Differences Between the Anime & Manga Versions of Great Teacher Onizuka


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Ah, there is a reason you've accessed this file.  You want to know the differences between the anime and manga versions of the series 'Great Teacher Onizuka.'  Did you even know that both versions are different.  For example, certain key events happened in a different order.  Others did occur, but a few technical aspects of it were modified.  Keep in mind that what you can show in a book and what you can show on TV are different-this is ONE of the reasons why changes were made from the non-animated to the animated versions (and even within the anime itself as it relates to the english subbed and english dubbed dialogues).  This page will list and/or discuss the differences. 

At this time, there are no pictures to help illustrate these differences.  This page WILL BE LONG ENOUGH without them...  I may or may not stick key pictures up in the near future.

Also note that the content in this section is NOT completely final, meaning that parts of the content is subject to revision/updating.  If you wish to contribute to this section, or if you feel that something listed below is inaccurate/wrong, then please don't hesistate to email me.  I'll give credit if you contribute something to this portion of the page.



Section first created on: March 23, 2003.
This particular section was last updated on:  February 25, 2005.

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I've divided the differences in this section in relation to the 'key events'/'sequences' of the story.  Click on a particular event/sequence to find out what happened/the differences that took place.


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1. Onizuka’s Introduction/ Venture into Student Teaching
2. Onizuka trying to get the job at Holy Forest Academy.
-or- The start of Onizuka vs. Uchiyamada.
3. The new school year/ Welcome Class 3-4.
4. ‘Seeing what Kikuchi develops.’
5. ‘Saving Yoshikawa and Taking on the PTA.’
6. ‘Falling into Place.’
7. ‘Fukuroda’s Follies.’
8. 'Star Search-GTO Style.'
9. ‘Trying to cancel Onizuka out of the equation.’
10. ‘It’s only one little test.’
11. ‘Blondes are not to be taken lightly.’
12. Stuff Not So Important to the Story… (TECHNICALLY fits inbetween sequences 11 and 13)

-Event:  ‘Uchiyamada taking a crack at ridding Onizuka.’

-Event:  ‘Kunio’s Love.’

-Event:  ‘Reflections on Fuyutsuki’s teaching.’

-Event:  ‘Murai defending his mother.’

-Event:  'American Idol-The GTO Way of Course.'

 13. ‘Aizawa at work on Fujiyoshi and Onizuka'
14. 'Class 3 Invades Okinawa, sort of...'
15. 'GTO Survivor:  Okinawa'
16. End Game


1. Onizuka’s Introduction/ Venture into Student Teaching

Anime:  DVD Volume 1-Lesson 1
Manga:  Volume 1-Lesson 1 to Volume 2-Lesson 6

+In the anime, the homeroom teacher/ mentor left the room, leaving Onizuka to fend for himself in Class 0.  In the manga, he was sitting at his desk, letting everything just go on while not paying attention to it.

+After Onizuka got blackmailed, the three boys went to gloat and have fun at the park.  In the manga, Onizuka immediately led his 'gang' to exact his revenge.  In the anime, the gang got to the boys first, and Onizuka 'dropped in' on things.

+Ohsawa (the other male student teacher) actually had a larger role in the manga.  He was the one who informed Onizuka that the school wants to hire him as a full time teacher.  In the anime, Ohsawa disappeared somewhat quickly (as it was revealed he got busted for trying to do things to a female student), and it was the homeroom teacher who gave Onizuka the news.

+In the anime, the scene with Onizuka being the wolf and Nanako talking about sukiyaki night occurred when she came to his apartment for the first time-just before the blackmail took place.  Plus this was when she revealed so much before setting him up.  In the manga, it was the second trip to the place, after the attempted blackmail had occurred.  The first time at the apartment, Nanako just worked quickly to get Onizuka busted.

+In the manga, Onizuka let himself into Nanako's house.  Well in the anime, at least he waited until the door opened.

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2. Onizuka trying to get the job at Holy Forest Academy.
-or- The start of Onizuka vs. Uchiyamada.

Anime:  DVD Volume 1-Lesson 2
Manga:  Volume 2-Lesson 7 to Lesson 11

Anime eng-dub:  Onizuka overslept after having a late night, then was skeptical that he needed to take it (the test).
Anime eng-sub:  Onizuka came to Ryuji's shop because he was bored, then was skeptcial that he needed to take it.
*Onizuka's corrupt police friend Saejima, appears in Volume 7.

Manga:  Onizuka came back from hanging out in the University cafeteria and the adult section of a video store.  In this version, Onizuka does actually make an attempt to get there before it's too late, but he nearly gets himself killed/arrested in the process.  Then follows the scene with Saejima and Onizuka at a career center.

+Manga:  Onizuka gets the word about Holy Forest hiring from a career center.
+Anime:  Ryuji gave him the information.

+In the manga version, Miss Fuyutsuki is shown with a hole in her pants on ths bus, while in the anime version there is none.  And as a result of the hole in her jeans, Onizuka lends Miss Fuyutski his coat at the interview.

+In the anime, Uchiyamada is a butt-sniffer.  Pretending to pick up a piece of paper, he got in close to Fuyutsuki's rear-smelling it.  The movement of the bus allowed Uchiyamada's face to come into contact with Fuyutsuki's rear.  In the manga, Uchiyamada was more 'direct,' by grabbing/squeezing the butt.  He was confronted (and embrassed) by Onizuka on the bus, not outside of it like in the anime. 

+The mention of Onizuka being in the Eurasia College Karate Club-definite in the manga and the eng-sub version only.

+Onizuka in the doorway:  Anime eng-dub:  Peeing in his pants, Anime eng-sub:  Banzai Cheer
Manga:  Stretching

+In the manga, Uchiyamada explains (to the men sitting beside him) 'his version of events' on the bus that morning.  Also, it is mentioned here that Onizuka had a desire to teach Philosophy.

+Manga:  There is a scene where Uchiyamada realizes that the woman he sniffed on the bus is a candidate-Fuyutsuki.  He apologizes to her immediately.  There is no such scene in the anime.

+The head kid who came to get revenge on Uchiyamada had a name in the manga:  Ebisawa.  No mention of it in the anime.

+There was a scene in the manga, right after Uchiyamada was German-Suplexed:  The punks apologized and Fuyutsuki exclaiming that Onizuka shouldn't just give up-and that he should be a teacher.  No such scene in the anime.

+Anime:  Fuyutsuki came to Ryuji's shop to find out where Onizuka is... to give him the message about the 6 PM interview.
+Manga:  Ryuji got a call from Holy Forest, about the interview.

In both cases, it was Ryuji that contacted Onizuka via cell phone.

+Anime:  School brochure, teacher's manual, and district rules:  Onizuka's reading materials
+Manga:  Employee's handbook, plus he had to fill out offical employment documents.

+Manga:  It is revealed right after Ryuji and Fuyutsuki congraduates Onizuka that Onizuka has to live on campus.
+Manga/Anime eng-sub:  Onizuka will be taking over 'that class' (the problematic class 3-4)
+Anime eng-dub:  Sakurai's assistant thinks she's crazy.

+Manga/Anime eng-sub:  Sakurai looking forward to the cherry blossom blooming {cultural reference}
+Anime eng-dub:  Sakurai looking forwards to the new school year.

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3. The new school year/ Welcome Class 3-4. 

Anime:  DVD Volume 1-Lesson 3
Manga:  Volume 2-Lesson 12 to Volume 3-Lesson 16.

+Anime:  Onizuka tears up his teacher's license during the opening/introductory assembly.
+Manga:  Onizuka tears up his license, then accidentally dumps liquid on it, at a restaurant with Fuyutsuki-way before he moved in and the assembly.

+Anime:  Onizuka moves in by himself, nearly hurting Uchiyamada and the Cresta in the process.  This introduces the Cresta that some of us will come to 'love and enjoy.' 
+Manga:  Onizuka had help moving in, thanks to Ryuji and Fuyutski.  The Cresta doesn't appear here yet.

+Anime:  At this point, it is revealed that one of the conditions for Onizuka's employment was that he'd have to live on campus.  Mrs. Sakurai shows Onizuka to his room.  It is here when Onizuka and Yoshikawa meet for the first time-when Onizuka asked him for help bringing the stuff in.  Here
+Manga:  One of the teachers shows him.  Yoshikawa doesn't show up yet.  The room here is referred to as the 'penthouse.'

+Anime eng-sub ONLY:  Wild ARMS... and the cover showed it.
+Anime eng-dub ONLY:  Wild ARMS 3.  The game was released here in the US in November 2002.

+Anime:  Uchiyamada confronting Mrs. Sakurai's decision on hiring him right after Onizuka moved in.
+Manga:  This takes place in Lesson 14, after the Cresta got totaled.
+Anime eng-dub:  Mrs. Sakurai calles Uchiyamada a butt-sniffer during this.
+Both:  Reference to Onizuka taking over THAT class [again class 3-4]

+Manga:  Introduction of  ‘Francisco Xavier,' who looks like Uchiyamada.  This does lead to some confusion of the two characters.
+Anime Eng-sub:  Onizuka called Uchiyamada "Xavier," after discovering that he'd be teaching the middle school students.  Then he proceeds to make a bigger fool of himself.
+Anime Eng-dub:  No Xavier, but Onizuka does make a bigger fool of himself (i.e. ripping of the certificate).

+Manga:  Some other teacher warned Onizuka that the microphone was still on.
+Anime:  Here it was Fuyutsuki who did that.  Plus we get a glimpse of some the Class 3-4 students (Yoshikawa, Murai, Kusano, Aizawa)

+Anime:  The following last names were called out:  Akiyama, Aizawa [Miyabi], Asano [Mayuko], Iijima [Saeko], Izumi [Naoko], Ogaki, Oshima, Tanaka, and Tomura. Here Onizuka realizes that Yoshikawa is in his class.
+Manga:  A bunch of names... no order... no major names... 

+Anime:  Onizuka finds out about the former homeroom teacher, Ms. Kahara from Ms. Fuyutsuki... in both the before and after photo shots, during the picnic.
+Manga:  Onizuka finds out about this from another teacher.  In this case, Onizuka goes and does some investigation of his own... before the picnic... which led to a clinic in Nerima (hey... happened to run into a boy that changes into a girl while you there?  LOL).  Afterwards, we are treated to a shot of Kikuchi and company doing the photo manipulation in his bedroom.

+Anime:  After hearing strange noises and thinking along some way, Onizuka is convinced that the problem of class 3-4, or of the school... is related to ghosts.  He goes out and does some rounds.
1)  He encounters a thief stealing the girls' gym shorts/underwear.
2)  He sees lights at the other end of the school.  It turned out to be a girl and boy doing some naughty things, inside a locker room.  Onizuka throws them into the pool.
+Manga:  Onizuka was eating dinner on the school roof, when a shoe falls next to him.
1)  He catches the boy and girl doing naughty things.
2)  Onizuka then catches a UFO cult at work.
+Both:  Onizuka goes in prepared to spy on the boy & girl at work, with night-vision scope/googles.  Wow.

+Anime:  Onizuka passes by a classroom.  There some supplies out of a closet are loose and on the floor.
+Manga:  This is where Onizuka meets Yoshikawa for the first time, bound, gagged, and in pee-drenched pants.
He finds him like this as a result of noise coming from the closet, and a nasty stench.

+Manga:  Onizuka meets Yoshikawa for the first time, and then goes outside for the first suicide attempt.

+Anime:  Onizuka trips on the ledge, sending himself and Yoshikawa over, and right onto the Cresta.  Uchiyamada couldn't drive it home that night because he had a little too much to drink at the picnic.  The next scene is up in Onizuka's room.
+Manga:    Onizuka trips on the ledge, sending himself and Yoshikawa over.  But here, Onizuka manages to catch Yoshikawa with his hands, and the edge of the roof with his slippers.  Unfortunately, the slippers couldn't last... and Onizuka alone falls... onto the Cresta.  Yoshikawa managed to land on the ledge inches away from his feet.  Mrs. Sakurai proves witness to this... and tends to the wounds, then insists he drive Onizuka home.

+Manga ONLY:  Mrs. Sakurai gave a better explanation on why Onizuka should take the room on the roof.

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4. ‘Seeing what Kikuchi develops.’

Anime:  DVD Volume 1-Lesson 4
Manga:  Volume 3-Lesson 16 to Lesson 17.

+Anime:  Picture of Onizuka on the wooden horse is plastered on the outside bulletin board.  Fuyutski (could be) is the first teacher to see this.
+Manga:  Picture of Onizuka on the wooden horse is plastered on the outside bulletin board, and throughout the school.  Nurse Moritaka encounters it outside, and Ms. Fuyutsuki on the inside.

+Anime eng-dub ONLY:  Onizuka waking up late to miss a faculty meeting
+Anime eng-sub ONLY:  Onizuka waking up late to miss a homeroom meeting.

+Manga:  Onizuka is told immediately that the picture is a composite.
+Anime:  Unfortunately... or fortunately... this fake picture sequence gets carried out even further. 

+Anime ONLY:  It was Mrs. Sakurai that encouraged Ms. Fuyutsuki that not everything is as what it seems.
+Manga:  Fuyutsuki forgives Onizuka for this; apologizes for the slap later in the manga (Volume 3, Lesson 21).  No mention as how she came this way.

+Anime:  Onizuka freaks out after seeing the pic of him and Uchiyamada ('Adam & Eve') taped on the front board.  Aizawa makes her intentions clear.
+Manga:  Kikuchi confesses that he was the one who did the 2 pictures.  This was done in the attempt to provoke Onizuka into physically attacking Kikucki, allowing Kikuchi to sic the authorities on him.  The end result here is the same as the anime.

**I personally thought that the anime does a nice job with this particular sequence of the story.  With the expansion, the anime gave us some more antics, plus a slightly better look into the characters of Onizuka, Fuyutsuki, and Kikuchi.  Did I mention Kikuchi is my favorite character?

+Anime, Eng-dub only:  "Dream Sequence":  Uchiyamada was glad that Onizuka came... so they could 'have an informal interview,' then 'play.'
+Anime, Eng-sub only:  "Dream Sequence":  Uchiyamada was glad that Onizuka came... so they can talk about the 'various problems in modern education,' with a priority in a naked relationship.

+Anime ONLY:  We get a look into the life of Uchiyamada at his home... after the 'Adam & Eve' picture was given to him to Sanomaru.  Of course... with the fact that this fake picture storyline is still going on... much more good stuff happens.  We get to see Kikuchi at work, making the third picture (of Onizuka coming out of a whore house).  The vice principal does some sneaking around, which ends up hurting him a little.  Fuyutsuki finds out from two teachers (one of them is Sanomaru) that the pictures were fake... and it was Yoshikawa who hinted to Onizuka that the pictures were fake, and that it was somebody in the class doing it.

+Both:  Onizuka wanted Kikuchi to do some composites... for a reasonable amount of money, and to be done within a reasonable amount of time.
+Anime:  Deal done on of the ground floor of the school-outside... while Uchiyamada was hanging on for dear life, and Fuyutsuki and Yoshikawa talking on the roof... good scene.  He LATER thought about having Kikuchi doing a composite on Fuyutsuki as well.
+Manga:  Deal one in front of the class... but quietly.  The picture of Azusa was part of the original package.

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5. ‘Saving Yoshikawa and Taking on the PTA.’

Anime:  DVD Volume 2, Lesson 5 to Lesson 6.
Manga:  Volume 3-Lesson 21 to Volume 4-Lesson  24

The flashback to where Uchiyamada was trying to win his family over with the Cresta… and take a trip in it.
+Anime eng-dub:  It might be cold out, so Uchiyamada would buy Yoshiko a coat, and his wife Ryoko a pair of diamond earrings.
+Anime eng-sub/Manga:  Buy Yoshiko the bag/purse (Prada), and Ryoko the ring.

+Anime:  Uehara confronts Kikuchi about the pictures.  Kikuchi says he's not participating this time, and that Uehara should do something herself.
+Manga:  Kikuchi speaks up as Kunio was getting rough on a student... saying that he's giving up trying to get Onizuka, and that everyone is free to do whatever they want to do.  Also Kikuchi makes it clear that he's good at karate (to come into play later on), and warns Kunio that he doesn't stand a chance.


>Yoshikawa interrupting:
+Anime: Onizuka was showing Fuyutsuki how to play a game.  He catches them as she was trying to give first aid to Onizuka, and while Onizuka's hand was on the breast.
+Manga:  Fuyutsuki was trying to apologize for the slap given (due to the fake picture on the horse) when Yoshikawa interrupted.

+Anime only:  Yoshikawa catched up to Kikuchi and explains some things to him… trying to 'win' Kikuchi over to Onizuka's side.  Kikuchi mentions that the last time he trusted a teacher, he got screwed. 

+Anime only:  Yoshikawa gets written on, but it's all over his body.

+Anime:  Kikuchi was a little more peeved about doing the composite for Onizuka.  Onizuka talked him into doing it and bringing it.
+Manga:  Kikuchi called Onizuka, and was willing to bring the composites over, to burn onto a CD in the school computer lab.
+Anime eng-dub:  Do the composites for the promise of software.... burned onto a disk.  He said he'll be at Kikuchi's in 30 minutes to get them. 
+Anime eng-sub:  Do the composites for 10 combo-A lunch tickets.  Kikuchi is suppose to be at the front of the school in 30.
+Anime:  Onizuka thought out getting a composite done using Fuyutsuki.
+Manga:  That picture of Fuyutsuki was included in the original deal back in Lesson 16.

+Anime:  Onizuka and Yoshikawa doodled on the behinds of Uehara, Izumi, and Asano.  The camera was accidentally left behind though.
+Manga:  Uehara, Izumi, and Asano were embrassed, but their underwear was doodled upon.  Also Kikuchi had a role in this one as well-he pointed out where they could find an instant camera, plus he was the one taking the pictures.  The girls had a chance to give up the pictures of Yoshikawa in exchance for the disposable camera.  Kikuchi had something in his pocket as the scene ended.

+Manga:  The three girls SMOKED,
+Anime:  The three girls really didn't do much... no smoking!

+Anime:  Mrs. Uehara came in and spoke to (eventually) Mrs. Sakurai.  The meeting would take place on Thursday-2 days later... so this one took place on Tuesday.  It is Fuyutsuki that discovered that Onizuka had a broken arm (as the result of saving Yoshikawa).
+Manga (Volume 3):  Mrs. Sakurai wasn't around... but Mrs. Uehara spoke to Francisco Xavier.  The meeting will take place 'tonight.'  Mrs. Sakurai later found out about it, then Miss Moritaka, then Miss Fuyutsuki.  Oh, it was the nurse who discovered the broken arm.  When Kikuchi and Yoshikawa overheard the conversation between Fuyutsuki and the nurse, they sprung into action.

+Manga (Volume 4):  Yoshikawa came to tell the truth, in front of Mrs. Uehara, Miss Fuyutsuki, and Miss Moritaka in a private room, telling and exposing everything.
+Anime:  It was done in front of EVERYONE.

+Anime:  Kikuchi recorded the conversation that Anko Uehara had with her friends at a restaurant-without them knowing it of course.
+Manga:  It might have been at that night at the Karaoke bar when Kikuchi recorded some of the stuff... but most of it was faked and altered to make them look gulity.

+Anime:  The meeting did take place, and it was organized, dramatic, and of course humourous.  Here Mrs. Uehara confronted Anko about this incident... and it was Onizuka that did tell her some things.
+Manga:  The meeting got cut the second Mrs. Uehara agreed NOT to fire Mr. Onizuka.  It was blackmail... Yoshikawa didn't have a chance to play the uncensored edition.  Kikuchi and Yoshikawa were being a little 'evil.'

+Anime only:  In the english dub, the recording blasted over the loudspeaker sounded more like (not precisely) what was said at the restaurant.  In the english sub, what was 'announced at the meeting' was different than what was said at the restaurant.  Again, this is Kikuchi at work-and he admitted when 'caught.'

+Anime:  It was Miss Fuyutsuki who came to the 'PA Room,' and 'confronted' Kikuchi.  Kikuchi gave her the tape afterwards.
+Manga:  It was Miss Mortitaka... and she found Kikuchi doing that, while smoking.  This won't be the last time Kikuchi smokes though...  The nurse took the cigarettes and that's probably it.

+Anime:  The phone call from Mrs. Uehara came after the meeting was done... and such.
+Manga:  The phone call came, effectively cancelling the meeting before it started.

+Anime:  Onizuka and Yoshikawa were playing video games on the Playstation, but in Onizuka's room.
+Manga:  Onizuka was becoming undefeatable in Tekken 3 game-wannabe.  This was so until Yoshikawa started playing.  Yoshikawa (and Kikuchi-as a spectator) had fun seeing Onizuka go down in defeat here.

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6. ‘Falling into Place’

Anime:  DVD Volume 2-Lesson 7 to Lesson 8. 
Manga:  Volume 3-Lessons 18-20; Volume 4-Lesson 25 to Lesson 28.

+Manga ONLY:  Fujuyoshi comes up with a plan to get Onizuka... involving a cockroach.

+Manga ONLY:  Kunio tries to literally kill Onizuka... involving a pair of scissors and trip wire.

+Manga:  Kunio plays Arcade games, and eventually runs into Onizuka.  Kunio gets frustrated when Onizuka keeps beating him.  This leads to Kunio handcuffing Onizuka to a sumo arm wrestling machine.  Onizuka gives chase... eventually meeting Murai's mother Juria for the first time-not after taking a kick to the groin.  During this first encounter, they have dinner (with Kunio in tow).  Eventually, Kunio leaves the two alone, and then he realized what could have happened [during a phone conversation with Fujiyoshi].  He goes out looking for Onizuka and Juria, only nothing happened. Soon after, Onizuka brings Kunio's grades/files to Julia at great risk... and at no favor.  Kunio gets slapped here because of the things he said.
+Anime:  Kunio did try to beat Onizuka-only in the Tekken 3 wannabe game, in DVD 2, Lesson 6.  A precursor of things to come I suppose.
+Anime:  It was the time of year of parent-teacher conference... home/school.  Onizuka decided NOT to do home visits... though he makes an exception once he discovers Kunio's mother is single (thanks to info provided by Yoshikawa and Kikuchi).  Julia and Onizuka meets... which involved a picture, and a kick to the groin. 

+Anime:  Kunio decides to follow his mom when she went on a date... after coming home from school to see her like this.  He follows both Onizuka and Julia to a restaurant... where his cover is blown.  He goes out to look for them after he realizes what could happen (in a phone conversation with Fujiyoshi)

+Anime only:  the Playstation game "Ape Escape" is played by Onizuka in his room... before he discovers the truth about Murai's mother.

At the restaurant:
+Anime eng-dub:  Onizuka makes a joke:  Kunio being 'spy baby' instead of a 'cry baby'.
+Anime eng-sub:  Joke about Kunio being a 'fail boy' instead of a 'tail boy.'

+Anime only:  Murai refuses to let his mom be a part of Aizawa's potential plans.

+Anime:  Kunio and company spies on Onizuka taking a shower-the shower turned out to be a preparation date/encounter with Kusano's mother.  But the shower leads to the confrontation at the arcade... but there was only the motorcycle game involved, and this end result was like the manga-handcuffed to the sumo wrestling machine.  The difference here is that Onizuka ended up having to risk his life to save Julia when the chase went astray.  Kunio learns a few extra things here-which also comes in handy in the next episode.
+Manga:  The shower scene lead to the introduction of Kusano's fat mother, and then the bowling event.

+Anime:  Julia works as a construction worker.  Nearly gets killed off by a truck.
+Live Action Version (Drama):  Julia works as a truck driver.  There was a moment during the drama when she nearly gets killed driving one... 

+Anime:  The next date/home visit turned out to be with Kusano's mother.  Onizuka will visit homes with single parents.  No mention of weight here!
+Manga:  Onizuka and Kusano's (fat) mother did talk about Kusano in school... but definitely nothing more.

+Anime:  Ouija board/Kokkuri-san in original Japanese format.
+Manga:  Well... English letters put in.  That's why it looks somewhat weird.  If left in Japanese, the spellings would have fit better.

+Anime:  One of the questions asked was whether Murai has stopped wetting his bed... according to Onizuka, he hasn't.
+Manga:  "He stopped wetting the bed when he was 12."

+Manga:  Another question was about a chest hair... a long one.  The last one was about green poop.
+Anime:  The last question was about Kunio having a mother complex.  Kunio really took out that desk in an attempt to get Onizuka.  He nailed that, Yoshikawa, and the other student.  Well... at least Kikuchi was safe.  It was hard to tell what damage was done (besides the desk) in the manga.  The last blow was the natto (sticky beans) left on the floor for Kunio to step in.

+Anime ONLY:  The Cresta returns!  Hooray!  You know what that means!  But first... it got stolen...

+Anime:  Rock, Paper, Scissors to form the teams.
+Manga:  Bowling started individually, but teams were formed in an attempt to get the boys to get along with Onizuka.

+Anime:  Team Smile (Kusano, Fujiyoshi, Julia), Team Frown (Onizuka, Kunio)
+Manga:  Giggly Team (Kusano, Fujiyoshi, Julia), Grumpy Team (Onizuka, Kunio)

+Anime:  The bowling balls (to the face/foot) takes place after Julia leaves... and its funnier.
+Manga:  Eh... not so funny... and Julia's around.

+Anime:  Kunio bumps into a car (which turned out to be the stolen Cresta) and kicks it... making the robbers/gang members angry.  Then he bumps into a guy-in response to the supposed damages to the car... acting injured [when he's not] just to get some money.
+Manga:  Kunio bumps into a person... who's faking it to get money.

+Anime:  The lesson(s) that Kunio learns is more obvious... more well developed.

What the car ran over/hit:
+Anime eng-dub: trash can, bicycle, cat-and you can hear it too!, mailbox, old lady
+Anime eng-sub: trash can, bicycle, traffic sign, mailbox, vending machine

Wow... the things we do today...

+Anime:  The car that Onizuka hijacks is Uchiyamada's Cresta.  It gets WRECKED!
+Manga:  The car that Onizuka hijacks belonged to the gang.  It gets WRECKED!

+Anime eng-sub/Manga:  Mention of 'Initial D,' an Japanese anime series that involves cars and racing.  Coincidentially, both the manga (in 2002) and anime (LATE 2003) is being brought to the US via Tokyopop.

+Manga:  Aizawa sees Kunio and company on the roof.

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7. ‘Fukuroda’s Follies.’

Anime:  DVD Volume 2, Lesson 9. 
Manga:  Volume 4-Lesson 28 to Lesson 31. 

+Anime:  Onizuka provokes Fukuroda after accidentally sending a bottle rocket his way. 
+Manga:  Provoked after sending Onizuka sent Fujiyoshi down via bungee (and nearly hitting him) plus Onizuka's behavior during Uchiyamada's lecture. 

+Anime:  Fukuroda gave Miyasaki a little bump after she got into her gym shorts. 
+Manga:  She got away with taking off the sweatpants without getting anything special. 

+Anime:  Fukuroda decides to NOT fight Onizuka after seeing what the man can tdo 
+Manga:  No such scene.

+Anime:  Aizawa confronts Murai in the narrow outdoor hallway connecting the building. 
+Manga:  Confronted in the classroom. 

Odds on favorite: 
+Anime:  15 to 1 against Onizuka 
+Manga:  5 to 1 

I think I know where I'd go to make best... LOL... 

+Anime:  Onizuka and Fukuroda bets... of course Onizuka had nothing to begin with. 
+Manga:  Only Onizuka... with several thousand yen 

+Anime eng-dub:  Fukuroda called the 'barracuda.' 
+Anime eng-sub:  Fukuroda called the 'wolf fish.'  I think these are two different things? 

+Anime:  Super booster energy drink concotion... which consisted of many RAW eggs 
+Manga:  Anabolic Steroids & Muscle Drinks... 

+Manga ONLY:  Another race... in 400 meter dash.  Here Onizuka keeps winning it... and one of the panels explains how's he's doing it.  This might also explain the swimming as well. 

+Anime:  Tomoko put the letter in the long locker… presumably where the teachers stored their personal belongings if they didn’t want to leave them in the office. 
+Manga:  The letter was placed in the shoe lockers.  The students come in everyday, and place their street shoes in these smaller lockers.  They would wear slippers or school issued shoes (part of the uniform) when inside the school building (not for Physical Education). 

+Anime:  Aizawa's plans to get Onizuka fired involved Tomoko putting the bag of ladies' underwear into Onizuka's locker.  This didn't work... instead they ended up in Fukuroda's.  During a locker search, Onizuka was proven innocent... and Fukuroda was caught... only to be cleared by Uchiyamada. 
+Manga:  Aizawa's plans here were a little more racier.  This involved a love letter saying how much Tomoko wanted Onizuka.  The plan was to get enough evidence... but the letter ended up in Fukuroda's locker... and he was the one who showed up (nude) to do the deed.  Meanwhile Onizuka had to do something for Nurse Mortitaka. 

** I find it strange... and risky to have lockers without locks... and to have them immediately accessible to anyone. 

+Anime:  Aizawa send Tomoko in the pool's shallow end, after she messed up. 
+Manga:  Aizawa bitch slaps Tomoko in the locker room.  Wow. 

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8. 'Star Search-GTO Style.'

Anime:  DVD 3-Lessons 10 and 11.
Manga:  Volume 5, Lessons 33-36

+Anime:  Onizuka makes his presence known to Tomoko by playing as "Kenji."
+Manga:  Onizuka made a huge sand sculpture of a woman.  (This statue came after the ‘commercial break’ in the anime.)

+Anime:  Onizuka gave Tomoko a bunny costume (Playboy Bunny type) to wear.
+Manga:  Here it was Cutey Honey.

+Anime:  Most of class 3-4 thought Aizawa was faking what she wanted to do to help the world out and all.  Plus Onizuka asked his lackey... ur Murai to get a soda.
+Manga:  No such events here.

+Anime:  Really the competition was longer and more dramatic.  The girls had 30 minutes to learn the lines.  Plus Tomoko tried to confront Aizawa-with less than stellar results.
+Manga:  Only 10 minutes to learn the lines... wow.  Plus no confrontation with Aizawa.

+Anime:  The acting scene involved a fake cell phone and some background scenary.
+Manga:  A fake male mannequin was used.

+Anime:  Tomoko's scene involved Murai's cell phone.  What she said went straight to Aizawa's answering machine.
+Manga:  Tomoko's scene involved the toys she played with, a knife, and Uchiyamada.
*I honestly thought the anime moment was more dramatic... and touchy.

+Anime:  Murai helped Onizuka sell the Tomoko products, then Uchiyamada butted in.  Aizawa had already gone home to sulk.
+Manga:  It was the great Kikuchi doing to deed here.  Aizawa went home a few moments later... really pissed.  We are also treated to Onizuka treating class 3-4 over at the Nomura restaurant, plus Kikuchi got what he 'deserved.'

+Anime:  It was Kikuchi's idea for Tomoko to show her panties.
+Manga:  Kikuchi's idea involved a 'pull me' string panty.

+Manga only:  Onizuka could have been fired for what he did (the pageant event)... but something happened involving Uchiyamada.

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9. ‘Trying to cancel Onizuka out of the equation.’

Anime:  DVD 3-Lesson 12
Manga:  Volume 5-Lessons 39 to 41.

+Anime:  Onizuka brings Fuyutsuki to school on the motorcycle.  She bumps into Teshigawara after the talk with Mrs. Sakurai.
+Manga:  She bumps into him after chatting with Nurse Moritaka.

+Anime:  Onizuka and Teshigawara meets after he tripped on the cord... messing up the computer.  The human body thing happened later.
+Manga:  Onizuka and Teshigawara meets after Onizuka asked two students to return the human body thing.  The bar scene with Teshigawara, Sakurai, and Kochitani happens in the manga only.

+Anime:  "Ohta."
+Manga:  "Oda" for the most part.

+Anime:  Teshigawara tried to get at Onizuka with a lamp.
+Manga:  He tried to do it with a large butcher knife.

+Anime:  Uchiyamada had to show the mothers around.
+Manga:  It was Francisco Xavier.

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10. ‘It’s only one little test.’

Anime:  DVDs 3 and 4-Lessons 13-15
Manga:  Volume 6-Lesson 42 up to Volume 7-Lesson 53

+Anime:  It was Uchiyamada confronting Onizuka after the squirting incident.
+Manga:  It was Uchiyamada look-alike Xavier here.

+Anime:  Teshigawara had to lick Hidemi Ohta’s toes.
+Manga:  The punishment was more extreme… involving slashes to the neck, leaving rope burns.

+Anime:  The boys (Murai, Yoshikawa, Kusano, Fujiyoshi, and Kikuchi) gave Onizuka the first practice test.
+Manga:  The boys looked in as Fuyutsuki gave the first one.

+Anime:  It was Yoshikawa giving Onizuka the dirt on Fuyutsuki’s apartment.
+Manga:  Fujiyoshi did it here.

+Anime:  Fuyutsuki was wearing her underwear… and everything was written all over her backside.
+Manga:  Racy!  The writing’s there… but no underwear though.

+Kikuchi and Yoshikawa did save Murai and company after the failed attempt to steal the answers.  The two were wearing street clothes (in the anime it was the school uniforms).  Afterwards, Kikuchi revealed ‘Plan B.’

+Anime:  Onizuka got inspired to do better after Kikuchi and the others nearly got busted by Teshigawara.
+Manga:  The inspiration came from hearing about Kikuchi’s ‘Plan B.’

+Anime:  Hidemi Ohta met up with Onizuka at the gates of Holy Forest, then they went to Denny’s.
+Manga:  She ‘met up’ with him directly at the restaurant.

+Anime:  The results of the test came in through the computer.
+Manga:  The results of the test came in through the fax machine.  Plus Tanaka Edison was only mentioned in this format of GTO.

+Anime:  Kikuchi mentioned to Yoshikawa about the one extra answer thing.
+Manga:  It was to Murai.

+Anime:  Kikuchi checks Onizuka’s test after talking to Yoshikawa.
+Manga:  ‘Kikujiro’ does it after talking to ‘Snackzilla’ online.

*’Snackzilla’ will come up again in future volumes of the manga.

+Manga:  Onizuka has to escape the police for being only in his underwear, and being with a minor (Kikuchi).  Plus he needed Kikuchi’s help in getting rid of the mosaics.
+Anime:  No police.  Onizuka had computer problems.

+Anime:  Teshigawara disappears from the series after that ‘TV Interview.’  He does however make one final appearance... in the very last episode-but the appearance is probably not what you expect... 
+Manga:  Teshigawara is temporarily suspended after attacking a student, because of some Onizuka/Kikuchi related comments… He will come back to the manga in Volume 14, but unfortunately the major story plot involving him will not be until Volume 18.

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11. ‘Blondes are not to be taken lightly.’

Anime:  DVD 4-Lessons 16-19 
Manga:  Volume 7-Lesson 52 up to Volume 8-Lesson 66 

+Anime:  Aizawa had Kanzaki watch the TV Interview so that she could get an idea of what to expect. 
+Manga:  Aizawa personally went to Kanzaki’s house to ‘enlist’ her.  Plus Aizawa makes reference of Kanzaki’s secret that only she and Tomoko knows about. 

+Anime:  Onizuka made a wish on some yen (coin) for a girlfriend. 
+Manga:  No coin flipping here!  Plus Kanzaki had stolen something (an MP3 player)… thus the need for an immediate escape. 

+Anime:  Kanzaki never used the word ‘pervert’ when getting the cops on Onizuka.  He would have been arrested had Kanzaki NOT have escaped. 
+Manga:  Kanzaki used the word, and it was Miss Fuyutsuki who had to bail him out. 

+Anime:  Kikuchi knew it was Kanzaki by the brief glimpse in the courtyard.  She went by Fukuroda coming in. 
+Manga:  Kikuchi suspected it was her with the words ‘killing time.’  She went by some unimportant teacher. 

+Anime:  The snake bite came in right after Kanzaki came into the class. 
+Manga:  Onizuka started teaching some things, then the snake bit. 

+Anime:  Mrs. Sakurai had to do the ‘snake removal thing,’ in front of Fuyutsuki, Sanomaru, Sakurada, and Kochitani.  It would be Sanomaru filling Onizuka in on a few of Kanzaki’s actions. 
+Manga:  Moritaka tried doing it here, in front of Fuyutsuki and some students.  The dear nurse gave the background info… making Kanzaki more evil in the manga than the anime. 

+Anime english dub:  Mr. Sakurada teaches Astronomy/ Science. 
+Anime english sub/Japanese:  Mr. Sakurada teaches English (language). 

+Anime:  lab explosion THEN the ‘trauma’ explanation (by Kikuchi).  Onizuka tries to confront Kanzaki but is stopped by Uchiyamada. 
+Manga:  ‘Trauma’ explanation (by Fujiyoshi) THEN the lab explosion.  The confrontation led to Kanzaki nearly jumping (no Uchiyamada).  Both versions led to eating at a ramen stand. 

+Manga ONLY:  Kanzaki had Onizuka go through some extra grief (involving the police) after pissing off the yakuza, but before getting butt-bumped. 

+Anime:  Kanzaki’s “death” was depicted in a “movie trailer.”  The only two characters ‘reacting’ are Kikuchi and Fuyutsuki. 
+Manga:  Her “death” was longer, though not in a movie format.  We get to see more reactions and the ‘outcome.’ 

+Anime:  Kikuchi just happened to be around (Kanzaki coincidentally getting dropped off near Kikuchi’s, and Kikuchi by chance being in the area), and he confronted Kanzaki on what she did to Onizuka. 
+Manga:  Kanzaki left a message on Kikuchi’s answering machine. 

+Anime:  Uchiyamada managed to get the Cresta away before Onizuka could touch it.  Unfortunately it gets crashed into a tree. 
+Manga:  Onizuka only swept it.  The car ‘made it’… for now. 

+Manga ONLY:  Kikuchi suggested the restaurant they go to for real fatty tuna. 

+Anime:  The van hit Onizuka, and nothing more.  The van damage apparently was caused by Onizuka’s face smacking directly right on the window. 
+Manga:  Unfortunately, the van hit Onizuka, and managed to run him over before stopping.  The van damage was apparently caused by the boat dinner crashing into the window.  Here you wonder how Onizuka could have LIVED through that. 

+Anime:  Tomoko and Kanzaki reunited at the accident scene. 
+Manga:  The reunification happened outside the restaurant. 

+Anime:  Miss Fujimori and Kanzaki reunited at the park, before the interview could even begin. 
+Manga:  It was coincidence that brought Miss Fujimori to the area… 

+Anime:  Onizuka borrowed Ichiro’s (Tomoko’s manager) clothes to meet Miss Fujimori. 
+Manga:  Onizuka borrowed Murai’s clothes. 

+Anime:  Kanzaki found a lighter lying around. 
+Manga:  She borrowed Murai’s. 

+Anime:  Kanzaki blew up the school, then Onizuka learned more about her from Miss Fujimori.  This sequence of events lasted longer than a day… about a week (allowing enough time for the Cresta to get repaired)! 
+Manga:  Onizuka learned more at a park, then the school starting falling victim to Kanzaki’s pranks.  The windows blowing weren’t enough here!  What Kanzaki spoke of in French was discussed briefly here as well.  The school falling under attack, plus the previous attack on Fujimori all occurred within a day. 

+Anime:  Uchiyamada was concerned about keeping things quiet… and he argued with Fukuroda about going down there to see what the biker gang wanted.  He wasn’t as ‘concerned’ or even aware of Kanzaki’s ‘kidnapping.’ 
+Manga:  He suggested that they ‘throw him (Fukuroda) out there.’  The focus from Kanzaki to the Cresta came the moment Kikuchi made the ‘announcement.’ 

+Anime:  Kikuchi got the keys after tripping Uchiyamada.  Fuyutskuki did all the driving.  A little tame here. 
+Manga:  YOU GO KIKUCHI!  The boys  (Kikuchi, Murai, Kusano, and Fujiyoshi) dressed in their own gang colors.  Kikuchi zapped Uchiyamada with tasers, and then did all the driving.  Pure gold! 

+Manga:  Kanzaki hits Onizuka off after being pulled up.  Didn’t happen in the anime. 

+Anime:  The Cresta gets trashed when Miss Fuyutsuki forgets to put the parking brake on… and it rolls away…  There is NO mention of Uchiyamada reacting/getting angry about it. 
+Manga:  Kikuchi somehow gets the car trashed while getting from the school to where Onizuka was, and tops it off by driving it into the ocean.  We get to see Uchiyamada weep and get angry about this. 

+Manga:  We get to learn more about Uchiyamada’s family life… or lack there of. 

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12.  Stuff Not So Important to the Story… (fits inbetween sequences 11 and 13)

-Event:  ‘Uchiyamada taking a crack at ridding Onizuka.’

Anime:  DVD Volume 6-Lesson 24. 
Manga:  Volume 5-Lesson 36 to Lesson 39. 

+Anime:  The ‘chance’ for Uchiyamada to get Onizuka fired comes after the Fuyutsuki and Kujirakawa events. 
+Manga:  The ‘chance’ come immediately after the Tomoko/pageant event. 

+Anime:  Uchiyamada uses a (Sanomaru’s) picture of Onizuka and Yoshiko and the rumor that he’s been doing some things with a school girl as the excuse to get the emergency faculty staff meeting (which would decide Onizuka’s fate).
+Manga:  It was because Onizuka took the students of 3-4 to the pageant without permisson-which resulted in them missing several classes. 

+Anime:  Onizuka helps Uchiyamada out after the vice principal gets himself into a bind (mix of unintentional and intentional)… 
+Manga:  Uchiyamada actually dug his own grave… meaning it was Uchiyamada’s fault that he got into the mess that nearly ruined his life.  Onizuka actually helps Uchiyamada out… from getting arrested. 

-Event:  ‘Kunio’s Love.’

Anime:  DVD Volume 5-Lesson 20 
Manga:  Volume 9-Lessons 73-75 

-Anime:  Anime exclusive character:  Akane Fujita.  Plus we also get to see Julia Murai for a potent scene.  A little more 'mushy' in this version. 
-Manga:  Manga exclusive character:  Aoi Fukada and the Fukada who resembles the shark.  No Julia Murai. 

-Event:  ‘Reflections on Fuyutsuki’s teaching.’

Anime:  DVD Volume 5-Lessons 21 & 22 
Manga:  Volume 9-Lessons 70 & 71 and (in part) Volume 13-Lesson 106

-Anime:  It gets more elaborate and detailed as to what exactly led Miss Fuyutsuki to become a teacher.  The girls do pick on her, but it wasn’t as extreme in the manga version.  Her decision to go to Hokuba enables the story to ‘focus’ on her a little.  Anime exclusive characters:  Hitomi Kizaki, Hitomi’s father, and Miss Sagara 

-Manga:  Onizuka does help Miss Fuyutsuki out with her problems, but it involved staying within the Kichijoji area.  Rather cute, but I preferred the anime more.  More descriptive and informative. Part of what happened in Okinawa can also be applied to Fuyutsuki trying to get in touch with her students and her teaching style.

-Event:  ‘Murai defending his mother.’

Anime:  DVD Volume 8-Lesson 35 
Manga:  Volume 9-Lesson 72 

-Anime:  HAPPENED AFTER THE Trip to Okinawa promise was made (and the immediate events which led to that). 
-Manga:  HAPPENED BEFORE THE Trip to Okinawa promise was made (and the events which preceded that.)  The way that this episode is 'shown' in the English version, it makes it appears it happened after the 2 hour tour of the boat, but before the trip to Okinawa itself. 

-Anime:  Ms. Murai invited Kusano and Fujiyoshi over for some BBQ... and Murai and co. went to the construction site to check on it... 
-Manga:  Kunio invited his friends over... 

-Manga:  Kusano and Fujiyoshi managed to get a look at Ms. Murai... which resulted in a severe beating from Murai.  In the anime, the two behaved themselves more... 

-Anime:  Julia had a discussion on marriages and weddings before she fell asleep. 
-Manga:  Not much here... and I'm not talking about the lack of clothes on Julia... 

-Anime:  Onizuka, Kusano, and Fujiyoshi assisted Murai in his attempts to bust the wedding. 
-Manga:  Murai did this solo. 

-Anime:  Big mock wedding... 
-Manga:  Nothing flashy... no wedding... 

-Anime:  Reference/cameo to/of the Fukada 'shark-girl' types (Manga Volume 9-Lesson 74)... 

-Event:  'American Idol-The GTO Way of Course.'

Anime:  DVD Volumes 6 & 7-Lessons 27 & 28
Manga:  Volumes 11 and 12-The 'Great Toroko Oppai'/'Tomoko's Big Adventures' miniseries found at the end of the manga volumes. 

-Anime:  HAPPENED BEFORE Aizawa's attempting to frame Onizuka using Fujiyoshi 
-Manga:  HAPPENED DURING Aizawa's attempting to frame Onizuka using Fujiyoshi AND during the ENTIRE length of the Okinawa trip. 

-Anime:  Onizuka, Kikuchi, Murai, Kusano, Fujiyoshi, and Kanzaki are involved in this.  'Resolution' of tensions between Onizuka and Tomoko's manager. 
-Manga:  Manga exclusive characters are introduced for this miniseries.  Onizuka and company NOT around for this... they are of course too busy with other affairs.  Some of the things that happened in the anime episode did happen in these parts of the manga, in some form and fashion. 

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13. ‘Aizawa at work on Fujiyoshi and Onizuka.'

Anime:  DVD Volume 7-Lessons 29 & 30
Manga:  Volumes 9 & 10-Lessons 75-81

-Manga only:  The very first page of the English version of the Manga entitled “The Secret Case File of Eikichi Onizuka.”  It was CLEARLY DONE by Uchiyamada.  Fill in the **** in ‘****yamada’ with ‘Uchi.’  By the way, Uchiyamada’s first name is ‘Hiroshi.’  Tokyopop left out TWO stars (***** ****yamada).  It should have been ‘*******’ Don’t say that Ryoko Uchiyamada (fits the five star ‘typo.’) did this because she wouldn’t be doing this sort of things, or would care too.  This ‘file’ or ‘extra’ did not exist in the original Japanese version of the manga, as with some of the other ‘extras’ found in the beginning of the other English volumes of GTO (such as Volumes 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9).

-Anime:  Mr. Sakurada wasn’t that much of a pervert… at least what he did didn’t involve school aged girls, but his secret is still embarrassing nonetheless.
-Manga:  Mr. Sakurai is a major league pervert… disgusting really.  I’m NOT going into details.  Creeps me out… really.

-Anime:  Aizawa doesn’t get knocked down by Onizuka & Kanzaki on the bike.
-Manga:  Aizawa gets knocked down.

-Manga only:  We get to see a little bit into the home life of Mr. Sakurai.  Plus in this version only, we get to see the main students (alternatively the current Onizuka converts) of Class 3-4 engage in a little ‘paintball’ action for some money.

-Anime:  The pool is indoors, and the diving is taking place during school hours.  The high dives took place off high rafters above the pool.
-Manga:  The pool is outdoors, and the diving took place after the ‘shootout’ has gone astray.  The dives took place off a street lamp and out a window in the school.

-Anime:  Onizuka takes Murai, Fujiyoshi, and Kusano down for the big dive at once.  Tomoko is NOT in these episodes, and Yoshikawa was NOT swimming.
-Manga:  Onizuka takes Murai down first, then Kusano.  Tomoko and Yoshikawa are also in the pool.

-Manga only:  A little bit more background into Uchiyamada’s past via the garden.

-Anime:  Tadaaki Kusano was the one who attracted Fujiyoshi to the Frogman watch.
-Manga:  It was one of those ‘unimportant’ students of Class 3-4 showing the watch off.

-Anime:  It was Saeko Iijima and Chikako Shirai who followed Fuijyoshi under orders from Aizawa to take the $.  Aizawa was back at the school communicating to them via cell phone.
-Manga:  It appears it was Miyabi Aizawa and EITHER Iijima or Shirai.

-Mr. Sakurai tried to convince Miss Fuyutsuki that Onizuka’s actions (relating to the ‘secret girls’ club’) were really that horrible, going as far as showing evidence.  In the anime, he told her things, but it wasn’t as ‘detailed’ or convincing as in the manga.

-MANGA ONLY Lesson 79:  The ‘suicide note’ left by Fujiyoshi:  Tokyopop MESSED UP HERE, REALLY!  (Mayako) Asano is ‘aligned’ with Anko Uehara, and hasn’t been ‘seen’ (for the most part) since the 'Yoshikawa suicide 2' event.  Think about it, since it was a ‘suicide note’ saying goodbye to all his FRIENDS, the name that SHOULD HAVE been ‘Kusano,’ as in ‘Tadaaki Kusano.’  (Kusano's name WAS NOT ON THE NOTE.)  Fujiyoshi DEFINITELY wasn’t close with Asano at this time in the story, but he certainly/DEFINITELY was with Kusano.  So the order SHOULD HAVE BEEN ‘Onizuka, Kunio, Kusano, Kikuchi, and Yoshikawa,’ NOT ‘Onizuka, Kunio, Asano, Kikuchi, and Yoshikawa.  Yes… ‘Asano’ and ‘Kusano’ seems alike, but someone at Tokyopop REALLY should have been paying attention on this one.  ALSO, the Asano/Kusano mistake WAS NOT a "mistake by Aizawa" (Aizawa claimed that she was careful, but she COULDN'T HAVE BEEN this sloppy in this note; 'Asano' wouldn't have made much sense, 'Kusano' would be)... it was in the TRANSLATION BY TOKYOPOP. 

I'm saying this 'difference' is based on logical reasoning.

-Anime:  Miyabi ‘confessing’ her deeds to Anko Uehara at school.
-Manga:  The ‘confession’ took place at an arcade.

-Anime:  The posters depicting Onizuka as the thief and the cause of Fujiyoshi’s disappearance was hung on the bulletin boards OUTSIDE the school (with some more in the gym), same place as Kikuchi’s fake pictures back in Volume 1-Lesson 4.
-Manga:  They were ‘seen’ throughout the hallways in the school.

-Anime:  School was in session when Miss Fuyutsuki saw the posters.
-Manga:  It was 6:10 AM when she saw them-and school USUALLY doesn’t start that early.  Plus it was Aizawa’s doing getting Kikuchi to come in THAT early.

-Anime:  Kanzaki sounds really professional (i.e. Sherlock Holmes) in her explanation of get how Aizawa did what she did.  Murai asked Kikuchi to do something ‘special’ as it relates to the ‘mosaics.’  Murai certainly has a dirty mind…
-Manga:  Kanzaki explained things, but it wasn’t cool as it was in the anime.  Plus Kikuchi gives an explanation of what he did.

-Anime:  Fujiyoshi was working to direct traffic away from construction areas.
-Manga:  Fuijyoshi delivered newspapers.

-Anime:  Uehara was concerned for Aizawa’s behavior, which is the reason why she is helping Onizuka.  Uehara is officially still NOT on Onizuka’s side.
-Manga:  Uehara didn’t like the way Aizawa used her friends (Fujiyoshi mainly) to get rid of Onizuka.  Uehara is officially still NOT on Onizuka’s side.

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14. ‘Class 3 Invades Okinawa, sort of...’

Anime:  Volumes 7 & 8-Lessons 31-33
Manga:  Volumes 10 & 11-Lessons 82-92

-Anime:  Kanzaki (and co.) managed to get the (one of the) girl(s) (Yoko Sato) responsible for setting up Onizuka at Holy Forest during the assembly.  No posters, Onizuka let the girl go free.
-Manga:  Yuka (as the 'main' girl who assisted Aizawa in blackmailing Onizuka during that secret school girl's club event; as she's known in this version) was a member of  Holy Forest Academy [the anime she was in a different school altogether]

-Manga:  Kanzaki would get the girl-but in Volume 11-after Onizuka makes the promise to take the Year 3 students to Okinawa.  Plus it was Kikuchi’s idea to spread the posters out, minus the mosaics.  Onizuka took down the posters later.

-Anime:  A flashback of Mrs. Sakurai confronting Mr. Sakurada about the changes in the payment in the school trip and a certain teacher acting so weirdly occured before the start of the assembly.  This means that this event occured before the assembly hall filled up...  Plus Mrs. Sakurai was supposedly in the courtyard when she heard the rumors.  (Volume 7)
-Manga:  Mrs. Sakurai confronted Mr. Sakurai (REMEMBER THEY ARE NOT RELATED) about the changes in the payment, and about rumors about a 'S' teacher, LONG AFTER THE ASSEMBLY AND THE START OF THE FUNDRAISING OF $$$ BY ONIZUKA   Mrs. Sakurai was supposedly working the school store (the other things she did to observe the students) when she heard the rumors.  (Volume 11)

-The picture of the lottery ticket was different in both the anime and the manga.

-Anime:  Mrs. Sakurai gives Onizuka the estimate for the trip in the hallway.
-Manga:  The estimate was given in Onizuka’s room up at the roof.

-Anime:  Order of these events:  ‘Confrontation of Saejima,’ ‘Attempting to pull Insurance Fraud (derived from Kikuchi’s words),’ ‘Forgery of money,’ ’Selling of internal organs,’ ’Kikuchi coming up with the wig for pachinko.’
-Anime:  Saejima had the suitcase full of ‘drugs’ nearby.

-Manga:  Order of these events:  ‘Attempting to pull Insurance Fraud (Onizuka’s own idea),’ ‘Forgery of money,’ ‘Confrontation of Saejima,’ ‘Job removing parts of suicide victims,’ ‘Kikuchi coming up with the wig of pachinko.’
-Manga:  Saejima had to go into a safe to get the suitcase.

-Anime:  Kanzaki took the taste to prove the white powder was flour.  BOO!  This makes Kanzaki look suspicious, I think.
-Manga:  It was Kikuchi who took the taste.  In fact Kanzaki was (supposedly) not ‘in’ this event.  This makes Kikuchi look suspicious. 

-Anime:  Onizuka not only gambled on horses, but on boats and other stuffs as well.
-Manga:  Blew on the money at the racetrack using the Sunday special.

-Anime:  Aizawa’s father was home, discussing a few things about business, and then offered to go out to dinner with the entire family.
-Manga:  Aizawa’s father was seen driving by in the car.  Plus this version is more clear about Aizawa’s family life (i.e. hatred of her parents).

-Manga:  Anko Uehara has a Diner Club International Card (which expired in April 1999).
-Anime:  Different card altogether.

-Manga only:  Scene with Uchiyamada and two other administrators/teachers at a ‘special’ restaurant.  The manga shows Uchiyamada’s true character more than the anime.

-Anime:  Kanzaki was listening in on Aizawa's plans (via the bug planted)... that's why she tried to get Kikuchi and the others to try to save Onizuka and the Mercedes Benz BEFORE something happened.
-Manga:  Kanzaki got suspicious that SOMETHING was going on after the Benz accident took place.  She checked her bug that she placed on Aizawa's bag...

-Manga:  Kanzaki's revenge onto Miyabi, Iijima, and Shirai involved 'selling them' to a bunch of horny old men with very perverted tendacies, to raise the 8 million yen.
-Anime:  Kanzaki sent them to a bunch of men, who were going to using Miyabi and company to get a ransom of 60 million yen-8 million of which would eventually get back to pay Onizuka's debt.  It must have been 'complicated' to set all of this up... but that proves the power of Kanzaki.

-Anime:  Kanzaki invited Murai and Kikuchi to 'listen in' on the proceedings.
-Manga:  Murai, Kikuchi, Kusano, and Yoshikawa were there at the hotel...

-Manga:  Miss Fuyutsuki gets involved in trying to save Aizawa, after overhearing Yuka taking about Kanzaki's revenge in the classroom
-Anime:  No Miss Fuyutsuki at all during the 'Aizawa kidnapping.'

-Manga:  Aizawa attempts to contact Mr. Sakurai for help.
-Anime:  Mr. Sakurada wasn't even in the 8th volume of the DVD... still on that 'sick leave' that he 'took' back in the 7th volume...

-Anime:  Onizuka gives his 'resignation' to Ms. Sakurai 1 day before the deadline.
-Manga:  The 'resignation' given on the day of the deadline.

-Anime:  Miss Fuyutsuki crashed the car into a tree... sending poor Kusano flying into the tree (and surprisingly without much injury as evident in the next scenes).  This is WHY you should wear seatbelts (and not overload the car). 
-Manga:  Everyone 'remained in the car' after the crash.

-Manga:  Fuyutsuki manages to get ahold of Onizuka on the boat with the cell phone...
-Anime:  No contact made...

-Manga:  Onizuka gets on the wrong boat-to Okinawa.
-Anime:  Onizuka gets on the wrong boat-on a 2 hour tour of the bay area.  This allows for 'Tomoko' (34) and 'Murai' (35) centered episodes to happen before the trip.

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15. ‘GTO Survivor:  Okinawa’

Anime:  Volumes 9 & 10-Lessons 36-41
Manga:  Volumes 11-13, Lessons 93-107

-Anime english dub:  Radio announcer mentioning the date of July 23...
-Anime english sub:  July 22...

-Anime:  Remember that Onizuka returned to Tokyo after 2 hours of being on the wrong boat.  This allows for Lessons 34-36 to take place; There was some time before the Year 3 students could go on the tip.
-Manga:  Onizuka 'met up' with everyone at Okinawa

-Anime:  Nurse and good friend Nao Kadena helped Fuyutsuki to get ready for the trip.  PART of the reason Miss Fuyutsuki wanted to look her best was because of Onizuka (what he said/how he acted).  Lesson 36 had to have been long enough to fill one episode.
-Manga:  Nurse and good friend Naoko Moritaka helped Fuyutsuki get ready.  Onizuka WASN'T the direct cause (like the anime) of Fuyutsuki wanting to look better.  It seems like this moment in the series wasn't as 'long' as it was in the anime.

-Anime:  The main teachers going on the trip:  Uchiyamada, Fuyutsuki, Fukuroda, Kochitani  (coincidentally with no speaking role throughout), and Sanomaru
-Manga:  No Sanomaru amongst the main teachers...

-Anime:  Onizuka and Uchiyamada's confrontation upon arrival at Okinawa involved a spear gun... somewhat of a 007 style to it...
-Manga:  Pencil...

-Anime:  No Kujirakawa confrontation (like in the manga) after Murai spots the art (which went untranslated) on his back.   This is in part due to the fact that Murai had partial feelings for her by the end of Lesson 20.  Things in the manga went differently-thus the confrontation.

-Anime english dub:  Asano requested cranberry juice
-Anime english sub:  Apple Cider

-Anime english sub:  Izumi asked what went on last night in the room.  She was talking while her mouth was submerged.
-Anime english dub:  No dialogue.

-Manga:  Fuyutsuki had a cover over her guide book.
-Anime:  No cover

-Back of DVD cover:  Lesson 38:  "Great Treasure Onizuka"
-ACTUAL Episode/Lesson title:  "Great Treasure Okinawa"

-Anime:  Kikuchi's PC is a Sony VAIO
-Manga:  Kikuchi's PC is actually a Macintosh.

-Anime:  Uchiyamada actually praises Kanzaki's dumping of a snake down Onizuka's pants
-Manga:  He was silent... terrified of what Kanzaki did.

-Anime:  Kanzaki dumped a snake...
-Manga:  It was a snake... but Onizuka was calling it an eel (eels are poisonous?) at first... either intentionally or bad translation.

-Anime:  Kikuchi was loosely tied up
-Manga:  Kikuchi was loosely tied up... enough so that the guy could smoke.

-Anime:  Kanzaki and the mutineers of 3-4 dumped snakes on Onizuka after burying him.
-Manga:  It was snakes, beetles, and centipedes... oh my!

-Anime:  Onizuka's tail was connected through a strap... it kinda makes you wonder what gear they actually brought with them...  Also, Murai poked around on that area with a stick.
-Manga:  It was stuck in an area where the sun doesn't shine...  Murai was smart enough to leave well enough alone.

-Anime:  Kanzaki offered releasing Onizuka if he found Uehara and company in 10 seconds flat.
-Manga:  Only a mere 2 seconds.

-Anime:  After finding Asano and Izumi, Onizuka charges off with Kanzaki.
-Manga:  Charged off with not only Kanzaki, but with Asano as well.

-Anime:  Without Onizuka, Kanzaki, Yoshikawa, and Uehara, the remainder of Class 3-4 stayed where they were at.
-Manga:  It was under the advice (and potential leadership) of Kikuchi that the class return to the harbor... and get the teachers involved.

-Anime:  Onizuka and Kanzaki (unintentionally) found Uehara and Yoshikawa.
-Manga:  More private/personal moments took place here with Uehara and Yoshikawa.  It was Fuyutsuki and the remainder of Class 3-4 that found them.

-Manga:  Kikuchi followed up with the secret treasure information given to him by Yoshikawa with his chat buddy (said chat buddy plays a role starting in Volume 23...).
-Anime:  No followup or mention ever again.

-Anime:  Fuyutsuki, Fukuroda, and Sanomaru there when jet ski pulled up.  (Also where there before convincing Uchiyamada NOT to jet ski).
-Manga:  Two unimportant teachers there (who did the convincing)

-Anime english dub:  Izumi wanted a Peach Smoothie
-Anime english sub:  She wanted a 'Tropical"

-Anime english dub:  Asano wanted a Guava Mango (smoothie)
-Anime english sub:  She wanted a 'uji kintoki.'  Consult the cultural notes that came with Volume 10 to find out what it is specifically.

-Anime english dub:  Asano and Izumi wanted to dump peanut butter in Yoshikawa's underwear.  Smooth or chunky... it wouldn't have been pretty regardless.  Besides... having chunks in your underwear is NOT a pleasant thing...
-Anime english sub:  Throw out all his stuff entirely.  It wouldn't have been pretty here as well.

-Anime:  Fukuroda interrupts Anko during the shopping scene (where she ponders the items and her feelings with Yoshikawa).  We also see Kujirakawa and Kumiko Fukada.  These specifically didn't happen in the manga.

-Anime english dub:  The guys (implied Kikuchi, Murai, Kusano, and Fujiyoshi) were going to play Poker on the final night at Okinawa.
-Anime english sub:  Kikuchi, Murai and the others (implied Kusano and Fujiyoshi) were going to play Hanafuda.  Again consult the cultural notes...

-Anime:  Uchiyamada's scene at the HOTEL clinic takes place BEFORE Onizuka's late night game-on their FINAL DAY/night.
-Manga:  Uchiyamada's scene at the HOSPITAL takes place AFTER Onizuka's late night game-on their FINAL DAY.

-Anime:  Onizuka crashed into the door looking for Miss Fuyutsuki.
-Manga:  Crashed into the door after hearing Uchiymada was in the hospital.

-Manga:  'Ijima' is supposed to be Saeko 'Iijima' (one of Aizawa's goons).  Typo on the part of Tokyopop.

-Anime:  The students of 3-4 had to be in their swimsuits.
-Manga:  Whatever clothing they had on... chose to wear...

-Manga:  Onizuka recruiting Kusano and Fujiyoshi to be his Assistants of Terror.  Tokyopop mistakingly listed Kusano's first name is 'Tadashi.'  By now, you know it should be 'Tadaaki.'  Fujiyoshi's first name is correct.
-Anime:  Onizuka not only recruited Kusano and Fujiyoshi, but Murai as well.  This resulted in one extra 'scary monster' exclusive to the anime version. 

-Anime english dub:  "Kanzaki and the Gundam Possee"
-Anime english sub:  "Kanzaki, Shirai, Tokita and Mishima"

-Anime:  The Gundam Boys got scared off with a brief showing of "Ringu" and the ghost of Sada/Sadako
-Manga:  Just the ghost.

-Anime english sub:  Uehara names each person in the supposed scary costumes.  Didn't happen in the dubbed version.

-Anime:  Yoshikawa's shoe size (US measurement standards) is 8 1/2.
-Manga:  The shoe size is 10 1/2.  Wow... lost two inches there.   Is it true what they say about a guy's foot in relation to...

-Anime:  In disguise, Onizuka, Kusano, Murai, and Fujiyoshi FINDS Yoshikawa and Uehara.
-Manga:  Yoshikawa and Uehara stumbles upon the disguised Onizuka, Kusano, and Fujiyoshi at their camp site (the van, fire, items, etc.)  It makes you wonder HOW they got all this stuff out here in the first place.

-Anime:  Onizuka gets hits on the head with a rock.
-Manga:  Onizuka gets hits on the head with a statue.  OUCH!  Kinda makes you wonder what area of Okinawa they were in that had this stuff...

-Manga:  "Mr. Fukada's dealing with the male offenders down by the pool."
The teachers were referring to P.E. Teacher Mr. Hajime Fukuroda.  This was yet another mistake by Tokyopop.  The picture of the teacher (with a mole on his cheek), the dialogue and other related clues clearly identifies him.

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16. 'End Game'

Anime:  Volume 10-Lessons 42&43
Manga:  Volume 23 , Lessons 185 to probably 188 and Volume 25, Lesson 200. 

Note that this section deals with the differences of how Onizuka manages to save/convert Aizawa... as they are different in both versions.  It's already obvious that the GTO endings are different are in both versions... and thus will NOT be discussed in this section (so different that there is no point to compare differences).  Also NOT discussed here are the remaining Manga exclusive events and characters.



-No specific differences between the anime english sub and english dub version of Lessons 42 and 43.

-Anime:  Aizawa started the whole "attack the teacher" thing because of what Saito did (or didn't do) to/for Mizuki Yokoyama.  Miyabi lost a really good friend because of what Saito did/didn't do.
-Manga:  The whole "attack the teacher" thing started mostly because of what Miyabi AND Mr. Ougi did/didn't do.  It got really bad when Takumi did what he did.  It sort of set the 'precedent' for things to come.

-Anime:  Aizawa's family/parent issues/home life problems never did get resolved officially.
-Manga:  The problems and issues were fixed.

-Anime:   Onizuka left Holy Forest Academy after saving Miyabi and exposing the Board of Education for what they really did.  He was last seen teaching at a school in the United States...
-Manga:  He had a 'home' to go back to... and that was Holy Forest.

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