Note:  Picture above is a slightly bad scan of gym from Volume 20 of the manga.

And this is where the students get out of the classroom for a while... to sharpen their minds and bodies during their physical education classes.  Whether the weather is good or bad, there is plenty of room for multiple activities to take place.  The school's athletic staff is among the best in Tokyo.  There won't be a boring moment while you're here.

We've invited many of the characters that appear throughout Great Teacher Onizuka here today-sort of like an open house.  There are the people who aren't either faculty of Holy Forest or not of Class 3-4.  You'll be able to meet them here.  Unfortunately, due to time and space constraints, we couldn't invite every single character here. 

The people in the gynasium are those who have had little or impact on the series.  They are either background or minor situational characters.  Some of you may not care about the minor/little characters, but they were included in Great Teacher Onizuka anyway.  It's fair that they get some mention.  Heck... some of you might disagree with how the characters are classified... but they have to go somewhere!
The major ones are gathered in the cafeteria.

Also note that there is some information (BASIC AND SLIGHT SPOILER!) available here.  Please proceed with caution!  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

The information is based on the North American anime and manga versions, so this page will be updated accordingly as they become available (any hints of future events/occurances were done based on advanced research)!  I've tried to include the absolute basic facts, plus some interesting ones as much possible.  Some of my personal opinions have been included at no extra charge!

Section first created on:  April 15, 2004.
This particular section was last updated on:  July 20, 2005. 

DISCLAIMER:Great Teacher Onizuka/GTO belongs to the original creator Tohru Fujisawa, and all related companies involved with GTO(like Tokyopop, etc).  I do not own any of this!  This page was created for entertainment/informative purposes only/ as part of a GTO fansite.  If there is a problem with this, or any other part of the GTO part of my website, please do not hesistate to contact me here and I will promptly remedy the situation.  No harm is intended by the creation, maintenance, and existence of this page.

>>Subsequently, I don't own any of the OTHER anime/videogame characters mentioned/referenced to/or shown below.

'Open House' Attendees in the Gymnasium
(up to Manga Volume 25/ Anime Volume 10):

~Please note that the guests may still be arriving, and thus might not be here yet.~

--Akao, Suzunosuke
--"The Black Stars"
--Fujita, Akane
--Hoshino, Megumi
--Kadena, Takashi
--Kahara, Kazumi
- Keiko***
- Kikukawa, Minami
- Miho***
- Mikan***
- Mishima, Heihachi
- Miyamori, Gonjiro
- Momoi***
- Nagase, Nagisa
--Ohsawa, Hidero
- Ohta, Chizuru
- Ohta, Tohru
- Onodera***
- Miss Sagara***
- Saito the Teacher***
- Sumida, Maho
- Takahama***
- Teshigawara, Takeru

**Note listings below ARE NOT in alphabetical order.  Plus the guest list can change at any time!!!
***=FIRST names that were never revealed in the manga>>remember that most of the characters refer to each other by their family/last names



Only appearance:  Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 1, Manga>Volume 1-Lesson 2 up to Volume 2-Lesson 6.

The female group of student teachers over at Musashino Public High School.  Mikan reminds me a bit of Marcie from Charlie Brown.  These ladies help to 'reveal' the contrast of student behavior over at Musashino, as well as help get an idea of the various thought processes of becoming a teacher.

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Chizuru Ohta

Only appearance:  Anime>Volume 3-Lesson 12 up to Lesson Volume 4-Lesson 15, Manga>Volume 5-Lesson 40 up to Volume 7-Lesson 51.

In the manga, she's the head of 'The Mother and Child in School Victims' Support Group."  In the anime, she's the president of the 'Society of the Study of Victimization of Mothers and Children in Education.'  Honestly I think it sounded cooler in the anime despite the fact that they both are technically about the same thing...   Anyway... Teshigawara calls her in... in his plan to try to get rid of Onizuka.  She starts to hate Onizuka after an unfortunate accident in the classroom.  She was the one (getting the idea from Teshigawara) to have Onizuka take the Togaku test.  Has a change of heart after Onizuka's brave, unselfish, and risky move to save Hidemi.

**Note that the last name can be spelled differently, either depending on version or consistency throughout the series.  It can be "Ohta," "Oda," or "Ota."

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Tohru Ohta

Only appearance:  Anime>Volume 4-Lesson 15, Manga>Volume 7-Lesson 51.

A congressman who's office does some things... and some people want to take advantage of it.  This would involve one daughter Hidemi.  Has a lot of power, and only respect for Onizuka after a certain event occurs.

**Note that the last name can be spelled differently, either depending on version or consistency throughout the series.  It can be "Ohta," "Oda," or "Ota."

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Only appearance:  MANGA CHARACTER ONLY>Volume 1-Lesson 1

She is the sole reason why Onizuka becomes a teacher in the first place.  Kinda scary if you think about it...  Well that and the exact cause that made Onizuka think twice.

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Only Appearance:  Manga Volume 8-Lesson 68 to Volume 9-Lesson 69

-Member of Holy Forest Academy's Soccer Team
-No mention of what specific class or grade level he's in.  It's possible that he might in Class 3-4 (though not provable)... seeing as how he and a friend was holding several papers/manila envelopes when Onizuka offered him some cookies-paper and such which indicate that they could be doing something for him (along the understanding/concept that Onizuka only asks students of his own homeroom to do things for him on occasion).  This is why he was 'put' in the gym.

Love interest of Ruruka Hikita.  She wants to get his attention (and love), and will do anything to accomplish this.  Unfortunately for her (and fortunately for him), things don't go her way...

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First appearance:  MANGA ONLY-Volume 16, Lesson 127

-Works for Kanzaki's mother, so should I say had.  We first met her during Onizuka's sudden 'home visit.'  Miss Kanzaki had asked Megumi to break out the wine and wine glasses, in antipication of making a couple hundred million yen in the afternoon.  Of course things didn't go as expected.  In Volume 17, Megumi gave Kanzaki's mother some tips, that didn't turn out to be what she expected or hoped.  This betrayal (for reasons why it was done can only be speculated) led a devastating blow being dealt to Kanzaki Trading Company.  We don't know will happen to said company (going down forever or needs to be rebuilt), but the business world is tough... and one has to be VERY CAREFUL where one walks...

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Heihachi Mishima
Appearance:  Manga ONLY Volume 15-Lesson 121 and Volume 22-Lessons 174 & 175

*NOTE:  Profile/commentary based on the English version.  This might have been different in other versions of GTO.  Read below.

-Contestant #98 during the Onizuka vs. 100 challenger arm wrestling challenge.

You might remember Heihachi from a certain Namco videogame series called "Tekken."  Apparently GTO creator Tohru Fujisawa is a big fan of videogames (the BioHazard/Resident Evil drawings in Volume 15 of the manga is another big hint).  [Either that or someone at Tokyopop doing the translating must really have a sense of humor.]  Throwing in Heihachi bring a slight moment of comedy during a serious and tense match.  Apparently Onizuka is TOUGHER than Heihachi.

Ah... Heihachi really knows how to get around... making appearances in places that isn't "Tekken"... his most recent guest stinct was in "Soul Calibur 2"...

>>Heihachi belongs to Namco, not to GTO or Tohru Fujisawa.  Apparently Namco didn't mind the guest appearance in GTO...

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Takashi Kadena

Only appearance:  Anime VERSION ONLY>Volume 6-Lesson 26
Job:  Mechanic-one the best... though something happening the past has prevented him from being even more...

Brother of one Nao Kadena.  Is the reason Nao has been doing what she had been doing-which led to the nurse's job here at Holy Forest Academy.  Something happened in the past which led to all of this.

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Megumi Hoshino

Appearance:  Anime Version> Volume 7-Lesson 27 (Not sure about the manga at this time)

She was competiting for the title of the Shonen Magazine's Magazine Glossy Picture Contest Princess along with Tomoko.  Unfortunately Tomoko unintentionally crossed paths with her.  Megumi and her production company started to cheat badly... for two reasons (one of which is REVENGE).  But remember that cheaters NEVER win...

Special Note:  She made a 'cameo appearance' in Volume 6-Lesson 25.  Onizuka, Murai, Fujiyoshi, and Kusano were looking at a magazine with ladies posing... with a certain degree... ur... lack of clothing if you catch my drift...  Granted they might not look alike, but they are the same person.

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Nagisa Nagase

First appearance:  Anime>Volume 4-Lesson 16, Manga>Volume 7-Lesson 53
Age:  22
-Graduate Student
-Major(s):  Psychology and Sociology

Girlfriend of one Ryuji Danma-they first met when he was 16.  Currently trying to earn a license so she can be a physical therapist.  Has very large breasts, one of the aspects that Onizuka looks for in a woman.  In fact, he's not afraid to try to touch Nagisa's breasts...

There must have been something about Nagisa that had Onizuka begging her to do lessons for class 3-4 for him... (Manga Volumes 14 & 15).

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Suzunosuke Akao

NO... he doesn't have two heads... just imagine the picture being 'taken' as he was swinging his head around.  The 'motions' were captured...

Appearance:  Manga ONLY Volume 15-Lessons 120 + 121 and Volume 22-Lesson 174
-From the Kita Senjo Electric Power Plant
-His neck is thick as his neck... with a throat bigger than Japanese baseball plater Kazushige Nayashima
-Contestant #88 during the Onizuka vs. 100 challenger arm wrestling challenge.
-Called 'Big Red' by a homeroom teacher.  Since the manga is black and white, you couldn't tell exactly what his skin color is.  The nickname is probably referring to the skin... eeewwwwwwwwwww

Words couldn't describe what I thought when I first saw this character. If you want something 'abnormal' in the GTO Universe, then you have a perfect candidate right here.  Truly something strange (and you thought Fukuroda and Kochitani were ugly).  For some reason, we just had to invite him to the gym.

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Kazumi Kahara

LEFT:  Miss Kahara-BEFORE messing with Class 4.
RIGHT:  Miss Kahara-AFTER messing with Class 4.

Only appearance:  Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 3, Manga>Volume 3-Lesson 16

Did you know that we had to sign legal documents vowing that nothing could happen to Ms. Kahara during her 'return visit' here to Holy Forest (that and increase the order we made with the caterers to cater the gathering in this gym).  Indeed.  She was the homeroom teacher of Class 4 (during their second year) before Onizuka.  She was a young, promising teacher, but unfortunately she had to be placed into Class 4-a class quickly becoming known for hating and doing rotten things to their teachers.  Her 'current condition' is in part due to a certain Yoshito Kikuchi...

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Miss Sagara

Only 'appearance':  Anime VERSION ONLY>Volume 5-Lessons 21 & 22.

Is the reason Miss Fuyutsuki became a teacher in the first place.  When she was teaching at a school near/at Hokuba, Miss Fuyutsuki was able to see everything that was going on... the fun... joy... love that Miss Sagara gave.  Wanting to be a part of that... or at least give that to her students was something that helped change Miss Fuyutsuki's life.  Her affair with a married teacher led to her dismissal, and Hitomi Kizaki's hatred of all teachers.  We get to her Miss Sagara only through flashbacks.

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"The Black Stars"

From left to right:  Gaia, Ortega, Marcia

Their anime incarnations:  They weren't given names here... and wow what a difference!!!

Class:   Seniors (likely Year 4?)-Manga mention(The Anime Version mentioned that they were in Class 1 ONLY))
Only appearance:  MANGA>Volume 8-Lesson 64, ANIME>Volume 6-Lesson 25

Manga Synopsis:
When Kanzaki really unleashed her wrath onto Holy Forest Academy (after bombing Miss Fujimori), no one was spared.  Even the senior class got nailed.  These three girls came over to see Kanzaki, presumably to teach her a lesson.  Unfortunately, Kanzaki plays yet another practical joke on them... well she outsmarted them... but what she did to them was a bit too serious and close to real life to be joking about.  Their nickname probably came about as a result of their dark tan, and brute strength.  I'm thinking intelligence isn't their strong suit either.

Anime Synopsis:
They didn't make their appearance until Nao Kadena became the nurse here (which meant that they didn't 'show up' during Kanzaki's schoolwide terrorism back in Volume 4).  The 'Black Stars' wanted to get Nao because of the way she dressed (and getting the attention of the guys no less).  They wound up getting help from her in the nicest way...  Here their dark skin was more a result of bad cosmetic choices.

Note:  The 'analysis' of how these three girls got their nickname WAS NOT MEANT to be insulting to any one person or group.  No harm was intended!

Gundam Trivia:  In "Mobile Suit Gundam," there is an elite group of three Zeon enemy soldiers called 'the Black Tri-Stars.'  Their names are Gaia, Mash, and Ortega.  Two of GTO's "Black Stars" happen share those names... marking yet another Gundam reference made in the series.  Tohru Fujisawa must like Gundam...

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Akane Fujita

Only appearance:  Anime VERSION ONLY>Volume 5-Lesson 20
-Class 2 (Year ???)
-Voted one of the top 3 best looking girls at the prom last year (meaning when Murai and co. were in Year 2)
-Has a boyfriend Hideo... and this comes into play in the episode...

Anime specific character, replacing Aoi Fukuda.  When Murai gets a letter from something from Class 2 saying that an "F" likes him, she is one of the people that Murai suspected wrote the letter.  Murai started to develop a crush on her (and SEVERAL other women in the series) with some interesting results...

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Hidero Ohsawa

Only appearance:  Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 1, Manga>Volume 1-Lesson 2 up to (mention in) Volume 2-Lesson 6.

Was one of the other student teachers over at Musashino Public High School.  Onizuka looked up to him in the beginning of the student teaching because of the experience he had with women.  His actions to try to hook up with the women (even some of under the legal limit) usually gets him into trouble... or at worst prevent him from actually passing the student teaching portion of his training.

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Takeru Teshigawara

Only appearance:  Manga ONLY-Volume 19-Lessons 154 to 156.

The older brother in the Teshigawara family.  We learn several things about the Teshigawara family throughout the volume... and you thought your family had problems.  Is he the voice of reason throughout the chaos?

>>Gotta love characters with glasses that strangely look alike to one another.  Slight resemblance to Kikuchi.

The man in the picture below is the head of the Teshigawara family... though he's not quite the head of the family you might think he is.  Takeru brought him along today for us to um meet the man.

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Gonjiro Miyamori

Only Appearance:  Manga Volume 20-Lesson 160 to 161

-The father of one somewhat messed up Yuuki Miyamori.
-An apparently powerful figure in the GTO world.  He's a part of the Japanese mob/yakuza.

-Was always a great father to Yuuki, but couldn't do much once his wife/Yuuki's mother died.  It'd take Onizuka and Yoshikawa to reach out to his son...

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Saito the Teacher
Only appearance:  Manga Volume 21-Lesson 170

-In the manga version, we get to find out more about our dear Azusa Fuyutsuki, and what led her to become a teacher in this version.  Certain things with one Ai Tokiwa forced Fuyutsuki to reflect on a few things.  This Saito is somewhat like a certain Onizuka in some aspects... which is maybe why she's taken a shine to him.  By the way, this Saito SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED with the Saito from the anime as they are two different characters.

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Miho and Keiko
First appearance:  Manga Volume 21-Lesson 166

Ai Tokiwa's friends, and fellow 'Angels' accomplises.  Recall past events of 'following the leader' to do 'evil' things as a student at Holy Forest; as usually good things don't happen as a result...

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Only appearance:  Manga Volume 22-Lesson 181

Student at Holy Forest Academy, specifically in Class 2 of an unidenified year.  She was the target of the 'Angels' emailing scheme.  Unable to take the pressure or cope with what the email said and did, she attempts suicide, but ends up destroying Uchiyamada's Cresta.  She managed to live despite falling on the car (of course it's expected in the GTO World).

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Maho Sumida
Only apperance:  Manga Volume 23, Lesson 188

Was to be married to one THEN Holy Forest teacher of Class 4, Mr. Ougi, but something happened that changed all of that...

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Minami Kikukawa

Only appearance:  Manga Volume 25, Lesson 200

-Bust Size:  A cup

A student teacher who ends up getting her training/experience over at Holy Forest Academy (recall Onizuka having to student teach over at Musashino Public High School in the very beginning of the series).  She's quite lucky to get one Miss Fuyutsuki as a mentor during her stay (and end up training at a private school).