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Note:  A neglected portion of the school.  We sometimes don't get many visitors... but we stay open anyway.  You're wondering when did the library get used during Great Teacher Onizuka.  One such occasion was Volume 17, Lesson 134.  Our dear Principal Uchiyamada had to use the periodical section for something...

Ah welcome to Holy Forest's library.  Here you can find out all sorts of other information about Great Teacher Onizuka that wasn't really covered at the other portions of the school.  The library is actually open 24/7 for your convienence, but please do try to keep it down!  There will be people here doing their own research and reading!  Please note that some of the information found in the library could contain plot spoilers.  Avoid the material if you DON'T want to know something in advance!!!

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The Catalog:  Here's what the library has to offer.
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GTO Anime Cast File
This tells you what actors/actresses did which character in the series
"The Cherry Blossom" Special report # 1**
Some anime/manga/videogames characters/reference made it to GTO.  This report tells all...
Holy Forest Drama Department's Costume Log # 1
Details about the various costumes worn throughout the manga.

**LINK CHANGED on 7/20/05**

Holy Forest Drama Department's Costume Log # 2
Details about the various costume worn throughout the anime.

**LINK CHANGED ON 7/20/05**

Holy Forest Academy Yearbook-Color pictures section
Shots of some moments during the anime.
Holy Forest Academy Yearbook-B & W pictures section 1
Shots of some moments during the manga.
Holy Forest Academy Yearbook-Activities section part 1
 Differences between the Anime and Manga versions of GTO
Holy Forest Academy Yearbook-Activites section part 2
I know that the manga/drama comparsions section is still messed up...  (SOME content is STILL missing).  The problem is being worked on... but enjoy the portion that managed to survived.
 Differences between the Manga and the Live Action/TV/Drama versions of GTO.
Holy Forest Public Relations Log 1
 Release information/summaries for the Anime & Live-Action Releases of GTO here in the United States.
Holy Forest Public Relations Log 2
 Release information/summaries for the Manga Volumes of Great Teacher Onizuka ~and~ Shonan Junai-gumi here in the United States.
Anime Version Puzzles: #1   #2

Manga Version Puzzles: #1   #2

>>Answers to puzzles can be accessed from the particular puzzle page.

GTO Word Search Puzzles created by the Fansite owner. 
You have to print out the puzzle/pages to actually DO the puzzles.