Hathaway'):  Refers to a (written comic) story based on Hathaway Noa, the son of infamous White Base captain Bright Noa.  This takes places after 'Char's Counterattack.'
-"Char's Counterattack":  A movie that takes place 10 years after the end of the original "Mobile Suit Gundam," where two of the more famous characters in Gundam (Amuro Ray and Char Aznable) face off one last time...  >>the DVD was released here in the US by Bandai
-"Heero":  one of the main characters of "Gundam Wing."  The full name is 'Heero Yuy.'  The series was aired on the Cartoon Network (which led to the showing of Mobile Suit Gundam, Gundam 0080, Gundam 0083, 08th MS Team, G-Gundam, and recently Gundam Seed here in the US due to exposure/increase in popularity of Gundam), and was released here in the US on DVD (10 volumes) by Bandai.  Graphic Novels based on Gundam Wing was published by Viz and Tokyopop.
-"Federation":  organization trying hard to fight and stop the Zeon forces from ruling space/blowing up the Earth in the majority of the Gundam series.
-"Beam Rifle":  Potent weapon used in the majority of fights through the Gundam series.
-"New Type":  Humans with psychic/superhuman abilities.  It is said (in the Gundam series) that this is the next step of human evolution-that would take place if humans were to migrate to space.  Two of the (many) main characters in Mobile Suit Gundam are of this type.
-Anime Volume 10-Lesson 41:  The dialogue about the 'legs are for decoration' and 'high ranking officers' were derived from 'Mobile Suit Gundam' episode 41.  The particular scene in question was between Char and a Zeon soldier about a status of a mobile armor.
-Manga Volume 16:  The song that plays while Onizuka is playing Dance Dance Revolution mentions several mobile suits...
-Manga Volume 17:  The shirt Onizuka wears throughout most of the volume has gundam related stuff written all over it!
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Kamioka and Hitomi


Only appearance:  Anime>Volume 2-Lesson 7, Manga Volume 4-Lesson 25

We met these two students during one of the (many) days that Onizuka decided to not 'teach' the class anything useful/constructive.  Onizuka asked the Ouiji Board/'Kokkuri-san' who Kamioka likes.  The answer just happened to be someone in the class... a girl named Hitomi.  The members of the class whose fingers were on the pointer/coin ('moving it' if you think they did) were Onizuka, Yoshikawa and Kamioka.  Some of the subsequent questions and answers didn't go too well with another member of the class.  Unfortunately Kamioka and Yoshikawa were on the end of said member's rage (though they probably evaded it in the manga version).

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Katsuyama and Shiozaki


Only appearance:  Anime Volume 7, Lesson 30

These two male students of class 3-4 appeared during the beginning of the 'Okinawa' sequence of events.  After losing the money for the trip, Fujiyoshi was confronted (and interrogated) by several members of the class.  Katsuyama received a punch from Fujiyoshi (after possibly punching Koji's buttons a little too much), while Shiozaki was the one who informed Onizuka of the situation.

**They could have appeared in the manga, but were never given 'names.'  [Volume 10, Lesson 78].

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Megumi Asakura

Only appearance:  Anime Volume 10-Lesson 41, Manga Volume 14-Lesson 107

Yes she is in Class 3-4... as she is a student who recently transferred to Holy Academy and into Class 4 after the school term started.  She learns a lesson from Uchiyamada, and what was said on that day has changed her life forever (and fortunately for the better).  One of the few people to visit Uchiyamada after the jetski incident at Okinawa... and the one who helps Uchiyamada realize a few things in life.

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Only appearance:  Manga Volume 20-Lesson 162

One of the students of class 3-4 who befriended Yuuki Miyamori upon his return to Holy Forest.  Choice of videogaming is rather... interesting.

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Only appearance:  Manga Volume 25-Lesson 200

One of the students of class 3-4 who was involved in the bet to see what just how large the new student teacher's bust size is.  He won and now Fujiyoshi is stick with cleanup duty for a while...

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Mayu Wakui

First appearance:  MANGA ONLY>Volume 14-Lesson 110
Conversion to "Onizuka-ism":   the 8th person to convert; Manga>Volume 16-Lesson 124
-Student # 42.  Yes this means that in the manga, Class 3-4 has (at least) 42 students.  That's one BIG class.
-Is the grandson of one chairwoman of Holy Forest Academy:  Ryoko Sakurai 
-Sometimes accompanied by a girl name Ageha.  She'll be at the cafeteria if you want to learn about her.
-Smokes and takes drugs...
-Tries to play and manipulate people/things so that things go his way...

In the manga, Aizawa would not let things remain all nice and cheerful after the end of the Okinawa trip.  She was still very determined to get Onizuka out once and for all (especially what happened to her BEFORE the trip)!  Aizawa has NO ONE left in Class 3-4 to do her dirty work (her 'followers'>Kikuchi, Kanzaki, Murai, Fujiyoshi, Kusano, Nomura, Uehara, Asano, Izumi, and even Iijima and Shirai all jumped ship)>  I mean Aizawa could try to do things herself, but instead she resorts to yet another trump card... bringing back YET another student of Class 3-4 [who had been playing hooky for most of the term].  This event helps to spice up the series even more.  Onizuka will have yet another daunting task ahead of him... as Wakui is, like everyone main character of 3-4, unique and has traits [and a past] which defines his character and actions (with makes him seem as evil when compared to two certain other students in the class).  Some of the plot devices/ideas already played out in the manga will come back in some form to stand in Onizuka's way as it relates to Wakui.  The Great Teacher Onizuka manga series is starting to heat up...

If you thought some of the characters were mean... or even dark... you haven't seen anything yet.  Not only will Onizuka get involved in helping him, our dear Kikuchi will play a role as well (in more ways than one)-seeing as how he's the only person who seems to know Wakui better than anyone.

Got introduced to one Ichiro Okinoshima... the same manager who is helping Tomoko with her career.  There is a reason for this by the way... for revenge.

Did help out Onizuka in Volume 22 of the manga when things got ugly.  Otherwise not much of a contributor... an 'ensign.'

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Yuuki Miyamori

First appearance:  MANGA ONLY>Volume 20-Lesson 160
Conversion to "Onizuka-ism":   the 9th person to convert (in a sense); Manga>Volume 20-Lesson 161
-Student # 33
-His father happens to be in the Japanese mob/yakuza.  His mother passed away 2 years before he would meet up with Onizuka for the first time.
-Went to Junior High School with one Tadaaki Kusano (gotta love students with those double vowels in their names going to the same school... LOL)
-Father put together a baseball tournament for Yuuki because he wanted to play.
-'Aligned' with Yoshikawa just after returning to school.
-A smoker, like Kikuchi, or the occasional Uehara.

>If you look at the picture... Yuuki looks like Yoshikawa... with longer bangs in the front and that ponytail.

There was a reason why he never stopped coming to classes at Holy Forest Academy.  As usual... Onizuka never notices this long-term absentee (Kanzaki and Wakui were the previous two that fit in the category) from his class until certain circumstances forces him to act.  The boy had his problems... and some of them were rather troublesome (which helped prompt the advisory/content warning on the volume 20 cover).    Onizuka brings him around, but he had some help, from the first student he helped... 

You don't know what you're missing out on if you don't try it... and you don't know a good thing (or person) until you get to know it (him or her).

He learns to live on... and try to make the best of things... with whatever you have...

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Ai Tokiwa

First appearance:  MANGA ONLY>Volume 20-Lesson 162
Conversion to "Onizuka-ism":   the 10th person to convert (in a sense); Manga>Volume 21-Lesson 174

-The second of the new students of Class 3-4 for the new school term under Misuzu Daimon's administration. (Miyamori doesn't count because he already enrolled in the class, he just NEVER showed up until recently)

Ai arrives to Holy Forest... joining Class 3-4 at a rather interesting time.  Heck... her first day at the school isn't quite as one would expect (which nicely helped prompt the advisory/content warning on the volume 20 cover).  While Tokiwa has attracted the attention of Kusano, she also flirted around with Kikuchi.  The bad news is that she may not look as innocent as she is.  Does this have something to do with Headmistress Daimon's plans...

Ms. Tokiwa learns a few important lessons as she tries to enact her own brand of justice onto the school.   But of course it will be Onizuka to teach her a few things as to get over the past.

The only reason why Ai went along with the whole 'Angel' thing was what Daimon did for Ai years ago...

>>Potential love interests:  Tadaaki Kusano and Yoshito Kikuchi

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Sho Shibuya

First picture:  Shibuya with glasses...
Second picture:  Sho without glasses... his true side.

First appearance:  MANGA ONLY>Volume 20-Lesson 162
-Student # 18
-A smoker, like Kikuchi, or the occasional Uehara.
-Has some fighting skills (Manga Volume 24) that can really make him dangerous. 

-The first of the new students of Class 3-4 for the new school term under Misuzu Daimon's administration. (Miyamori doesn't count because he already enrolled in the class, he just NEVER showed up until recently)

-We meet Sho while Onizuka was trying to pawn off some of his private videos in order to make some cash.  Sho's actions (which ALSO helped prompt the advisory/content warning on the volume 20 cover) prompted Onizuka to act... in order to help him out.  The BAD news is that it seemed too easy... too quick.  And in the GTO world... it can be said that 'the worst is yet come.'  With practially every major student in 3-4 comes a story/past... and Sho is of course NO exception.  Like Ai Tokiwa, he too is a member of Daimon's 'Angels.'  His 'acting friendly' is all an act, and which is why he's not the 10th person to convert to Onizuka's side (that honor went to Tokiwa).

-Sho really has his problems, starting from a really disturbing and scary childhood.  While I won't going into the disturbing specifics (read Volume 24) , I would think those incidents WOULD SCAR someone like that emotionally...

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