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Ah, welcome to the black and white gallery.  Here you'll find pictures of Great Teacher Onizuka character Yoshito Kikuchi as he appears in the manga version of the series.  I've selected some of the best pictures available of our dear Kikuchi, and placed them here for all those interested.  Please do enjoy yourself during your stay here.    Remember, ONLY look, NOT touch!  Oh, the anime or 'color' pictures are located in a different gallery.  Also included are some attempts at funny captions.  Note the key word 'ATTEMPTS.'

More pictures will be added in due time.  Can't exactly put everything up at once.  I need something to draw the crowds back here!


Section first created on:  February 16, 2003.
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Pictures Set
I just threw random pictures in a set.  There are NO themes whatsoever in these sets.
# of pictures available-status
The max # pics I'll throw in a 'set' is 10.
10-up on 2/16/2003
10-up on 2/16/2003
 5-up on 3/2/03, 1-up on 10/29/03.
1 new one on 4/21/04




Pictures Set A
A1)  If you needed another reason as to why not to mess with these two...
A2)  Kikuchi's turn to be the magic genie... and Onizuka's non pleased.
A3)  Boasting about his karate skills.
A4)  Very angry about something...
A5)  Smile, you're on Candid Cemera.
A6)  Hey, we all 'lose it' every now and then...
A7)  Doing the Kanzaki pencil twirl is not that easy.
A8)  He's up to SOMETHING... and it's not going to be pretty.
A9)  Adjusting his glasses.
A10)  Very sure, very confidient, very calm.
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Pictures Set B
A1)  This is one of my fave pictures...
A2)  Taking a look at Onizuka's Test
A3)  Despite being smart, he doesn't like tests...
A4)  If you know a good thing, stuck with it.
A5)  Can you hear me now?  Good.  Can you hear me now?  Good.  Can you...
A6)  Everything is NOT A-OK!  Count the # of fingers...
A7)  Mmmm... it's so good.  (reference to Iron Chef.)
A8)  Two of Onizuka's finest doing their part...
A9)  Something you DON'T want to WAKE UP to...
A10)  It's nice to be appreciated... I think.
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Pictures Set C
C1)    You should have someone take a look at that...
C2)  There is NO doubt that these two make a good team.
C3)  A lovely teacher to student moment...
C4)  Feeling of surprise!
C5)  Something is not right around here!
C6)  Picture as was described as a really mature Kikuchi... 
The blue coloring was a little something I did to it.
NEWC7)  This is a picture from Volume 18 of the manga... that was drawn by one of Tohru Fujisawa's staff members.  This is a very different look of two of the (former) badboys of GTO, Kikuchi and Mayu.
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Pictures Set D
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