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Kikuchi's Impact in the Series:
Part One deals with events that happened in the Manga from Volumes 3-8 and the Anime from Volumes 1-4
Part Two deals with events that happened in the Anime from Volumes 5-7

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Kikuchi's Impact in the Series:
Part Three deals with events that happened in the Manga from Volumes 9-11 and the Anime from Volumes 7-8
Part Four deals with events that happened in the Manga from Volumes 12-13 and the Anime from Volumes 9-10
Part Five deals with events that happened in the remainder of Anime Volume 10 
Part Six deals with events that happened in the Manga from Volumes 14-19 
Part Seven deals with events that happened in the Manga from Volume 20-25 

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Ah hello there!  You've come to newly opened second part of Holy Forest's computer room.  Here students can use the computer to accomplish all sorts of tasks.  One particular student uses it more than anyone else. His name... Yoshito Kikuchi.
A happy Kikuchi!
You can learn all sorts of stuff about one of the most interesting (and cool) characters in Great Teacher Onizuka here!  The majority of the information about Kikuchi is derived from the anime and manga versions.  Any information about Kikuchi as it relates to his character as it's represented in the live-action/non-animated/drama version of GTO is listed RED!!!

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Reminder:  "Onizuka-ism" is the term I've created to refer to a student who is on Onizuka's side.  You could think of it as a 'group'/'organization'/'elite club.'  Onizuka himself would be the 'captain'/'leader'/'president.'

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Kikuchi's Impact in the Series~A sypnosis/history if you will...
Part 3:  Manga Volume 9-11/ Anime Volume 7-8

Smoking poolside...Life may be good now... but unfortunately it cannot remain quiet for very long.
Aizawa wanted Onizuka out of Holy Forest academy so badly.  After a break in the 'MAIN' storyline (in both the anime and the manga), she decided to take matters into her own hands.  Forced to do the deed by herself (with the help of Shirai and Iijima), Aizawa unleashed her own devious plot to get Onizuka.  Part of Aizawa acting this way was to show Kanzaki that she wasn't some bratty/snotty 'Princess.'  But of course the members of 'Onizuka-ism' are ready to act...
Computing the results...And we have a winner...
Aizawa used the dirt she collected on Mr. Sakurai (Sakurada) in order to set up what might be the perfect crime.  This next scheme involved the money raised to take the Third Year students out on their annual field trip.  Miyabi also used Fujiyoshi in her plan.  Her willingness to use her own classmates/ former 'comrades' (again) shows her dark side.  While Kikuchi and Kanzaki were experts in ridding teachers in the past, Aizawa's attempts were weaker in comparision and were destined doomed to fail (quickly)-in part due to inexperience.  Although she kicked it up a notch, the risks/mistakes associated with such a great and intense plan increased exponentially as well.  If it was handled properly, Kikuchi and company might not have been able to save Onizuka's butt, but luckily it WASN'T.  In the manga, it was revealed that it was part of Aizawa's plan to try to lure Kikuchi away from Onizuka's side (with feelings of disgust, contempt, and betrayal), but that didn't work.  It was indeed smart of Aizawa to take away part of the brains of 'Team Onizuka,' because Kikuchi is a major contributer.  Unforunately for Aizawa, Kikuchi's loyalty remained firm, plus the pieces of the puzzle is starting to fall into place...  Kikuchi went into action after the pictures of Onizuka (blame placed on him for Fujiyoshi's 'disappearance,' spending of all the money, and being drunk and acting horribly around 'schoolgirls') surfaced at the school.  Kikuchi was able to use the picture to their ADVANTAGE... being able to reveal/confirm who did it (and proving that you CAN go too far-a.k.a. rubbing it in can come back to hurt you).  Yes, Kikuchi did confirm that the pictures were real (upsetting Miss Fuyutsuki in the process in both versions)... which seemed like a 'betrayal,' but this was one of those situations where lying about it wasn't going to do more good than bad. 
There's only room for ONE computer photo expert.
Despite having the proof that Onizuka was set up by Aizawa (in the anime version, Kanzaki had the person in their grasps, in the manga version, posters REVEALING the true identities of the girls were printed up to be distributed), our Great Teacher wouldn't have any of it.  Onizuka unleashed his own plot (the promise of the trip to Okinawa)... which just threw him into more of a 'mess' that needed to be solved.
If you need Kikuchi to tell you that you were scammed big time, then something is REALLY wrong with you...
How does one manage to come up with over 8 million yen to take the entire 3rd year class to Okinawa?  Luckily for Onizuka that he has several young, couragous, and creative students on his side.  Well unfortunately, someone had to notice that Onizuka's lottery ticket wasn't the big winner that Onizuka thought it was.  This saved some embrassment and it shifted the focus in the 'right direction.'

[Note the next three events in this 'Fuijyoshi/Aizawa/Okinawa sequence' occured in a different order in the anime and manga versions, what's listed below IS NOT in any particular order:]

It's finger lickin' good... I think.Kikuchi, Kusano, and Murai ready to act if Onizuka did something stupid.
Event #1:  Onizuka became pissed off at his cop friend Saejima because of the lottery ticket.  Saejima's clever use of words partially attributed to Onizuka thinking he had a big winning ticket (that along with Saejima's slyness/corruptness).  Onizuka was more than ready to blow his brains out, but Saejima attempted to 'make things right' by letting our Great Teacher sell pouches of a white substances from a suitcase.  Of course at first glance, you'd think it's the illegal white drug... but Kikuchi took a taste test, proving it wasn't heroin or cocaine, but rather simply ordinary flour.  (Bad news is that in the anime version, it was Kanzaki that took the taste-in a possible attempt to change the characters' personality/actions slightly-this change just ruins things slightly...)  This incident has several implications.  On the good side, the 'tasting' prevents Onizuka from doing and getting arrested on drug dealilng (along with proving that Saejima can't be trusted).  While he might have made a lot of money doing this, several people might not be too thrilled on getting ripped off... with revenge not too far away.  In the manga version, it's known that Kikuchi smokes.  It makes you wonder just what ELSE Kikuchi did when NOT in school...  What I mean is what was Kikuchi's true intentions of tasting the 'white substance?'  Did he KNOW what true cocaine tasted like?  Was he genuinely looking out for Onizuka's best interests (again to prove if Saejima was being truthful)?  Does he care about his own life if he voluntarily tasted the substance (it wouldn't have been that good if it turned up the substances was cocaine and not flour)?  Was he that smart enough in knowing what was real and fake?  The manga may reveal something else about Kikuchi's character and of one other in later volumes...

Unfortunately, Onizuka takes Kikuchi's words about 'killing yourself'/'managing death' the wrong way... (the attempted fake accident to scam car insurance thing)

**In the manga, you can see some untranslated conversation next to the bubble which says 'You weasel!  Again with the tricks!  You want me to air out our brains?'  From what I heard from outside sources, I believe that piece of dialogue is Murai asking Kusano (or vice-versa) of how did Kikuchi KNOW it was a drug or not.  If this is true, this would mean that this went untranslated in the English version of the GTO manga. 
You can tell a(n evil) genius is at work by the shine radiating from the glasses...Hair today... gone tomorrow?  (alt caption 1:  A simple hairpiece, without all the fancy options  alt caption 2:  I'm NOT a client... and I'm NOT the president)
Event #2:  Money was still needed... 8 million + yen in less than a week.  Kikuchi comes up with not only a brilliant plan, but an illegal/risky one at fact.  This plan involved Pachinko.  If you don't know what that is, then it's basically the 'love child' of 'Pinball' PLUS the 'Plinko' game from the gameshow 'The Price is Right' PLUS a slot machine. In Japan, Pachinko is really popular... as popular as the arcades.  The object of the game is to basically guide a series of metal balls bearing down through a series of lights, bumpers, holes, etc.  You win more balls by getting them into certain areas/slots.  The point of collecting the balls is to trade them in for prizes/novelties.  It is illegal in Japan to play for money, but there are certain locales where you could trade in balls for certain items/papers, and then you can go to a different location (like a certain store at a alley for example) and trade these items for good old yen.  In any case, Kikuchi stuck a magnet inside a wig, so that Onizuka could use it to guide the balls to where they 'should be going.'  It worked for a while... but Onizuka blew his cover (different ways-anime and manga).  Even if he didn't, the numerous boxes of balls Onizuka had stacked up around him would have arosed SOME suspicision in due time... 
Kikuchi IS the expert of money and finance.  He knows what real money looks like.
Event #3:  And of course, Kikuchi acted as the voice of reason in just why it's not a good idea to counterfeit money... especially when the counterfeit isn't anywhere CLOSE to the original...  Getting real cash FAST isn't easy, but Kikuchi does know how to make it in the long term (note the conversations he had with Kanzaki relating to it).
Not overly happy or relieved now is he...'Can you hear me now?' IS REALLY IMPORTANT AT THIS MOMENT
It is a standard 'rule' for most Japanese anime/manga that anything can and WILL happen.  Onizuka's indeed a lucky man, somehow managing to get a hold of the keys that will get him out his jam, literally.  But the evil forces-that is Aizawa-quickly acted to ruin things again.  Ignoring Kanzaki's warning, Aizawa attempted to drive excess nails into Onizuka's coffin.  Unfortunately for Aizawa, Kanzaki sought revenge.  The revenge inflicted onto Aizawa, Iijima, and Shirai was different in the anime version than the manga (for one reason Japanese television rules/guidelines), but both versions were just as intense and evil.  Yes even though Aizawa went to such extremes, she's still a member and friend of Class 3-4... and more importantly a human being.  The fact that Aizawa didn't deserve a punishment this severe prompted Kikuchi to get Onizuka to DO SOMETHING.  Kanzaki was indeed thinking of Onizuka in the short term, but Kikuchi prevented horrible things (like mental scars) from occuring that would remain in the long run that Kanzaki was willing to 'ignore.'  Note that if Kanzaki hadn't resorted to an extreme punishment, then MAYBE Kikuchi would have let it slide by.
It's not nice to point in general, but there are some things that have to be pointed at!

Kikuchi never gave up... even when things got very bleak.  Even in the face of defeat, Kikuchi finds something to hold on to... to make a difference.  He was the only one to notice Onizuka boarded the wrong boat... meaning that everyone won't have to weep and 'mourn' anymore.  IF you thought Kikuchi was cold and emotionless as it relates to Onizuka's departure (the moment before the 'pointing') then you're wrong.  Kikuchi did shed a tear or two... but it was because of the mistake Onizuka made that he stopped crying.  Now the trip to Okinawa is on... and who knows what can happen there...


Kikuchi's Impact in the Series~A sypnosis/history if you will...
Part 4:  Manga Volumes 12-13/ Anime Volumes 9-10

In the US Release Version of Manga Volume 12, there is a profile/summary of Onizuka's life, 'written by' Onizuka himself.  On page 3 of that 'profile,' Onizuka praises Kikuchi for a specific reason.  This is another reason why Kikuchi is on Onizuka's side.
The laptop... don't leave home without it!Kikuchi, in part, helped to contribute to the fun at Okinawa.
Ah it's time for the actual trip to Okinawa.  Onizuka really did it... he managed to get the entire 3rd year class of Holy Forest Academy to a really nice place.  But even though the cast of GTO is away from Holy Forest doesn't mean that things have to be quiet/sane/uneventful.  In fact, PART of the fun/events that occured in Okinawa is in part thanks to Kikuchi.  Without Kikuchi's knowledge (and laptop), the Class of 3-4 wouldn't have the fun time of going out to look for special things out in the middle of nowhere... and instead could have spent it on the beaches, getting tans, looking at people in swimsuits, etc.  Yeah... that was so much better... hee hee hee.  It's true... even though you're on vacation, part of it 'ISN'T.'
It's not a good idea to turn traitor!You are a commander/co-leader of the Onizuka-sect/clan for a reason...
After confirming what he found, Onizuka decides to hatch a plan to get rich... using everyone in Class 3-4 to his advantage.  This time around-Kikuchi is the one assisting Onizuka in a far-fetched plan... not trying to stop it.  Was it greed or the fact that once Onizuka starts on something, you can't stop it.  Of course this also means that Kikuchi is 'alone' in aiding Onizuka (for obvious reasons).  While the purpose is 'impure,' Kikuchi's dedication to aiding Onizuka is unwavering (and you might as well stick along for damage control).  Indeed, Kikuchi's saying that things will be fun (technically) as long as Onizuka is around is true.
You do not want to be on the end of a Kanzaki attack!You're lucky Kikuchi!  Things could have been worse!
Oh but there is a time when you have to finally fess up to what you did-and take (part) responsibilty for things.  Even though Kanzaki is aligned with Onizuka, she can still do things to ANYONE if you piss her off.  Knowing this, Kikuchi told Kanzaki the whole plan when asked-though it was never mentioned of whether the information was forced out of him or not.  Yes Kikuchi did betray Onizuka... but for all the good reasons (and damage control)-more good than bad.  Continuing the lie to find turtle eggs (couldn't Kikuchi have helped Onizuka in making up a more believable story?) would have made things worse overall.  Besides... Kikuchi 'jumped ship before it sank'-if you catch my drift.  Other people would have done the same too.  At least Kikuchi's 'punishment' for his part in this mess was fair (it's in quotes because it's either an actual punishment with less severe conditions or just something to slightly defuse Onizuka's anger over Kikuchi's betrayal:  it's up to you on how you see it)...  Overall, a good 'Commander' has to know when to follow and DISOBEY orders... has to be creative and think about things... and not be afraid to admit when things are going bad or when you're wrong... being bold once in a while and not being a silent suck-up.
He is REALLY prepared for the trip...
When the leadership is away, some has to take charge.  In the manga, Kikuchi took reins of the situation after Onizuka ran off with Kanzaki and Asano.  Instead of remaining in the jungle/on the island (like in the anime), Kikuchi had the rest of 3-4 go back to the hotel to get help (in the form of Fuyutsuki mainly).  At least then the group was better organized and able to find Uehara & Yoshikawa.   Plus it was (mainly) Kikuchi that got something out of this whole treasure mess (mangawise).
At least it wasn't the butler with the candlestick in the den...It's a nice way to spend the last night in Okinawa...
And despite everything that Aizawa has done, Kikuchi believes that she still can be saved.  He extended the olive branch of peace to Iijima during a conversion that took place during a late night game.  Although he was trying to sway Iijima (and subequently Shirai) from Aizawa, he actually is helping out to bring the students of Class 3-4 back together... to what it was back then... when everyone had fun in school and did things together.


Kikuchi's Impact in the Series~A sypnosis/history if you will...
Part 5:  Anime Volume 10



Things would quickly heat up again after the Okinawa trip.  Since there are only 2 episodes left in the series, something has to happen QUICK.  Yes the series could have continued on (like actually bringing in Mayu Wakui) as usual, but instead it has to end at some point... and it does.  Miyabi Aizawa gets herself into a bit of a very messy situation as it relates to the former homeroom teacher of class 4... Noboru Saito.  Yes, all of this instead of trying to get rid of Onizuka again.   Though a rather refreshing change of pace, the story quickly intensifies in speed.
Kikuchi never wastes a second when something important comes up!
Did she really stab Saito?  There were two people who knew... Saito himself... and Aizawa.  Finding her wouldn't be easy.  Finding out the truth behind all of this mess would be just as difficult.  Kikuchi took charge of this 'mission,' insisting no one say anything to Onizuka before he could get all the facts straight.  As we will discover, this nearly made things worse than it already was... and Kikuchi acknowledged his mistake.  The Onizuka crew jumped into action just in time though.
Our crew at work... well Kikuchi and Yoshikawa anyway...
The truth... who really stabbed Saito?  Did Saito betray Class 4?  Is the Board of Education hiding something?  Kikuchi did most of the brunt work... trying to hack into areas and get as much information as possible.  Mrs. Sakurai was able to confirm her suspicions/beliefs about this thanks in part to the opinions/testimony of Class 3-4.  In the end, was all the work that the kids did worth it?  Aizawa was able to regain the trust in the teachers... Saito lives... Aizawa is cleared... the Board of Ed has to deal with the repercussions of their actions... and Onizuka is gone.

By the end... several important things have happened.  Onizuka has brought everyone in Class 3-4 back together again... when the original rift was created by Aizawa after the 'betrayal' by Saito.  What also happened was that the teachers learned something from Onizuka as well.  Yoshito Kikuchi did indeed contribute greatly throughout the anime series, as we saw through some of things that he did to help Onizuka's cause.  Though most of actions by Kikuchi weren't really necessary (like cheating on the Togaku), it is the thought that does counts.  The thought counts more when it was required to do something. 

Indeed... Onizuka did bring the students of 3-4 back to way things were... as Kikuchi said and saw.


Kikuchi's Impact in the Series~A sypnosis/history if you will...
Part 6:  Manga Volume 14-19

I think it's obvious that you don't want to piss off Kanzaki.  It's just as bad if Kikuchi has to remind you...
After the trip to Okinawa, it's back to business as usual.  The students of Class 3-4 still have much to learn before they graduate from Holy Forest Academy.  As usual, Onizuka has much to teach them... if any of it was actually useful in the first place that is.  It appeared that life will return to normal... but alas it can't.  Life at Holy Forest has forever been interesting since Onizuka came by.  For you see there is still the matter of Miyabi Aizawa, the only (main) person left in 3-4 who still has it in for Onizuka.  She cannot let things stand the way it is, and thus has decided to again make life difficult.
This isn't how you say hello after being away from school for a while...A confidient and determined Kikuchi knows what Wakui is all about. Hopefully Kikuchi will be ready for anything!
Did I say the only person left in Class 3-4?  That statement was correct... right up until the end of the Okinawa trip.  Class 4 used to have what some describe to be a ticking time bomb... and Miyabi summoned him back to the war.  The name:  Mayu Wakui.  Will the boy wonder of GTO be able to help Onizuka this time around?  Is Kikuchi (and most of everyone else who left Aizawa's ranks to join Onizuka) going to feel Wakui's wrath as well?  After reading Volume 14 of the manga, you could probably tell that Mayu is someone that you shouldn't mess with (add him to the list of GTO Characters who you shouldn't anger).  Wakui is the only person who exceeded Kikuchi in the # of teachers that left the 4th class.  On top of that, he appears to be Kikuchi's equal of sorts as it comes down to karate/martial arts skills.  Let's not forget that Wakui already pulled a stunt or two (by the end of Volume 14) that makes him look as evil and cunning as Kikuchi (and Kanzaki).  Wakui and Kikuchi apparently have had some history together... a history that will be touched upon as the Wakui sequence plays out. 
This is one of the coolest pictures... EVER!
It's established quickly that Wakui is a really dangerous person.  The party he has set up for Onizuka have Kikuchi, Murai, Kusano, and Fujiyoshi worrying about what might just happen.  Despite the potential and immient danger, Kikuchi bravely wanders into the A-10 club to try to help out in whatever way they can... IF they can help that is.
A good friend will never abandon you no matter what...Some night ago... when the two were still very close...
Kikuchi is only person in 3-4 who was a good friend with Wakui in years past.  Apparently, Kikuchi knows a few things that the other students in the class doesn't know-things about Wakui/ things that might explain why Wakui is acting in the way he is.  This does explain how Kikuchi knew what drug tasted like what (to a degree). This ALSO explains how Kikuchi was able to act/react to some of the things said/or done in the way it was portrayed in the manga (like the collaspe at the club).  He even goes to tell Onizuka and everyone why Wakui has been acting (in part) like a punk/jerk.  Just maybe now Onizuka can reach out to Wakui.  Kikuchi wouldn't be a friend if he didn't try to help out Wakui in some way... and he tried despite the stuff Wakui pulled and the way he acted.  Of course at the same time, Kikuchi is helping to defuse the bomb that Aizawa 'planted.'  Better luck next time.
Kikuchi's gone... only for a while!
And so Onizuka reaches out to Wakui.  Our dear Mayu gains the inspiration and courage to go out their and get his revenge.  But it will be at later point in the manga when said 'revenge' will brought up again (exactly what it is, the cause, and who it'll be inflicted on).  It makes you wonder whether it'll be a good thing or a bad thing.   More importantly, Kikuchi might be involved with it-remember that Wakui asked him to do a big favor.  This effectively removes Kikuchi at the start of the next big story arc starting in Volume 16... involving Kanzaki and Aizawa.
What is Wakui planning on doing...
By the time Kikuchi reappears in the story, things at Holy Forest Academy have gotten UGLY... and I'm using that term loosely.  Perhaps the terms I should be using is "INSANE," "OUT OF CONTROL," and "INTERESTING."  Hey after all, when you need something done, Kikuchi's your man to try to solve the problem.  When the scene shifts to Kikuchi and Mayu, they are in Kikuchi's room... working on the favor that was mentioned back in Volume 16.  They are trying to hack into some site... for a purpose that is still kept in secrecy.  Then they receive the call...
A look we don't get often... Kikuchi in deep pain and (slight) defeat...
(One of) The important events in Volume 17 was trying to save Aizawa from a certain doom.  Kikuchi and the others work desperately to try to save Aizawa from Kanzaki's little website, after Onizuka called in his computer expert back to action.  Unfortuately not even Kikuchi could match Kanzaki's abilities on this go around.  He had to consult outside help to battle a foe turned friend turned foe.
This is the character known currently as the Sandwhale.  He is only but a shadow for now...The idea has now been created... time to execute it!
Kikuchi's online chat buddy, currently only referred to as "Sandwhale," comes up again.  We first met him as "Snackzilla" (I believe) back in Volume 7 (just after Onizuka getting the perfect score on the Togaku).  He comes back as the "Sandwhale" in Volume 13 when Kikuchi discusses the 'treasure' found at Okinawa {I'm assuming that this is the same person (based on the fact that a person could have more than one screenname AND/OR Tokyopop has messed up on names or continuity within the GTO world) despite the obvious difference in names}.  Now when Kikuchi needs help, "Sandwhale" gives Kikuchi a hint... which our dear Kikuchi uses...  Don't think this is the last we've seen of Kikuchi's online friend, for as the picture (could) suggests... he'll be back for more...
What they discovered is more shocking and revealing than a wardrobe malfunction...
Readers knows how Volume 17 ended... and it turns out that all of this work and panicking was (mostly) for nothing.  But fate was luckily smiling on our boys.  Had things not gone the way they did, Kikuchi's plan for getting the site to go down would have more likely backfired (or accomplish nothing productive).  In other words, had Kanzaki been acting differently or done things differently, then Kikuchi couldn't have saved Aizawa regardless of what he did.  In any event, this was a no win situation, but it did end up revealing (part of) the secret that Wakui and Kikuchi kept in relation to Miyabi's past (which what started the pranking onto the teachers), and the usual show of Kikuchi's abilities and character.   So Miyabi and Kanzaki are now safe, but unfortunately Fuyutsuki is not... and the outcome in Volume 18 will lead us into the action packed events of Volume 19...
GTO creator Tohru Fujisawa draws Kikuchi in the latest fashions... and um no further commment...
You could say that Kikuchi often goes out to look for (Onizuka's) trouble in order to solve it.  In Volume 19, trouble actually came to him...  Ignoring the interesting choice of shirt (which may or may not go along with the aforementioned drug theory above), Kikuchi's first scene in Volume 19 with Fujiyoshi involves the discussion of the 'pact,' that was mentioned previously in the series.  It affirms that all the members of class 3-4 will still be friends... will still close to one another... despite the current rift caused by Aizawa.  Of course we will learn the truth of things soon enough.
Unfortunately, Teshigawara can slice and dice.  A Kikuchi-bob is not a good thing.
When Teshigawara starts to lose it, he does it in an area conveniently where Fujiyoshi and Kikuchi were having a meal.  Although it seemed natural to try to reach out to the math teacher, it was a foolish atttempt.  A normal person might have survived the slashing... or got seriously hurt.  Kikuchi might have avoided it POSSIBLY due to his karate training... or had a sense to 'stop' before he got in to deep.
To set a trap... fooling even the great Kikuchi and Kanzaki...
We sometimes forget to "quit while you're ahead" principle, or to take the loss now instead of letting it get bigger.  Our usual big band of students was reduced to 3 (Kanzaki, Kikuchi, and Fujiyoshi)... and these were the ones who tried to do their part to save two particular members of the Holy Forest Faculty when things got ugly.  Too bad Teshigawara was more than willing to defend... um... Suguruland.  Kikuchi and friends wound up putting themselves in danger.  Was it worth it?  The only thing Kikuchi and friends managed to accomplish was stalling for time.  Given Onizuka's state/condition, time was needed for our great teacher to 'set up the lesson plan.'  Other than that, the cons outweighed the pros... consequences potentially overwhelming the gains.  Yeah... in a way it was another of those near no-win situations.  Luckily things did work out... but did they?


Kikuchi's Impact in the Series~A sypnosis/history if you will...
Part 7:  Manga Volume 20-25

-It's hard to believe that it's the second term.  Why it was just yesterday when we met our dear band of misfit students for the first time.  I do believe that it's time for a new school year.  While some things have changed, others will remain the same.  A new term... Teshigawara is gone... but alas so is "Francisco Xavier" Maruyama.  In comes Mizuru Daimon... and several new students to class 4.  Life at Holy Forest Academy is not going to get quiet... oh no.  Certain forces have seen to that.  Oh yeah... it's just going to get NOISIER.  Peace will not prevail quite yet.
Apparently they're NOT fans of Fear Factor!
Headmistress Daimon has already started on plans to get rid of Onizuka... gradually.  Kikuchi reminds Onizuka of 'what to do' and 'what not to do,' while immediately pointing out Daimon's plans.  Oh what Onizuka won't do to keep his job...
Like Kikuchi would take a bullet for the team...
The first thing Onizuka does is to bring back Class 4 truant student # 3... Yuuki Miyamori.  This would not be an easy task.  What Kikuchi said was the obvious thing to do... figure out the reason why he acted in the way he did.  The methodology was there... but finding the answer would take a little more work.  It'd take both Onizuka and Yoshikawa to win this one.  Would Kikuchi have figured out the answer?  Probably not... and even genuises have their off day(s) every now and then.
Tense moment... gee I wonder why?
Then steps in one Ai Tokiwa.  She seems like a nice, innocent looking girl... but appearances have always been deceiving.  Was Tokiwa flirting when she threw her panties at Kikuchi, or was this the setup for something big (besides Kikuchi getting embrassed in front of the class like that).  If you're hoping to mess around with someone in Class 3-4... then you've made a bad choice in picking a fight with Kikuchi!
To bring Kikuchi down like this...Yeah... I could have chosen a much more... brutal picture... but then I'd have nothing for the yearbook section...
Kikuchi goes to confront Ms. Tokiwa on two things... one of which included the panties.  Unfortunately for him, Tokiwa finds her next target... and it's him.  What happens after that brings us to one of the more dramatic and historic moments in the manga... as there is finally someone that can bring Kikuchi to his knees... in much pain and anguish.

Kikuchi needed help... to redeem himself as a man and perhaps get the point to Tokiwa.  So who does he turn to?  Why Mayu Wakui of course.   Wakui takes a break from his new career in the music industry to help the friend who helped him out (greatly) in the past.  The action has gotten intense... and training has to be as well.
You can't keep a good guy down for long.
But what chance does Kikuchi have against an enraged Tokiwa.  He returns to Holy Forest after another slight term of absence to confront her...
Disables Tokiwa's makeshift bayonet.Onizuka up to no good...
And boy does he confront her.  She wants nothing more than to kill him, but Kikuchi wouldn't let her have any of it.  He tries to understand... reach out to her, but Onizuka would also step in to help out.  Another one bites the dust.
Kikuchi at the cast party...
What is Mayu Wakui's revenge?  Kikuchi helped Wakui get onto that path... through introducing him to Okinoshima.  Wakui's release of his first album is the start of this 'revenge.'  Even this continues to hint upon the secretive 'revenge' concept that first started/got mentioned when Wakui turned sides, we still don't know what it is.
Kikuchi knows what he's doing... it's called acting.You have aroused Kikuchi's suscipions... and that's not a good thing.
Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the terrors that Daimon's 'Angels' will pull on the school.  The next person to try their hand at making life miserable is Sho Shibuya.  Sho intends to use Miyabi Aizawa in his plans.  Unfortunately, he gets off to a shaky start.  It wouldn't be so bad if no one notices, but he just had to mess up in front of Kikuchi... TWICE.  The first was in the classroom-by saying something he shouldn't have known and the second time was at Miyabi's house acting suspiciously and having his equipment alive and active.  This is one of the more stupider things anyone could do.  Kikuchi is clearly NOT stupid.  Sho's just asking for it...
Kikuchi just had to have seen this coming...All's well that ends well... especially in GTO!
Though Onizuka just has to go and cause problems... by creating really outrageous lesson plan involving Miyabi.  Kikuchi knows it's him, and immediately tries to save him... somehow.  There wasn't really a need for it as the intense and emotional scene(s) went the way that it turned out to be.
Two of the heavy weights of the old Class 4, together again!
Oh but the forces that is Daimon and the Angels will not let things end there.  Sho has really big plans to really cause some trouble.  He's LUCKY that Kikuchi hasn't acted on his mistakes... YET.  It is at this point in the manga (Volume 23), that everything starts to come together, and make sense...I'm referring to what led to the Class 4 rebellion in the first place.  One of the key players returns, in the form of Kikuchi's online pal the "Sandwhale."  Although Kikuchi wasn't aware of it, but he was really keeping the "Sandwhale," otherwise known as Takumi Ishida, informed of the Class 4 activities.  Kikuchi helps bring Takumi back to Tokyo for a really potent and important moment.
Going boldy into the unknown...
Takumi's involvement doesn't end right there.  Although Kikuchi has been keeping him up to date on certain things, Takumi had taken it one step further, by doing some hacking and sneaking around on his own.  Kikuchi and Takumi were once "School Defense Force," though what exactly they did and for whom wasn't made clear.  But these two guys are quite interesting, sneaky, intelligent, and dangerous in their own rights, so the two of them working together just multiplies that...
Kikuchi helping a friend in need...
Kikuchi accompanies Takumi into investigating Daimon's setup, although Kikuchi himself didn't do much other than reshifting Takumi's focus.  (Takumi started cracking up when he discovered what the English teacher was doing.  This English teacher mentioned probably was one Tadashi Sakurai-all based on all the past evidence/events).  Kikuchi just happened to be there when the janitors found Ai Tokiwa and the rest of the <Fallen> Angels.  Ai warns Kikuchi about Sho's plot.  In dramatic fashion, Kikuchi warns Onizuka in time.  This allows Onizuka to get a grasp of the situation and to be able to defend himself better.  Of course if you read Volume 24, then you know that things got to the point where Kikuchi could do no more for  the Great Teacher, other than wait and pray for the best...

By the last volume of the manga series, Kikuchi did everything he could do.  It seems like he's back to his usual tricks and talents (sort of) when the school preps for the Culture Festival.  How to intice the customers, make money, and make the festival a big success?  Why using what works of course.  It's not a bad plan, except for that it puts the girls in that awkward situation.  Maybe he should of been a little more considerate, or come up with a different plan?  By the end, Holy Forest Academy is getting everything (and everyone) it needs to become great.  Things did work out in the end, thanks to several forces (and several people).  Yoshito Kikuchi did contribute to this 'phenomenon' that swept through out the school.  With his efforts, and everyone else's, life has returned to normal... and gotten better...