So Kikuchi had a better set up... budget cuts kicked in man!


Note:  This is an approximation of the school's audio-visual room!

There is where all updates for the fansite will be made.  Find out what's going here at Holy Forest Academy here in an instant!
Note 1:~Recent Updates will be at the top (and in larger font)!~
~Past updates will be at/near the bottom (in a small font)!~
Note 2: ~Updates for the non-GTO portions of Yoshijiro's (Steve's) site will be (have been) made elsewhere!~
Note 3:  DISCLAIMER:  Great Teacher Onizuka/GTO The Early Years -- Shonan Junai-gumi belongs to the original creator Tohru Fujisawa, and all related companies involved with GTO(like Tokyopop, Studio Pierrot, etc).  I do not own any of this!  This page was created for entertainment/informative purposes only/ as part of a GTO fansite.  If there is a problem with this, or any other part of the GTO part of my website, please do not hesistate to contact me here and I will promptly remedy the situation.  No harm is intended by the creation, maintenance, and existence of this page.
February 13, 2008


I updated the links section!

Attempting for FUTURE  updates-I keep repeating this in the hopes that I actually will try to do them...:

Besides... if I did everything at once... then I wouldn't be able to work on the GTO fansite long after the last Manga volume gets released now would I?

-WILL cover info about Shonan Junai-gumi in this fansite as well (at some point, HONESTLY don't know WHEN!).  In the next few months, I  hope to get the information about the characters and some summaries of the plot in a "yearbook" found in the library.  Wondered how Onizuka, Ryuji, Saejima and certain others were up to back in the day?  You may soon find out.  It's preliminary and in the working stages!

-Information about the Great Teacher Onizuka Live Action Movie that was released in the US back in July 2005.
-A new file for the library:  a list of occasions/events/characters from other anime/manga/videogames that were 'included'/mentioned in Great Teacher Onizuka.  This is going to be one of my projects for the fansite in 2007.
-Inviting even MORE lesser GTO characters to the cafeteria.  Another project to work on...
-Completing the redo on that manga/drama comparisions section
-More banners
-A guestbook.
-More pictures (as usual)
-GTO Related Quizzes:  (SUCH AS) Do you know what happened during a particular moment?  Does that character sound familiar?
-An actual redesign of this Great Teacher Onizuka fansite if I have the time and talent to pull off such a thing.  I think it's fine as is, but there obviously is room for some improvement...

-Other things I can't think of yet?

Have a great day... signed your fansite owner.

August 7, 2007

>>SITE IS STILL NOT DEAD.  I'VE BEEN BUSY WITH REAL LIFE THINGS (amongst other things like Anime Next AND Otakon>two great Anime conventions BOTH in July didn't help any)!

I updated the Anime and Manga release sections!

As you might have already known, Funimation had obtained rights to release titles from Tokyopop's Anime Library.  2007 marks the rerelease of the original GTO Anime Series onto DVD.  Don't worry... no redubbing or anything... just a rerelease!

WILL cover info about Shonan Junai-gumi in this fansite as well (at some point, HONESTLY don't know WHEN!).  In the next few months, I  hope to get the information about the characters and some summaries of the plot in a "yearbook" found in the library.  Wondered how Onizuka, Ryuji, Saejima and certain others were up to back in the day?  You may soon find out.  It's preliminary and in the working stages!

February 5, 2007


I did update the links section... to the updated pages about GTO on the Tokyopop site, and GTO over at Wikipedia.

Updated the release info for Shonan Juni-gumi as well.

July 19, 2006

>>PUT RELEASE INFORMATION ABOUT GTO: The Early Years -- Shonan Junai-gumi in the Manga Release Information section (Log 2 in the library) in this Great Teacher Onizuka fansite. 

I've decided how I want to carefully cover info about Shonan Junai-gumi in this fansite as well.  In the next few months, I  hope to get the information about the characters and some summaries of the plot in a "yearbook" found in the library.  By accessing the "yearbook," visitors/readers could get a peek into the 'past'-see what Onizuka and Ryuji was up to back in the day.  It's preliminary and in the working stages!

May 12, 2006


November 2, 2005

I apologize for the lack of updates.  I've been really busy with real life work/events.  This message is for those who still visit this humble Great Teacher Onizuka fansite.  I haven't abandoned it or stopped caring about GTO.  I'll try to get some sort of update up, although it might take a while.

In the meantime, Tokyopop has licensed "Shonan Junai Gumi," the prequel to "Great Teacher Onizuka."  "Shonan Junai Gumi" depicts the events of Eikichi Onizuka and Ryuji Danma when they were still in high school... amongst other things.  I'm pondering whether this GTO fansite should cover it in detail or in part when the manga gets released at a later date.  GTO fans should give this a try... seeing how Onizuka fared before Holy Forest...

Looking for a gift this holiday season or maybe trying to convert someone to GTO?  Tokyopop has a special GTO Volume 1 Anime and Manga Bundle.  For $19.99, you get the first volume of both the anime and the manga.  Bundle information was placed into BOTH the anime and the manga release info sections.

Hope to be back soon with something new... be patient and stay cool until then!

July 17 and July 20, 2005

7/17/05:  No updates thus yet.  I know it's been a while.  My apologies!  This is a message to let visitors know that this Great Teacher Onizuka fan site is NOT dead.  I'm just catching up on a few things.  I hope that I haven't inconvenienced anyone.  As soon I as get my hands on the final volume of the GTO Manga, there will be a fansite update!!!

7/20/05:  Maybe I should have put a "This site is not dead" note up earlier (like in June)... or realized that my luck would catch up to me once I did put up the notice on the 17th of this month.  I found the 25th and final volume of the Great Teacher Onizuka manga weeks before its August release at my local Suncoast.  (Subsequently, several other Tokyopop releases for August were available early as well in several OTHER stores.  Unlike the most recent Harry Potter book, retailers releasing these manga volumes early isn't going to hurt anyone/isn't that much of a big deal...).  I've decided to do a light update for the fansite on this occasion... based on SOME stuff found in the final volume, plus things I should have put up (pictures, information) in past updates.   What you won't find is a detailed summary of the final volume.  There are actually OTHER sites that do that... look there.

-Picture of the 6th Cresta that was destroyed in the manga is finally up.
-Select pictures detailing Kikuchi's involvement in the series up over at Computer Lab B.
-More visitors to the Gymnasium and to Class 3-4.
-Slight information update about the facility members.
-The difference between the ending of the anime and manga versions... up in that differences page.

Due to space concerns at my space here at Tripod (I have a free account with only 20 MB to work with), I've moved the Costume Logs (#1-which detailed the costumes the characters wore in the manga version and #2-which is about the costumes of the anime version) to my space (back) over at Angelfire, which is by the way, where this GTO fansite existed 2 years ago before its move to Tripod.  You can STILL access the files from the library here at Tripod.  By the way, the content in both pages/files HAVE NOT been updated.

Depending on how I proceed to fill/update this Great Teacher Onizuka fansite in the future, I may have to move other pages, and/or resize or delete pictures.

May 6, 2005

Arrived back from Anime Boston 2005 with GTO Volume 24 in my hand!  The convention was great, and I saw 2-3 Eikichi Onizuka cosplayers (probably the only obvious GTO character to cosplay as).  It was a fun event, and of course Volume 24 was especially fun and exciting to read.  The action builds up even still, in time for the grand finale...

>>Volume 25 information up in the Manga Release Section.  Volume 25 breaks the "once ever other month" cycle.  Instead of getting released normally in July, the date is set for August.  Of course certain bookstores might sell it earlier if you're lucky...

>>Cresta # 6 information up in the parking lot.
>>More information about Sho, Kikuchi, Takumi, Daimon, Itagaki, and Mrs. Sakurai up in their respective sections, areas.

March 17, 2005

As usual, thanks for dropping by!  I appreciate it!  Suprised by an update so soon?  Don't be!

Great Teacher Onizuka fans take note of this.  If you haven't heard about it yet, then now's the time!  Read the next sentence for some interesting news.

The Great Teacher Onizuka live-action movie is coming to the United States!  It is due out on July 26th of this year from the good folks over at Media Blasters.  From initial reports, the 108 minute length film will NOT be dubbed into English-meaning that we will get in its original Japanese language with English subtitles.

-Anime on DVD.Com
-Anime News Network

The movie is based off of the 12 episode live-action TV/Drama version of Great Teacher Onizuka.  As of this moment, this TV series has NOT been picked up by any US company for a US release.  If you recall, the final episode of the live action TV version was one of the most watched shows in Japan's history.  The movie depicts Onizuka's life and going-ons after the TV series.  Remember that the TV/liveaction stuff is different from the Anime and Manga versions, but it is definitely worth watching/trying.

As a result of this good bit of information, I have altered the 'Anime Release' over at the library to include any 'Live-Action' release information.  I will update the movie information in that particular page of this fansite accordingly.

February 27-28, 2005

I hope that Winter is faring well to the visitors of this GTO fansite.  Hold on, Spring is almost here!  Whereas some public schools close, this GTO fansite never does.

-I picked up a copy of GTO Volume 23 at a Borders.  Instead of waiting until next week, here's an update that should keep you peoples busy!.
>>The cafeteria now has profiles on: Takumi Ishida
>>The gymnasium now has profiles on:  Maho Sumida
>>Tweaking of information pertaining to one Yoshito Kikuchi (Computer Lab part 2).
>>Light tweaking/adjustment of the information about the Class 3-4 members and the faculty.
>>Light tweaking/adjustment of the Manga Release Information.
>>Light tweaking/adjustment of the Anime and Manga Difference Information (section 16).

Some light volume related updating now (like I have been doing since Volume 21).  The more intense stuff will come later.  Just remember that the site is being updated on a bi-monthly basis... so don't think that the fansite has been abandoed or anything!!!  Just because it might be quiet at times doesn't mean that I've lost interest in the Onizuka fandom.  I do have a life to maintain besides this site!

December 27, 2004

It's hard to believe that this Great Teacher Onizuka fansite is almost two years old.  Thanks to everyone who has dropped by.  I hope that this site has helped the GTO fans to better understand or enjoy the series more.  In other words, I hope that all the fans got something from visiting this site.

-I picked up a copy of GTO Volume 22, again at Borders Express store.  Instead of waiting until 2005... bam here it is.  As a result...
>>The cafeteria now has profiles on: Rinka Morishita, Mah, and Mr. Ougi
>>The gymnasium now has profiles on:  Onodera
>>The parking lot now has information about the fifth Cresta's destruction in the Manga.
>>Tweaking of information pertaining to one Yoshito Kikuchi (Computer Lab parts 1 and 2).
>>Light tweaking/adjustment of the information about the Class 3-4 members and the faculty.

October 25, 2004

As usual, thanks for dropping by!  I appreciate it!

-The first of two Great Teacher Onizuka Word Searches that I created are up... one based on the anime and the other on the manga.  They can be accessed from the LIBRARY.  I made them so that you can print them out to use.  Let me know what you think of them.

-Updated the manga release information for Volumes 22 and 23.  It will be around July 2005 when the final Manga Volume (25) of GTO will be released, of course that depends on WHERE you buy it... and WHEN.

-I picked up a copy of GTO Volume 21 at a Borders Express store.  This delightful and action packed volume is really something.  I've done a light update on some of the sections (the usual includes the computer lab, the cafeteria, and the gym) here at this GTO fansite as a result of some of the information of Volume 21.  A more through 'update' will come at a much later date.

September 4, 2004

-I picked up the latest copy of the Great Teacher Onizuka manga... volume 20 specifically... at a local enough bookstore on August 25th (funny I made that comment in my August 'update' entry only days before...) .  Not updating until this date gave me the time/chance to get a proper update done... besides this update is STILL out before the official release of volume 20 on the 14th anyway.

-Information about the Volume 20 release noted in the manga release section.
-The three new class members finally arrive to Class 3-4.  Go to the classroom to meet Yuuki Miyamori, Ai Tokiwa, and Sho Shibuya.  They may not seem like much now... but just you wait...
-Gonjiro Miyamori showed up to our open house.  Hopefully there won't be problems while he's here... over at the gym.
-The new headmistress... Misuzu Daimon finally arrives.  She's hanging out at the faculty office.
-Revelant information about Kikuchi has been added/updated.

August 22, 2004

-Hey everybody!  It's almost September... about time for the American schools to open up again for business... of course Holy Forest is practially open 24-7...

I'm sorry to say that I have nothing for this month.  The past two months have been quite hectic... and I don't want to put together a potentially horrible update just for the sakes to updating.  Expect something by mid September I promise.  This Great Teacher Onizuka fansite isn't dead (and neither is the fansite creator/owner/maintainer)... just every once in a while things tend to get a little slow.  The lack of update for August coincidentally is linked to the fact that Great Teacher Onizuka volume 20 has not made an early appearance on bookstore shelves as I had hoped.

So in the next update, various aspects of Volume 20 of the manga will be incorporated to the fansite... which will definitely include the new headmistress and new members of class 3-4 amongst others.

Also in the next update:  The site will feature some fun Great Teacher Onikuza related activities.  I plan to have two GTO word searches up... something to do on a rainy day perhaps.

June 21, 2004

-Ah I am back from Anime Next 2004... and boy was it great.  I happened to pick up the latest volume of Great Teacher Onizuka, # 19, in the dealer's room.  Man I love those retailers that happened to release/sell things EARLY, especially when #19 was not suppose to be 'officially' released until July 8th.  And so subsequently, I have decided to do a update based on the new volume... a sort of con-inspired update.

-The Anime Next 04 manga reading room lacked a wide GTO selection in case you were wondering.  The 'library' only had one volume... the first one.  At least the dealer's room had most of the volumes (both in original Japanese and the American Tokyopop versions) for sale... at affordable prices (depending where you looked).

-Wanna learn about the brother of one Suguru Teshigawara?  You're in luck.  After much thought, I've stuck him over at the gym.  His appearance/role, although it serviced its purpose, wasn't that great/significant enough (as deemed by the fansite owner) to be considered for the cafeteria.

-The second section of the computer lab has been updated.

-Minor tweaking of information in the faculty section.  I have to decide how to further update it based on the MISinformation in Volume 19.  Thanks so much Tokyopop...

May 23, 2004:

>>>>In case you don't know where certain things are, you are always welcome to check out the visitor's center, where you can learn where what is where.

-Summer's coming fast.  Just because the school year is over for many doesn't mean that Holy Forest Academy will close.  This fansite is open year round!!!

-The fansite owner will be attending the Anime Next 2004 convention in New Jersey June 18-20.  I'll probably be wearing the Great Teacher Onizuka t-shirt that came with the first box set at point(s) during the con.  I wonder if Great Teacher Onizuka will make an appearance at Anime Next's (and Otakon's) Manga reading room.  If you're attending the con and want to catch up on what's been happening in the series (or get into it more), make a visit to the Manga room.

I'd cosplay as Kikuchi, but I won't.  1)  No one would get it probably... at least not right away.  2)  His normal clothing is too formal and too plain... the suit and tie is too common and not unique enough.   If it had actually been somewhat more uniformish in some unique way... 3)  It's the summer... despite it being an air conditioned con, I'd fry in a suit and tie!

Getting to this month's mini updates...

-Updated the manga release section with information pertaining to Volume 21.  This will be the last GTO volume released in 2004.  The remaining 4 will be released over the course of several LONG months during 2005.   Oh I altered the page format a little. 

>>Oh yeah... right-clicking is still disabled on several of the pages... despite the numerous links to the larger versions of the pictures now available.  I might consider reabling the right clicking in the future.

April 21, 2004:

-Ah Spring... a wonderful season.  In case you're new or a returning visitor, you might have noticed that I've remodeled the site.  I moved some things around, while sprusing up others.  I hope that you like the changes.  A little spring cleaning on this corner of Tripod...

-I've fortunately managed to obtain a copy of the May 4th release of GTO Manga Volume 18 weeks ahead of schedule.  Gotta love my somewhat local book store.  In any case... I've updated select portions of the site to reflect the information found in the Volume 18.  If you want to wait until the manga is available at your local retailer, you may want to tread carefully in the site if you don't want to be slightly spoiled.  Makoto Fuyutsuki has been 'officially' been invited to the cafeteria, so you can go there to learn a few things about her.

-Updated the anime and manga costume logs a bit... both still have some pictures that haven't been put up yet.  You can now click on the pictures in that file/page to view larger versions of them.  The files is still accesible from the library.

-Updated the manga release section accordingly due to Volume 18's release.  If you hadn't heard, Great Teacher Onizuka has made it to US television.  You can find some information about that alongside the section detailing the Volume 18 release.

-The library has a new file accessible to the site visitors:  The black and white pictures section of the yearbook is now up, and has some of the pictures up for its debut... specifically selected pictures of characters from Volume 18 of the manga.

-Also from Volume 18 is a selected picture of Yoshito Kikuchi and Mayu Wakui that made its way to Kikuchi's manga gallery.  In case you forgot, the file is accessible from either computer lab.

-The cafeteria NOW holds all the other major/significant characters of GTO (that isn't a teacher or a member of class 3-4), while the newly opened gymnasium holds the minor characters of GTO.  The 'old' cafeteria wasn't simply large enough to hold everyone (was getting a bit long and stuffy), so I've decided to open up the gym to accommodate everyone.  More space... more characters...  Some of you might become baffled by which character was considered "major" and "minor," but you'll still find a lot of people in both rooms.

-The dearly infamous GTO Cresta is now found in our nearly opened/accessible parking lot.  The area where you can learn about the Cresta is now accessible from the hallway (though the link name hasn't changed), not from the library.   You can now view larger picture version by clicking on the thumbnail/smaller versions.

March 8, 2004:

-Updated/adjusted the information in regards to the differences between the anime and manga versions of Great Teacher Onizuka.  This was one of my attempts of fine tuning that I had mentioned before...
-Finally got around to reformatting/putting back the information pertaining to the differences of the drama and anime/manga versions of Great Teacher Onizuka.  The comparisions for the first four episodes of the drama are up, along with the last two.  The comparsions for episodes 5-10 will be back over the course of the next few months.
-I got my hands on Volume 17 of the manga in a local bookstore... a few days before its initial release.  I've taken the liberty to update various sections with information as needed.  Such updates include information about the destruction of the fourth (Manga) Cresta, Kikuchi's contributions (found at the second part of the computer lab), and the invite of Megumi to the cafeteria... amongst other things/updates related to the release.
-Included two Gundam site links at the exit, specifically because Gundam gets mentioned in Great Teacher Onizuka on occasion... and I thought it'd be nice to provide a reference point in case people would like it.

February 16, 2004:

-Updated the 'Black Stars' character profile(s).

Updates to the Great Teacher Onizuka anime castlist page:
-Pictures added of (to mainly a bunch of unimportant characters) :
Policechief, Yakuza (both episode 34), field supervisor, floor person (both episode 35), radio announcer, female students (both episode 36), nurse (episode 38), Kumiko Fukada (episode 40)

-Added an anime version picture of Kumiko Fukada.  Remember she's hanging out at the cafeteria.  A new person hanging out at the cafeteria is Ito.  His very brief profile is there.

-Added profiles/mentions of some very, very MINOR Class 3-4 characters.  Oh... there will be more students assigned to Class 3-4 that will be showing up... sometime after/on the release of Volume 20...

-Updated the manga release information to include Volume 20.

-Since I've updated the manga release information section, I've also taken the time to include the initial profile of Ms. Misuzu Daimon-which can be found over at the Faculty Office.  She will be making her appearance in Great Teacher Onizuka this September (in volume 20).  Also 'new' to the Faculty Office is one Itagaki Kinoshita.  Ok so he appeared EARLY on in the series, but I'm trying to catch up on profiles and stuff...

-Added a link to specifically to their "Great Teacher Onizuka" fanfiction section.  The link can be found in the Exit Section.

January 16, 2004:

I thought it'd be time to really give the site a massive update.  Again... to make this Great Teacher Onizuka fansite a Great one, there are many things that I want to do!!!  There are many new things and many more updated things!!!

Update to the main Holy Forest Academy entrance/main page:  Added an actual picture of a hallway used in the series.

Updates to the Great Teacher Onizuka anime castlist page:
-Pictures added of (to mainly a bunch of unimportant characters):
>>Reporter (episode 2), Nurse, Businessman, Kamioka (all episode 6)
>>Salesclerk (episode 7), Punks (episode 8), Miyuzaki, Male student (all episode 9), Staff (episode 11)
>>Teachers (episode 12), Mothers (episode 13), Guards (episode 14), Reporter (episode 16)
>>Waiter (episode 18), Female students, Male students (both episodes 20 + 21)
>>staff and cameraman(episode 22), Doctor and Janitor (both episode 23), Mutou and Announcer (both episode 26)
>>Kibyashi (27/28), Ashida, Director (both episode 27), Megumi's manager, reporter, Kyoko Sasaki, Miki Wakamatsu (of sorts), Audience (all episode 28)
>>Koji's sister, Koji's mother, burger shop manager, employee (all episode 29), Katsuyuma, Shiozaki (both episode 30), Miyabi's parents, student (both episode 31)

MORE IMPOTANTLY:  Revised the format of the anime castlist page slightly.  I moved/rearranged all the voice actor/actress informational links.  This should improve the page's appearance, making it look nicer than it was before.  It's certainly more informative than before thanks to the addition of the pictures.

Updates to the anime costumes listing page:  Many new pictures added.

Updates to the Holy Forest Faculty Office page:  I replaced SOME of the pictures of the faculty that also specifically appeared in the anime castlist page with new ones.

Updates to the Class 3-4 Page:  I replaced the pictures of the MAIN class 3-4 characters that also specifically appeared in the anime castlist page with new ones.

Updates to the Cafeteria page:  I replaced SOME of the pictures of the other GTO characters that also specifically appeared in the anime castlist page with new ones.  Added the profile of Kazumi Kahara-better late than never.   Corrected Kanzaki's mother's profile... due to a Tokyopop error.

Add to the exit (links page):  LINKS TO THREE GTO Quizzes (ones I DID NOT make)-specifically two 'What Great Teacher Onizuka character are you most like?' type quizzes and a trivia quiz.

There will be more pictures to come... small and large... 'useless' and important... until next time!!!

January 10, 2004:

Welcome everyone to 2004.  This should be another interesting year... well hopefully so.  I finally managed to complete 'Final Fantasy X-2.'

Not much for updates today.  Just updated the manga release information page with information pertaining to the release of Volume 19 here in America.  The bad news is that it's not out until this July.  Even more bad news is that I'm expecting the last volume of the manga-#25-to be released here in America sometime around July 2005.

I know that the manga/drama comparsions section is still messed up... I'm still working on the problem.  The problem came up after my zip drive started to mess up... subsequently messing up the data that was on the zip disk that I used to store everything.  Everything managed to survive... but a few pictures and that PAGE didn't do so well.

December 22, 2003:

Please don't think that this site is dead... I've just been very busy lately.  I thank everyone who still drops by...

I've had some unexpected free time come up (ran into a roadblock trying to defeat the 'Paragon' boss in 'Final Fantasy X-2')... so I've decided to do a site update before 2004.  Meanwhile... where's Yoshikawa when I need him... LOL

And soon it'll be one whole year since I've opened this fansite!  HOORAY!

-Added several pictures in the Color Yearbook.  It's accessible from the library. 
-Updated the mange release information section with information about Volume 18.
-I updated Anime Gallery full of Kikuchi pictures with 2 new ones... I happened to be watching "Weiss Kreuz" with a friend the other day when I found a character that looked so much like Kikuchi...
-Updated he information pertaining to the First Boxset of the Great Teacher Onizuka Anime.
-New links to other Great Teacher Onizuka fansites/websites have been added.  They can be found in the EXIT section of the building/site.
-Information about the 'unusual' costumes/outfits worn throughout the anime version of GTO is now up (though no pictures are available at this current time).  This file is accessible from the library.

October 20 and 29 2003:

Just because all volumes of the Great Teacher Onizuka anime have been released, and just because the manga volumes are being released once every 1-3 months doesn't mean that this site has to stay boring and stagnant.

NEW-In time for Halloween:  Information about the 'unusual' costumes/outfits worn throughout the manga version of GTO is now up (though some of the pictures are unavailable as they will be posted GRADUALLY).  The file is accessible from the library.
-Threw up a little question (for fun if you want to play along/do something different during your stay here at Holy Forest) about Kanzaki.   Look for it in Kanzaki's profile if you're interested.
-New picture of Kikuchi up in his manga gallery.
UPDATED-The GTO Cast List (for the Anime) has been updated... with new links for each cast member (leading to pages which describes other roles played by each cast member).
-The GTO Manga Release List updated with pictures of Volumes 15 & 17 up... along with a better one of 16.
-Remember that the Cafeteria is the place to find profiles of all the OTHER GTO characters.  There are some new ones there (updated through Volume 15 of the manga).
-Revised link banners to this fansite is now posted at the exit.

September 12-19 2003:

School's back in session... though this fansite 'Holy Forest Academy' never really closed during the summer.  It's always been open for fans of 'Great Teacher Onizuka.'  There are some new and updated things throughout... so pay attention!  I hope that I will be able to update the site more, and I'm working on problems with pictures not working, and the general layout of the site.  I've tried to create it so that it's not too difficult to navigate it, but also looking nice and decent.  I'm not that good with website creation, so you're getting what I can do.

-Although the official release date isn't until 9/16, I was (again) able to get my hands on the newest GTO Manga release early.  I've updated several portions of the site to reflect information found in Volume 16 for the most part.  Also updated are portions to the site related to the events that took place in Volume 10 of the anime.

NEW-New to the site are the profiles of:  Mayu Wakui, Ageha, Megumi Asakura, Noboru Sato, Mizuki Yokoyama, and Kouichi Igarashi
-I've opened up the second part of the computer lab, as there is so much (anticipated) information involving Kikuchi that will come in the upcoming months.  I didn't want to overload one page (meaning long scrolls and long load times), so that's why I've broken the lab up into two separate pages.  You can access either portion  either from the hallway or from within the lab itself.
UPDATED-I've changed some of the character background/table profile colors in some pages.  One such place is in the Class 3-4 room.
-Updated the manga release information... correct pictures of covers to Volume 12 + 14, plus information about Volume 17. 
-Updated the anime release information... correct pictures of cover to Volume 6 and 8, and info on 10.
-Updated the cast list information to include Volume 10 of the anime.  I also updated most of the individual actor/actress links on the castlist.  There are now more links than before.
-Updated the anime/manga differences page.

August 8, 2003:

FIXED MOST OF THE PROBLEMS THAT OCCURED SINCE THE LAST UPDATE... NOT MORE THAN A DAY AGO.  Many of the pictures/background/ and even information got cut off or lost.  I am attempting to get everything back running again.  Sorry about this and thanks for understanding!

-Updated the anime release list to reflect the upcoming box set.

August 7, 2003:

UPDATED/NEW Tweaked the title names and summary descriptions of all (if not all ) pages on this GTO Fansite.  I did so that Holy Forest Academy could hopefully gain more exposure (especially through the search engines).  On most of the pages, I've reduced the font size so the pages wouldn't be AS LONG.

>>Please excuse me if there are some pictures that are supposed to be there, but AREN'T.  Some things managed to get lost from the site move from Angelfire to Tripod.  I'm working on it.

-Updated part 15 on the anime/manga differences page.  File is always accessible through the library.
-Placed Mayu Wakui's profile (partial) on the Class 3-4 page.  He is being introduced to the GTO Manga in Volume 14.

July 16, 2003:

UPDATED/NEW Usually the site gets updated (every 2 months or so) just after the new volume release of the anime or manga.  [The exception being any mistakes on my part ~OR~ supplemental additions to keep the site 'fresh' and 'exciting'] While we're coming down to the end of the Anime Volumes, there is still plenty of Manga left.  There are massive updates all over the site.  Too numerous to mention... but most of the updates are related to events that happened in the Okinawa trip (Anime version).  Don't be afraid to go poking around the school to find stuff... I welcome it.

NEW-"Yearbook Pictures" of events that happened in GTO (Anime version).  File accessible from the library.

July 9, 2003:

UPDATED-Updated the anime and manga release info.

June 13, 2003:

Special note to the visitors of this fansite:  If you want to see a picture of a particular moment/character in GTO on this GTO fansite(anime or manga), please request it to me in the email (with your name, and as much detail as possible if you want something specific amongst other things)... and if I have time and space... I might put it up on this site.  This is not a guaranteed offer-meaning I'm doing this on a voluntary basis-again if I can do it due to constraints.  Don't complain if I don't fulfill these requests.

NEW-MOVED THE SITE (due to need of more webspace)!  The new url:

June 10, 2003:

UPDATED-Most of the teacher profiles>>found in the Faculty Office.
-Added who did what character in the Live Action Drama Version of GTO.  The file (the difference between the anime/manga and the drama) is accessible from the library.
-Tweaked Information about Yoshito Kikuchi.  Go to the computer lab... I'm not mentioning the specifics.

NEW-Class 3-4 student profiles of Mishima, Tokida, and Shirai.

June 1, 2003:

UPDATED-Differences between the Manga and the Drama/Live-Action versions of GTO.  You can access this file via the library-though it will be a work in progress.
-Differences between the Anime and Manga versions of GTO.  You can access this file via the library.
 -Information about Kikuchi.  Tweaked some of the information, plus added some info about 'drama' Kikuchi.  Go to the computer lab...
NEW-Release information about the volumes of the GTO Anime and Manga... both files are accessible from the library.

May 17-19, 2003:

I am proud of the way the site is going, and confidient that people are visiting the site and getting something from it.  Thanks for your patience and patronage.  There will be more to come... 

UPDATED-GTO Cast List.  This can always be accessed from the library. 
-Differences between the Anime and Manga versions of GTO.  You can access this file via the library.
NEW-Differences between the Manga and the Drama/Live-Action versions of GTO is now up.  You can access this file via the library-though it will be a work in progress.

March 23, 2003:

UPDATED-Information profiles of:  Noburu Yoshikawa, Toshiyuki Saejima, Yoshito Kikuchi, Tadashi Sakurai (Sakurada), Koji Fujiyoshi, Tomoko Nomura, Anko Uehara, Miyabi Aizawa, Ichiro Okinoshima, Eikichi Onizuka, 
 -GTO Cast List.  This can always be accessed from the library. 
NEW-Profile (mini) of Megumi Hoshino.
 -Differences between the Anime and Manga versions of GTO is now up.  You can access this file via the library.

March 2, 2003:

UPDATED-Added some more pictures of Uchiyamada's Cresta-and fine tuning some information as well.  The file about the Cresta can be accessed through the library.
NEW-Added 5 Manga Pictures of Kikuchi. Again you can access these from the Computer Lab.
 -Added 2 Pictures in Anime Gallery (of Kikuchi).   These two pictures are specifically edit jobs I did one day... for fun.  Let's see if you can figure out the overall theme of the pictures. 

February 15-16, 2003:

I think I'll be updating this site on a monthly or bi-monthly basis at this current time.

NEW-Added 33 Anime Pictures of Kikuchi.  You can access them from the Computer Lab-they're in the newly opened Anime Gallery.
 -Added 20 Manga Pictures of Kikuchi.  You can also access them from the Computer Lab-they're in the newly opened Manga Gallery.
-New file available in the library:  Information about Uchiyamada's Cresta.
UPDATED-Tweaked the Computer Lab page a little.  Modified/added some info about Kikuchi.

Again I can't emphasize this too much:  Check back again... Holy Forest Academy is glad to have visitors... anytime!

February 1, 2003:  The following updates have been accomplished:
UPDATED-Updated the profiles of:  Aoi Fukada, Tadashi Sakurai, Fuyumi Kujirakawa, Kunio Murai, Koji Fujiyoshi, Miyabi Aizawa, Yoshito Kikuchi, Julia Murai
NEW-Added some links to other GTO related websites.
NEWJanuary 6, 2003:  I'm proud to open up my GTO fansite "Holy Forest Academy."  This has been a project in the making for a short while actually.  It didn't take me long to figure out how I wanted to do this, and what I wanted to do!

There isn't much up so far... I wanted to get more done before uploading everything to my Angelfire site... but the holidays kicked in!  It's true some of the pages got done before today... but I didn't get a chance to upload them until now...

-The hallway is the main corridor in order to access the other portions of (the site) Holy Forest Academy.  Access to the other portions of the school will be granted as they are 'reopened.'   The exit will have links to other GTO websites.   As for the front office, I'm thinking twice about this one.  It would(will) have talked about the various locations in the school (like what event happened where for example).

NEW-The faculty room is open if you wish to learn about the teachers of Holy Forest.  The page will be updated as more info/new teachers become available.
 -Class 3-4's door is open if you wish to take a peek at Holy Forest's most talked about class.  Again, the class roster will be updated as time progresses.
 -The Cafeteria is available right now... but not to serve lunch.  Here you can go and meet the other characters of GTO.
 -The computer lab is open... and currently in there is one Yoshito Kikuchi.  You can learn a lot about him in there (in the 'fanshrine').  At the moment, there is only some basic and advanced information in there (with some heavy spoilers).  The picture galleries will be available later in the month.  I'm also thinking about adding some Kikuchi voice files... but only I have the time and space!
 -The library will have all sorts of fascinating information about the series (such as up to date, accurate cast).  More will be added as time progresses.

Check back... Holy Forest Academy is glad to have visitors... er anytime!