Eh?  Could be worse... they could be X-Terms! [Rutgers Univ. reference]
Note:  Building shown is NOT the actual the computer lab in the series.  This is what it COULD look like!


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Kikuchi's Impact in the Series:
Part One deals with events that happened in the Manga from Volumes 3-8 and the Anime from Volumes 1-4
Part Two deals with events that happened in the Anime from Volumes 5-7

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Kikuchi's Impact in the Series:
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Part Four deals with events that happened in the Manga from Volumes 12-13 and the Anime from Volumes 9-10
Part Five deals with events that happened in the remainder of Anime Volume 10 
Part Six deals with events that happened in the Manga from Volumes 14-19 
Part Seven deals with events that happened in the Manga from Volume 20- 

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Ah hello there!  You've come to the first part of Holy Forest's computer room.  Here students can use the computer to accomplish all sorts of tasks.  One particular student uses it more than anyone else. His name... Yoshito Kikuchi.

Hi Kikuchi!  Hope we didn't scare you!

You can learn all sorts of stuff about one of the most interesting (and cool) characters in Great Teacher Onizuka here!  The majority of the information about Kikuchi is derived from the anime and manga versions.  Any information about Kikuchi as it relates to his character as it's represented in the live-action/non-animated/drama version of GTO is listed RED!!!

In simplest terms... this also is a Yoshito Kikuchi fanshrine-part of this GTO Fansite 'Holy Forest Academy.'

So sit back, for there is lots of information right here!  Please feel free to hover your cursor over the pictures for some information/comments (if available)!

Feel like there's something wrong with the page... or maybe you want to email me about something... comment... talk GTO/Kikuchi?  You are certainly welcome to email webmaster "Yoshijiro Tikuchi" (again not my real name, just the alias)... just please NO hate mail or bashing.  There is a difference between 'debate/discussion' and 'bashing.'

Reminder:  "Onizuka-ism" is the term I've created to refer to a student who is on Onizuka's side.  You could think of it as a 'group'/'organization'/'elite club.'  Onizuka himself would be the 'captain'/'leader'/'president.'

The information below is either of the basic or plot-spoiler type.  Please proceed with caution!  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!  THERE ARE HEAVY AMOUNTS OF INFORMATION (ESPECIALLY SPOILERS/DETAILED) ON THIS PAGE!!!  Also it is based on the North American anime and manga versions, so this page will be updated accordingly as they become available (any hints of future events/occurances were done based on advanced research on the non-American versions)!  I've tried to make information as accurate as possible, with some guesses/inferences.  Some of my personal opinions have been included at no extra charge!


Section first created on:  December 24, 2002.
This particular section was last updated on:  September 1, 2004.

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KIKUCHI, YOSHITO... written in (one of the forms of) Japanese!
Bored are we?One of the few times Yoshito smiles...

Name pronunciation (consulted dictionary~best fit): " yo-she-too  ki-koo-che"

First appearance:

Brief Appearance before the First:  Manga>Volume 3-Lesson 16 (taking pictures of Onizuka during the first homeroom session-only a mouth shot, and at his room-at the computer-in the darkness-back shot), 
Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 3 (taking pictures of Onizuka, we only get a mouth shot of Kikuchi)
OFFICIAL First Apperance:   Manga>Volume 3-Lesson 17, Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 4

GTO Manga Cover Appearances:
United States/Tokyopop release:  Volume 16 (front cover, with Mayu Wakui),  Volume 8 (back cover, w/ Onizuka, Kanzaki, Fujiyoshi, and Murai), Volume 17 (back cover, w/ Wakui, Kusano, and Murai)
Japanese version release:  Volume 16 (front cover, with Wakui), Volume 18 (front cover, with Onizuka, Fuyutsuki, and the other main students of Class 3-4), 

Conversion to 'Onizuka-ism':  Manga>Volume 3-Lesson 17, Anime>Volume 1-Lesson 4
(per my interpretation)  His rank in 'Onizuka-ism' would be Commander... see below of his 'accomplishments.'
IQ:  Around 180  (In the drama/live-action version [Episode 2], it was said that his  IQ was higher that Teshigawara's)
His score on the Togaku Test (Manga Volume 7-Lesson 51, Anime Volume-Lesson 15) :  492 (out of 500), though he purposely missed getting a perfect score for Onizuka's sake.  If it weren't for that, he could have easily aced it.
Chat room screen name (English Manga Volume 7-Lesson 52; Volume 13-Lesson 101):  Kikujiro (or Kikujirou)
Preferred computer @ home (Manga):  Macintosh.  If you don't believe me, check out page 41 in Volume 7 of the Manga.  He wouldn't be reading "MacUser" magazine unless...
Preferred laptop computer (Anime-wise):  PC... with Windows Operating System. 
Volume 9-Lesson 38 & Volume 10-Lesson 43:  specifically it's a Sony VAIO
Preferred laptop computer (Manga-wise):  Macintosh
Memorable (per opinion) quotes said BY Kikuchi or relating TO Kikuchi:
+"You idiot, life is not that easy."
-English subtitled version Anime Volume 1, Lesson 4
>>A lesson in life.

+"Don't be ridiculous.  I think five evil steps ahead."
-English dubbed version Anime Volume 1, Lesson 4
>>A look into Kikuchi's methods...

+"Besides, history is full of rebels compromising a few rules for the sake of the greater good."
-English version Manga Volume 7, Lesson 65
>>True statement?  Yeah it is...

+"Just Watch.  It doesn't pay to mess with Kikuchi and me."
-said by Urumi Kanzaki, describing herself and Kikuchi, English version Manga Volume 10, Lesson 81
>>Backing up the truth that Kikuchi (and Kanzaki) is (are) very extremely talented... and 'deadly' if need be.


Love interest:
That's a very good question.  Kikuchi's romantic and/or sexual preference is actually hard to pinpoint...  I'm not saying anything is definite; because the current evidence is pointing at both sides.  (The fansite owner is a person who's open minded.)  Take a look at the info found below...

a)>>Kikuchi swings both ways????
"Even Kikuchi digs her, and he doesn't even like girls.  It's like she stepped out of a movie.  Wow!  Fukada!" 
(said by EITHER Fujiyoshi or Kusano; Manga Volume 9-Lesson 73)

The statement is dependant on how you interpret the phrase 'he doesn't even like girls.'  Kikuchi is old enough and certainly smart enough to know what he wants in life (meaning he has an understanding of his sexual preferences).  Perhaps he doesn't like girls (romantically/sexually) at all, or maybe he just doesn't have interest (romantically/sexually) in girls at this moment in his life.  With this statement, Aoi Fukada must be special enough in some way to have Kikuchi's interest... though never exactly mentioned.  The two are rather smart... perhaps he like her intellectually and for no other reason...  Kikuchi doesn't hate girls altogether in the literal sense (he does help/hang out with Tomoko and Kanzaki), but he also doesn't have to hate girls in order to love members of the same sex.

This statement in the English version is pretty strong... meaning that it's hinting on so much.

Maybe you're wondering:  But Kikuchi did all those composites... so he has to be... gay/straight...

-Composite 1 of 'Onizuka on the wooden horse':  There is a woman in the background of the picture... but you can't use that alone to make a case.  But it took some skills/guts to have stuff coming out of Onizuka's butt...
-Composite 2 of 'Onizuka and Uchiyamada together, holding while nude':  Again, it took SOMETHING to even have create such a realistic (although exaggerated) picture like that.
-Composite 3 of 'Onizuka coming out of the house of ill-repute':  Anyone could do something like that without any regard to his/her preferences.
-Onizuka's requested female composites:  He was getting paid to do them... so he's did that because of the $ ALONE, OR because he does like the women...
-Onizuka's composite of Aoi Fukada (Manga Volume 9-Lesson 74):  Kikuchi did most of the work, but with Onizuka's input and help.  Here it sounds like Kikuchi doing 'something' to enhance the 'fantasy' because he 'digs her' perhaps...

The composites alone can't determine it alone (they may SEEM single sided, but you have to imagine the possibilites).  You have to have more facts to go with.

b)>>Kikuchi and Kanzaki
-It's safe to say that he and Kanzaki are really good friends... and it's clearly evident.  This is the more likely pairing in Great Teacher Onizuka. 

-They certainly share a common interest:  The economy (Volume 8-Lesson 68 and Volume 9-Lesson 77).  Murai gets angry at them because they don't act their own age/like normal high school students.  They both know each other (somewhat well) since they've been in the same class (through the years) for a while.

-They do 'hang out' with one another at times.  The two were on the same team competiting for the 10,000 yen and they both talked afterwards (Manga Volume 9-Lesson 76)-with Kikuchi making a comment about Kanzaki's smile.  Then again, Kanzaki and Kikuchi being on the same team doesn't neccesarily mean much as well.

-Most of the time they think or do things on the same wavelength... but of course Kanzaki is a bit more extreme.

-But all of these things alone doesn't completely validate the possibility of the two ever being romantically involved. 

c)>>Kikuchi and Yoshikawa
Someone emailed me (and talked about) about the possibility of such a pairing... and it's possible... though you'd have to ignore the completely obvious and evident Yoshikawa/Uehara romance that starts up in Volume 13 (manga)/Volumes 9 and 10 (anime) and continues on again in an later volume of the manga (22).    Kikuchi is the second person to become friends with Yoshikawa in the series... helping Yoshikawa out on several occasions.  Remember one such incident was when Kikuchi helped out Onizuka out when the dear teacher's job was on the line after the Uehara incident.  Throughout the manga (before the ACTUAL trip to Okinawa), Yoshikawa spent some time assisting Kikuchi (such as building stuff or getting supplies).

Someone once said that those who are similar tend to come together.  Kikuchi and Yoshikawa are such... both are somewhat quiet and they have a strong concentration with some electronic (Kikuchi-computers and Yoshikawa-videogames)

Yoshikawa's hand in on Kikuchi's shoulder (Volume 12-Lesson 95 title page)
>>a)  It's just a picture... there's NOTHING more to it.  Anyone and anyone could hold hands/put them anywhere.  Enough said.
>>b)  Some's close to someone... Enough said.

d)>>Kikuchi and Mayu Wakui
They have been long time friends... and often times if you know a person for a long time, you can really know so much about said person.  Time does allow for any feelings to develop.  There is, however, no current evidence to support a Kikuchi/Mayu pairing, but there isn't any against it either.

Kikuchi went to Wakui (Manga Volume 21) during his time of need after a run-in with Ai Tokiwa.   Meanwhile, Wakui's need to inflict revenge was helped along thanks to Kikuchi's introduction to Ichiro Okinoshima-Tomoko's manager (Manga Volume 21).  Best friends do things for each other... and Kikuchi knew what Wakui was going through...

e)>>Kikuchi and Ai Tokiwa

After Tokiwa gets settled in her not-quite-peaceful first day at Holy Forest, she immediately gets to work... including charming Kikuchi.  She tosses him her panties (Manga Volume 20-Lesson 164)... though it was a set up to embrass him in front of the entire class. 

>>Kikuchi's reactions to the panty is an OBVIOUS sign that he's straight.  Was he really bothered by it even though it was actually a joke?
>>He didn't want her to put the panties back on in front of her?  Is he being a gentlemen or is that a turn on?
>>Just after Onizuka forced him and Tokiwa to kiss (Manga Volume 22-Lesson 173), it looked like the two didn't enjoy the kiss.
>>But a few panels later, Kikuchi and Tokiwa were blushing... as if the kiss really wasn't even that bad.
>>But a few more panels later, Kikuchi and Tokiwa didn't want Onizuka spreading the news that they kissed.

Not a strong coupling possiblity... considering the only thing that they had in common was the karate/martial arts skills.

Strong qualities/characteristics:
+Knows karate.  This might come in handy later on... 
(mentioned in Manga Volume 3-Lesson 21; demonstrated in Manga Volume 14-Lesson 111, and again in Manga Volumes 21 & 22)
>>Complete opposite:  Not very strong/No Karate Knowledge (Drama/Live-Action Version Episode 2)
+Anything involving the computer-whether it be Photo manipulation/restoration 
(Manga Volume 3-Lessons 16-17,21/Anime Volume 1-Lesson 4,Volume 2-Lesson 5, Manga Volume 9-Lesson 74, in a way: Anime Volume 7-Lesson 30/Manga Volume 10-Lesson 81) or hacking into sensitive areas/documents (Anime Volume 5-Lesson 23, Anime Volume 10-Lesson 43, Manga Volume 17-Lessons 139 & 140, Drama Episode 10)
+Audio Manipulation (Manga Volume 4-Lesson 24/ Anime Volume 2-Lesson 6)
+speaking foreign languages>Strong:  Mandarian, Thai, English (Drama/Live-Action Version Episode 2) Weak:  French
+videogames (Playstation)>>Videogame expertise is very evident in the (Drama/Live-Action Version Episode 2)
+Constructing useful devices such as a wig with SPECIAL OPTIONS (I don't know... think... um... Bond?)
(speaker:  Manga Volume 6-Lesson 45, magnet:  Anime Volume 7-Lesson 31/Manga Volume 10-Lesson 84)
+Keeping calm and cool under certain situations (see below for more details)
+One of the more CONSISTENTLY dressed (main) students of Class 3-4 (noticeable at certain points) during school hours... meaning that he wears BOTH a suit/school jacket and tie.

Bad qualities/characteristics:

  After all, you can't have a perfect character.  There has to be some flaws somewhere...
+smokes on occasion (MANGA VERSION ONLY!!!)  Let's hope the karate skillz aren't affected as a result.

Note the site author DOES NOT ENDORSE the use of cigarettes.

Wonder what brand he prefers?Looking a bit worried...Ever wonder why he started in the first place?
As the Cresta goes down... maybe he will beat Cancer?Computin' n' Smokin'
Bound... gagged... but still able to smoke.From Manga Volume 20-Lesson 163, while in CLASS.  That is a cigarette right?

Note the site author DOES NOT ENDORSE the use of cigarettes.

His home:

The Kikuchi Residence> Anime VersionNice house... must be in a good neighborhood!

His bedroom:

That is NOT a tribble.He's no Martha Stewart... really...Grading Onizuka's TestAre you using 1-800-COLLECT to save me $$$$????




Who is the voice actor for Kikuchi?

Japanese version:  Hikaru Midorikawa
English version:  Ron Allen (Lessons 4-8, 10-11, 13-14, 21-on)
Dave Lelyveld (Lessons 15-19, or technically the whole 4th DVD US Release)

As it relates to the English version of Great Teacher Onizuka, several of the voice actors and actresses have mulitple roles/characters.  While I won't go into the pros and cons of this 'set-up,' it is interesting to note that Kikuchi was done by two different actors.  If you'd actually noticed the credits or even paid close attention to the audio, then you'd notice the difference in voices.  Both voices add certain aspects to the Kikuchi character.

The Japanese seiyu is Hikaru Midorikawa.  He is no stranger to anime.  Three of the other roles he's done is one 'Tamahome' from the series 'Fushigi Yugi,' one is of a certain Perfect Soldier from a popular Gundam Series (Yes... that would be 'Heero Yuy' from 'Gundam Wing.'), and the third being one Seto Kaiba from Yu Gi Oh!   While I don't know Japanese, the voice sounds good with the character.  Note that the credits with regard to the US version lists him as 'Hikari Midorikawa' for the longest of time until finally getting it right near the end.

Well we do know that both Heero and Kikuchi are good with computers... and sometimes they have to 'put up' with something annoying/troublesome (Relena and Onizuka-it's how you interpret it).  LOL!

GTO Drama/Live-Action Version Actor with the role of Yoshito Kikuchi:
-Yosuke Kubozuka

Here the 'live-action' Kikuchi isn't decked out with glasses.  The Kikuchi portrayed here is more cool looking and relaxed.  Since the GTO Live Action Drama is not very long and does focus on other things-we don't have to have a 100% (or 75%) accurate portrayal of Kikuchi.  From what I heard, Yosuke Kubozuka has starred in many other Japanese TV shows/movies.




Kikuchi's Impact in the Series~A sypnosis/history if you will...
Part 1:  Manga Volume 3-8/Anime Volume 1-4
Looking evil...First [facial] appearance in the manga!
Note:  Why start with Volume 3 of the manga?  Simple, that's when Kikuchi first makes his appearance...  Although some of the information below 'takes place' before Volume 3, most of it is tied into analysis/predictions in relation to Kikuchi's character.

When Onizuka came to Holy Forest, Mrs. Sakurai assigned him to be the homeroom teacher of the dreaded Class 4, now in their third year at the school (thus 'Class 3-4').  During the Year 2 (last year), Class 4 (or 'Class 2-4') had built up quite a reputation of pulling nasty tricks on the teachers.  The tricks continued and were of a certain degree of cruelty and meaness... but was enough to eventually drive teachers away.  Kikuchi himself was the one who drove out three teachers (one tried to committ suicide, another became an unsolved mystery by simply disappearing (Arima), and the other one I'm discussing in the next sentence).  [By the way, the teacher mentioned in Anime Volume 10-Lesson 42 COULD be one of these other teachers...] This previous homeroom teacher of Class 4 was Miss Kahara.  It was so bad for Miss Kahara that she checked herself into a religious-cult thingie place and started eating-to the point where she's nothing like her thin self (not before attempting to set the students on fire).  Although the EXACT CAUSE was not mentioned on what drove Miss Kahara OUT, but we can guess Kikuchi was involved in this, and having something to do with it... the most likely weapon involving the fake pictures (one involving an alien doing some 'probing' and the other involved 'Kahara' pulling a 'Lewinsky' on a '<Vice> Principal'). 
You idiot!  Life is not that easy!
So when Onizuka came in, Kikuchi went to work immediately.  With a trusty digital camera and a computer (in the anime version it was assumed he did it more in the computer lab than at home... and that was brilliant; note the sarcasm), he went to work on getting Onizuka fired... via digitally altered photos.  It was a bit more dramatic (and hilarious) in the anime version... because Kikuchi made three false photos of Onizuka (the horse, 'Adam & Eve,' and the house of ill-repute) and was working on the fourth before Onizuka caught him.  Plus in the anime, the 'photo' plot lasted longer (lengthwise in terms of days that elasped in the episode).  In the manga, everything happened within 1 day, with 2 photos (the horse and 'Adam & Eve')-getting Kikuchi 'busted' a whole lot quicker.  The anime version had Onizuka going to the computer room after a hint from Yoshikawa.  In the manga, when Onizuka demanded to know who it was, Kikuchi confessed immediately.  In both versions, Kikuchi then tried to provoke Onizuka into hitting him (to sue/get the Board of Ed. on his case) in one 'last ditch effort,' but...
The second lesson here at Holy Forest goes to Kikuchi!  You win!  Here's your prize...It's NOT a Power PC, it's a Macintosh!
Kikuchi was stuck making composites for Onizuka as a 'punishment.'  In the live action drama version of GTO, it would take more to convince Kikuchi (and the lesson learned is different from the anime/manga).  Onizuka went as far as letting a bunch of thugs beat up the brains of Class 4 and staging an elaborate scene outside his bedroom window.  When he soon refused to 'continue the fight' against all teachers, Aizawa's 'collation' lost a very valuable ally (someone who had computer skills/ connections)... and Kikuchi was slowly beginning to see how much of a teacher Onizuka really is.  Onizuka's actions were what Kikuchi WASN'T expecting (at the very end of this picture event)-intriguing Kikuchi in the process.  Kusano later made reference (in the manga version) that he's never met a teacher that didn't get affected by the fake pictures.  This most likely means that Kikuchi was the one doing all the work (with SOME assistance from Murai and Co.) in the early stages of Class 4's classroom terrorism.  It's important to know that Kikuchi wasn't the cause of the teacher problem of Class 3-4-as some might have thought.  This is the star/discovery of something more serious... and that Kikuchi was one of MANY students in Class 4 who did something...

With Kikuchi "out of the picture,"  (LOL!) Uehara and Murai attempted to start anew where Kikuchi left off...
Kikuchi... Yoshito Kikuchi... He'd like his root beer float shaken... not stirred!The tape that did the thing!
After the incident involving Onizuka, Yoshikawa, and Uehara, Kikuchi saw how bad things are.  It was Yoshikawa who convinced Kikuchi to do something to prevent Mrs. Uehara from firing Onizuka.  With some audio editing, Onizuka's job was saved.  Even though Kikuchi claims he did all of this NOT for Onizuka, this was the start of Kikuchi working 'on the side of good.' There was no difference in Kikuchi's intentions in the similar event in the drama as well.
I can't believe people are buying Aizawa's act!This might be worth something someday!Yoshito's cut for all his hard work and loyalty!
When Onizuka was helping one Tomoko Nomura out, the students of Class 3-4 was treated to yet another taste of what Onizuka can offer.  When Tomoko wins, Kikuchi explains to Tomoko just what Onizuka truly did for her... plus how she can pay him back~make him HAPPY-after all, Kikuchi's one of the few people who knows what Onizuka wants...  unfortunately for Tomoko.  (In the manga, Kikuchi helped with the Tomoko merchandise sales and got 10% of at least 40 thousand yen; Murai did the job in the anime.)  Although Onizuka rejected Tomoko's present-based on Kikuchi's 'advice'(anime:  glimpse at her panties; manga:  a pull me string will would have pulled of the panties), Kikuchi realizes that Onizuka is the one who can make class fun again, and bring them back (to the days before the students of 3-4 became cynical adolescents).
He knew he had to save Murai's butt...There was a reason he switched his seat...Very sure of himself.  That's our Kikuchi!
Kikuchi is known for his innovative ideas, clear thinking, and keeping calm in the most intense and potent situationsHe's not emotionless, but better at keeping them under control when needed.  Of course he's not shy at expressing what he's feeling or thiking either!  The next time he was able... ur forced to help Onizuka was when he had to take the Togaku Standarized Test in order to keep his job.  It would not be an easy task... even though Kikuchi is joined by Yoshikawa, Murai, Fujiyoshi, and Kusano at this point, it would take more than able students to try to get Onizuka the high score needed!  When things got desparate, he tried warning Murai not to do anything stupid.  Although he knew he'd be ignored, he bailed Murai and co. out when they fell into Aizawa's trap (by cutting the power/lights long enough so they could escape).  After that, Onizuka was inspired by his students' attempt to try to help him out (in the Anime-he saw them being confronted by Teshigawara after the attempted theft; in the Manga-Kikuchi made a wig with a speaker~NO Teshigawara confrontation).  When this event occured in the live action drama version of GTO, Kikuchi saved the thieves (Nanako, Kusano and Fujiyoshi) when their plan to take the answers went wrong (the drama version gym teacher showed up and nearly found them) by starting a diversion, and then immediately  tried to save Onizuka's job by actually attempting to hack into the school's computer (which was risky and bold) to get the answers for the test, but was actually and surprisingly thwarted by Teshigawara, who knew what would happen.  The last attempt to save Onizuka's butt was just after the test.  Kikuchi switched Onizuka's test with a second answer sheet.  That wasn't necessary (for two reasons) in the first place... but this shows just what Kikuchi is capable of doing!
The nightmare returns...THROW THAT BOTTLE AWAY!!!Able to act quickly when needed!
Holy Forest Academy was quiet... that was until one Urumi Kanzaki returned to school.  A master of classroom terrorism, her skills in hassling and messing around with the teachers is much greater/at a higher 'power' than Kikuchi's.  He tried his best to help out Onizuka (warning Kanzaki NOT to mess with Onizuka), he can only sit back and watch as the events unfold this time around. 
Kikuchi was never this scary!
In the manga, he 'betrayed' Onizuka for a moment, when Kanzaki demanded real fatty tuna (Kikuchi knew of a place).  In that case, Kikuchi just want along with what Kanzaki wanted... it was more convenient to 'play along,' plus things got interesting as a result.  He couldn't prevent Miss Fujimori from getting injured during a mean bottle bomb, but he was able to act fast enough afterwards.
Kikuchi puttin his Gran Turmiso and Grand Theft Auto skillz to use!A bit tame... but as long as the Cresta GETS IT!
Well he tried to help this time around... more like prevent Onizuka from potentially doing something stupid (when Kanzaki was 'kidnapped' by that 'biker gang.')  This involved Uchiyamada's Cresta.  While the car got destroyed anyway (putting it out of commission/its misery for a LONG time), both versions were different leading to it.  In the anime, Kikuchi merely tripped the v.p., getting the keys and getting Fuyutsuki to drive.  In the manga... it was cooler and crueler.  This one involved costumes, balloons, tasers, and a underage driver (showing how far/extreme Kikuchi can go with his actions)...  Again we get to see just how evil... and creative Kikuchi can be!  Once Kanzaki joined Onizuka's ranks, things could return to normal at Holy Forest... to a certain point of course.  After all, when Onizuka is teaching, you're bound to learn something!  With Kikuchi (and some others including Murai and Kanzaki) around, Onizuka can't get into much trouble/ can be saved easily, right?




Kikuchi's Impact in the Series~A sypnosis/history if you will...
Part 2:  Anime Volumes 5-7
Don't leave any evidence!Murai could never threaten him!Nice picture for the old scrap book!
In the anime, Miss Fuyutsuki had went to Hokuba after losing her confidience as a teacher.  Onizuka (in part responsible) had to go find her, and enlisted him, Murai, and Tomoko (all three being in the 'wrong place at the wrong time') in helping him.  Kikuchi's observant eyes helped find the correspondence letters necessary to figure out where she went.
He knows the situation is bad... and what Onizuka's thinking...One obviously too many.
Kikuchi (along with Murai and Tomoko) didn't do much on the Hokuba trip.  Sure he saved Onizuka from drowning (at the request of Fuyutsuki), but it wasn't that much (Onizuka CAN swim-he did supposedly beat Fukuroda... and I doubt drowning would have done him in).  Again Kikuchi's kept calm to the tense and and unique situations, and he knew what was bound to happen (i.e. what death-defying act Onizuka was going to pull).  This event did not occur in the manga, but of course there will be plenty more b/w events that Kikuchi'll shine in.
I wish I could use Adobe Photoshop as effectively as he can!  Plus I just love the SANY monitor.
Another anime exclusive event was when Onizuka ran into some bad luck.  Ah what chain letters can do to a person.   When Onizuka thought he had cancer (just a disease in the English dub version), he was convinced he was going to die... and thus starting spending time OUTSIDE of the classroom with whatever time he thought he had left.  Kikuchi, Yoshikawa, Murai, Kusano, Kanzaki, and Fujiyoshi were the only students of the class concerned enough (and able) to try to find him... to do something to help out (like to try to make Onizuka's 'last days' more enjoyable in some way).  Our computer expert Kikuchi must have had some great hacker skillz... because he was to find/learn the truth about the hospital records/X-Ray.  By doing this (a great idea to confirm Onizuka's health-as he could have been out there looking for him like everyone else was), Kikuchi helped to prevent some potentially horrible things from occuring (time wasting, Fuyutsuki's virginity loss, unnecessary emotional bursts from everyone).  Kikuchi's smarts, again with being able to keep a calm head to see clearly, helped out in this mess!
Ok... this picture was taken from Lesson 24.  Kikuchi DID NOT appear in Lesson 25!
Kikuchi's reputation of being the smart one has not been forgotten.  When new Nurse Nao Kadena offered something rather special for Murai, Fujiyoshi, and Murai if they made the Top 50 in the Trial Exam (something like the Togaku), they went to Kikuchi for study help/advice.  Kikuchi provided some of the 'tools,' but it was up to those three to be able to reach up to their goal.
Knowing when there's a good thing to be had!Kikuchi's thinking about something... hmmmmmmmmmmmm.Even those the size the computer is smaller...
Ah the anime 'exclusive' events... can't get tired of these.   We get to see Onizuka and company try their hands at show business, when Onizuka decided that Tomoko needed a (temporary) change in management.  In Lessons 27 & 28, we get to see Onizuka kind of pick up where he left off in helping/managing Tomoko (from Lessons 10 & 11).  Of course he appointed help... in terms of what whom I affectionally call 'Big Five' (Kikuchi, Kanzaki, Murai, Kusano, and Fujiyoshi).  They accompanied Onizuka all around throughout these commericals and jobs in Lesson 27 & 28.  Although they provided at most moral support for Tomoko, Kikuchi was able to at least figure out that Onizuka's actions in Lesson 27 HAD some purpose to them-even those they seemed to be silly and ridiculous @ first.  Our man with his great thinking and computing skills...  By the way, you don't need to have an high level of smarts (Kikuchi/Kanzaki) to figure out that the Manager's Plan was a bit far-fetched (and on the edge of madness/insanity/fantasy).  It was nice though of Kanzaki to get a second opinion on that Plan.
Coming to the same conclusion...Ah... Sherlock Kikuchi strikes again!Knowing when to quit is as important as knowing when to go on... that and our man is tired.
Oh but it was actually Tomoko that got herself into some trouble for the contest.  Megumi Hoshino and company became determined to make sure that Tomoko wouldn't even COME close to getting first place in the princess contest (while trying to take it for themselves).  Onizuka's schemes should have yielded heavy gains for Tomoko, but left many stunned and confused (again due to Warning Production's interference ).  Kikuchi (and Kanzaki) figured out something was going on (while everyone didn't suspect a thing).  Although Kikuchi did 'reveal' what was going on/happened, it was NEVER shown or mentioned on how Kikuchi SPECIFICALLY obtained the info/evidence (and if he had help from Kanzaki in doing this).  He certainly must have gone to 'great lengths' to do all of this-again demostrating the 'putting your own butt at risk' principle.  It really would have been interesting to see Kikuchi 'acting solo' to get this evidence (though it might have required at least a 1/2 of an episode to do that)...
Despite the fact that the evidence was there, Kikuchi suggested that things should 'end' after the contest results were announced... with Onizuka agreeing.  Although Kikuchi (this time around) couldn't forsee what Onizuka was planning (the eventual long term repurcussions which worked in Tomoko's favor), he practiced the concept of 'discretion is the better part of valor.'  Would it have been worth it to attempt to go against the best talent agency/production company that existed?  If what they did to Tomoko seemed bad... then attempting to get back at them might have made things worst.  This of course, is what could have been one of the possibilities...  Of course getting revenge (extreme) the way Kanzaki had ORIGINALLY wanted to may not have led to the same results...  Things did work out when they 'left it alone' when they did.