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Below are the links to other GTO related websites (or other general Anime related sites that needed some mentioning), plus banners if you want to link to my page.  I'll update this page as I come across other GTO sites that I feel are good enough to visit/mention.  I don't check certain links often, so if something's NOT updated, I'll see if I can fix it... it'll just take a while...

To other visiting Great Teacher Onizuka website related owners:  please feel free to email me if you want to have a link to your page(s).  Just describe the site, provide the url and a banner if you wish so.

**Note that there have been other websites (dishing out SOME sort of Great Teacher Onizuka related information) mentioned/refered to on other portions of the fansite.  You can find those links on those particular pages.

Note that I can't go into full detail or describe deeply about each and every single site that I have listed below.  Please don't go thinking that they aren't good or that I'm trying to make them look bad.  One has to visit a place in order to fully grasp and understand it.  Some of these fansites are indeed good... and sometimes words can't describe what one is feeling or experiencing!


Section first created on:  February 1, 2003.
This particular section was last updated on:  Feburary 13, 2008.

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Some ther Great Teacher Onizuka Links of Interest...

Well, let's start with the company responsible for bringing Great Teacher Onizuka (and its prequel Shonan Junai Gumi) here to the United States:  Tokyopop

For information about the Anime Version of GTO on Tokyopop's Website, click here.

For information about the Manga Version of GTO on Tokyopop's Website, click here.

For information about the Manga Version of GTO:  The Early Years (Shonan Junai Gumi) on Tokyopop's Website, click here.

Although not set in the GTO universe, check out Tohru Fujisawa's other work currently here in the US: "Rose Hip Zero."

Wikipedia... the online encyclopedia.  There's so much to find here, on almost everything.

I'd like to think that some information (in some form or fashion) from this GTO fansite eventually found its way to "Great Teacher Onizuka" entry in Wikipedia. 

Click here to go to the "Great Teacher Onizuka" entry in Wikipedia.

Click here to go to the "GTO: The Early Years/Shonan Junai Gumi" entry in Wikipedia:.

Tetris no Miko's GTO page
A GTO site I found while doing research on the series.  Yes... that is a banner of Maku Wakui...
Great Teacher Onizuka (Dickson)  A GTO site that discusses the live-action drama version.
Another Great Teacher Onizuka Fansite
This is a really good website, that has a vast amount of information (character profiles, manga summaries, quotes, polls, etc.) available.  Even though it's in English, the site is NOT based on the North American version, but on one of the Asian versions.  If you don't mind knowing everything about GTO before it's released here in America, then by all means do some research at this site.
Urumi and Kikuchi's Website

A GTO site that discusses the anime version, but concentrates more on Urumi Kanzaki and Yoshito Kikuchi.  Has plenty of pictures to look at.

GWO-Great Website Onizuka, a GTO Fansite!

Another GTO site that covers the Anime version of Great Teacher Onizuka.

Great Teacher Onizuka Fansite by Julian Lee

if first link doesn't work, try this one:  http://kanzaki_urumi.tripod.com/gto_fansite_main.htm

Another Great Teacher Onizuka fansite.  The site owner emailed me the link to his website just before Thanksgiving 2003.  I'm glad that my 'Holy Forest Academy' GTO Fansite is making its mark somewhere in the fandom... 

Onibaku Banzai


Another wonderful Great Teacher Onizuka site. You can find many things here... such as pictures, forums, and MP3s.  Another GTO site to visit [besides mine of course  :)  ]

This was formerly:  imlinked's gto - Great Teacher Onizuka  //  gto.phantsys.net


Yet another GTO site that I've found in my travels to bring you links to other fansites.  This one is impressive... another must visit.

The RightStuf International, Inc.

**This is a general anime/manga site.

This is a good site if you want to purchase anime and manga online.  You can save quite a bit of money on DVDs, graphic novels, etc. here because of the occasional sales, and everyday low prices.  The prices here are actually lower than the mall's (and some retail chains, NOT all)... and if you do your research, think clearly, and have some $, you can really get what you want, when you want it, all at a price you can be happy at.  I'm very happy and satisfied with this company, and I'm speaking only because I'm an anime fan who loves the stuff, but want to get it at an affordable price without leaving a hole in my wallet.  I'm saying all of this because I want to!


Well if you do a search for "Great Teacher Onizuka" (not GTO alone, because you'll find car stuff {Pontiac GTO} as well), I'm sure you might be able to find something Great Teacher Onizuka related that you might want.  You'll more often find people trying to sell the anime version of the series... both the US Tokyopop release and OTHER versions (real or bootleg) from Asia.  The manga can be found here if someone's selling.  On rare occasion, someone might sell the animation cels of the show as well.  You might find some bargins here as well... it pays off if you look around!


I'm most like Kikuchi!

Which Great Teacher Onizuka character are you most like?

Fansite owner's comments on quiz results:  No surprise here!!!  :)
Fansite owner's comments on the actual quiz:  You could actually 'manipulate' the quiz results to lean towards a specific characters because the choices are that obvious (the choices=character traits/events are evidently pointing to specific person).  I answered the quiz truthfully-but still expected Kikuchi at the end.


Click here to go to a quiz that someone created all about the manga version of Great Teacher Onizuka.  It's ok... nothing too tricky if you think about it.


hahaha, you're Yoshito Kikuchi. You're a braniac dork. You're calm and tricky, and can be quite ruthless to get the information you need. You know how to blackmail and all that good stuff.. yet you have a decent set of morals, which has earned you the respect of just about everyone. You tolerate the world instead of getting upset. Good job. I guess.

Also, I know who you like. 

Which of the GTO's students are you?

Fansite owner's comments on quiz results:  Again, no surprise here!!!  :)
Fansite owner's comments on the actual quiz:  Not as obvious (choices obvious as to which character) as the first quiz that I posted a link to.  Someone emailed me this link (not the creator of this particular quiz) and suggested I try it out.  It's a bit weird (and could be disturbing for some people at some points in this quiz), but still this is just for fun.


Click here to go fanfiction.net's Great Teacher Onizuka fanfiction section.  This section was added in February 2004... though GTO Fanfiction (the few that) existed on the site long before that!  At least now all the stories are in one place, and not in the Miscellaneous Anime series section.  You'll find only G to R rated stories here!!!  I was told that racier (of the yaoi and the non-yaoi type) stories exist somewhere else on the 'Net.  It's just a matter of inputting the correct search terms...

>>Would I, the fansite owner, ever host a bunch of GTO related fanfiction?  Probably not at this time... I don't have the space for it.  Maybe if the # of stories (and quality in some cases) increased a little, then maybe.  And yeah even though I spend some of my spare time as a writer, I don't think I could write fanfiction myself!


Gundam gets mentioned quite a bit in Great Teacher Onizuka... from the original "Mobile Suit Gundam" to "Gundam Wing."  I've included two links below to Gundam related sites in case you're curious (or want to know what those GTO Gundam Fans are saying).

Fansite:  Gundam Plus

Official US site:  Gundamofficial



Found this while browsing around on Livejournal.  I don't have a livejournal, or a xanga site, or a blog, or anything of the sort.  I used to keep a paper journal years ago, but then I started college, and I became too busy to write.  Besides... there are some things that shouldn't be made 'public' or aren't anyone's business.

Anyway... here's a little community called "The Coolest Driver's High!"  If you like Great Teacher Onizuka and you're into livejournals... then I suppose that this would be a place for fans of the fandom to unite.